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Tags: basic vastu tips for office best direction for office desk best direction for office desk vastu best direction to sit in office best vastu tips for office facing west direction in office office ka vastu office tips according to vastu office vastu layout office vastu sitting position office vastu sitting position in hindi office vastu tips. ऑफिस में बैठे इस दिशा में, होगा लाभ | vastu tips for office In hindiMake your office or shop Vastu Shastra friendly by keeping in mind some. Vastu direction tips for office in Hindi Keeping these things in mind business progresses वास्तु का हमारे जीवन में बहुत महत्व होता है। आपके रहने और कार्य करने के स्थान का वास्तु कैसा है इससे आपके कार्य. Office Vastu Sitting Position for Managers and Owners. The best office Vastu direction for entrepreneurs is North, East and North-East direction. These directions enhance growth and opens doors of new opportunities and beginnings. As per office Vastu Shastra principles, Team leaders should always face the North-East direction Vastu Tips for Office Office Vastu Vastu For Office Office Building Vastu tips for office Bring Prosperity At Work उपाय वास्तु शास्त्र वास्तुदोष दिशा दोष suitable direction Vastu Shastra Disha ka Mahatv Get all the Latest News in Hindi, Breaking News in Hindi.

Sitting Direction In Office According To Vastu Shastra. Vastu For Workplace: Facing the direction North or East while working is considered auspicious according to Vastu. The North is the direction for Kuber, Lord of Wealth. This is a good direction for those in the trading business. The East is the direction of Indra, lord of Fame, Prosperity. According to Vastu Shastra, an office should be in the North, North-East or North-West (facing) direction. As per vedic literature, North, North-East or North-West directions are considered to bring new financial growth and are related to good fortune for business. As per Hinduism, the North direction is the direction of Kuber (the Hindu lord. Vastu & Feng Shui News: vastu for office - Vaastu is an art of structures and placing through which one can make balance between negative & positive energies. Here we present a brief analysis of. July 7, 2020 July 7, 2020 Dr. Vikash Sethi ( Vastu & Pyramid Expert) The most common question asked in Vastu is about the sitting position in office or shop. Most of the Vastu Experts have generalized it and recommend South-West position with their face in either East or North. But South-West is not suitable in some cases According to vastu, the work chair should be comfortable, strong and spacious enough to cover the head of the person sitting on it, as it represents supporting life. The work desk must be in the south-west direction, while your position during work should be in the northeast direction without the obstruction of a door, window or balcony behind.

Office Sitting Direction As Per Vastu Executive level employees and the rest of the staff should sit in the Eastern or Northern directions. To exactly follow the Vastu Shashtra for office make sure the field staff is sitting in the Northwest zone. The South-eastern direction is the best-suited location for the accounts department Important Vastu Tips for Office. 1. You should choose a rectangular or square plot for your office. 2. Make sure that the height of the building is equal in all sides. 3. If you want to build water bodies for your office, then choose the northeast or eastern zone

According to Vastu Shastra for office, entrepreneurs should sit facing the north, east or north-east direction as it is considered auspicious. The sun rises in the east, making it conducive for financial growth. Marketing and sales professionals should sit in the north-west direction, in a way that the seat must face the north-east direction to. What is the Right Direction for Best Performance? Make your office Vastu Shastra friendly by keeping in mind some useful Astro tips. Direction of your seat i..

वास्तु में दिशा का बहुत महत्व है। दिशा का यह महत्व घर के संदर्भ में तो है ही, ऑफिस के लिए घर से भी कहीं ज्यादा है, क्योंकि ऑफिस में दिन का ज्यादातर समय. Office Vastu includes several points such as right office setup, slope, direction of various departments, location of the reception, position of office desk etc. Sometimes we see an entrepreneur newly entered into business making huge investment in office becomes hugely successful in very less time..One of the major roles played in the success. According to Vastu experts, elevators in an office, should be installed in the north or east directions, while the north-east and south-west directions should be avoided at all costs. Do not install lifts exactly in front of the main entrance as it will flush out the positive energy from the space

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Vastu office maintains the economic growth, tackles staff, helps make the environment serene and positive and clears the obstacle coming in the business. Vastu of office require proper analysis and orientation of business house, here are some Vastu Tips for Office: East facing office is considered good bountiful Vastu for home office and Vastu tips for working from home, how to improve the efficiency of the work when working from home, Vastu tips video There is one placement direction one should always avoid, the NorthWest The sitting chair is very important Ensure the chair is upright and high back; but if you do not have no problem, use the.

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  1. Vastu For Office Seating. According to Vastu Shastra for office, entrepreneurs should sit in an appropriate position facing north, east or north-east. Since the sun rises in the east, the conditions for financial development are favourable. The Conclusion. In a nutshell, the construction of an office with Vastu would inspire the workers to come.
  2. Table of Contents Office Vastu - Vastu Shastra for Offices1. Direction of office building2. Location of office3. Plot for office4. Entrance of office5. Reception 6. Staircase7. Workstations8. Rooms of the office owners9. Employees desk10. Accounts department11. Marketing department12. Cash safe13. Toilets14. Aquarium 15. Conference room16. Pantry17. Colors of office walls 18. Manager seating.
  3. Vaastu Shastra-Meaning and Relevance in the real estate market. Vastu is a Sanskrit word which means Vaas: Live Tu: you, a place where you live or dwell. Shastra means a text which contains knowledge or instructions. Simply put Vastu Shastra means instructions laid down for building a structure
  4. Vastu Tips for Office: Vastu Shastra is as important in the office as it is to bring harmony at home. From the direction of the office to the direction in which you face while working make a major.
  5. g in the business. The concept of the Vaastu Purusha Mandala and emphasis on the directions, is equally applicable at your workplace as it is at your home
  6. As per Vastu, the sleeping direction east is a health-supporting direction. This is the position suggested for those hoping to overcome any health-related problems. This direction allows positive energy to flow through your entire body, making you sleep peacefully. Sleeping with head towards the West-Neutral direction to sleep as per Vastu Shastr

Directions in Vastu is nothing but EYE of a human body, it plays a vital role, without it no vastu consultant in this world cannot apprise any suggestions to the residents. Main 4 directions in the compass is called as cardinal directions like North, South, East, and West by showing with first letters as N, S, E, and W The direction a person sits in and the direction that the workstation or desk faces, has a significant bearing on how productive and successful the individual will be in the office or place of business. As per Vastu Shastra, the East is by far the best direction to face, for peak work performance and all-round mind-body integration. The. Doors and windows of clinic must be face East, North or North-east direction. Parking area of clinic should be constructed in South-east or North-west direction which is apt according to Vastu. Patient's room if any should have opening towards the North-east which helps them to recover speedily

ऑफिस में बैठे इस दिशा में, होगा लाभ vastu tips for

Vastu sitting position for stock trading. West is considered to be the best direction for sitting for traders. It is the direction which governs all profits and gains one makes in life. Therefore, for a business like stock trading, it's the ideal direction where one should sit and trade. This is also the best corner in the house for stock. Grid it properly and if it is realy South West facing i.e. your entrance is falling in South West zone (S8 -W1) , first you need to block it with appropriate coloured tape or metal strip according to zonal strength of the zone. S8 Will lead you to.. Office entrance should be North East, East or East. Sit in the South West or Southern area of the office. Face an auspicious direction North for money, East for quality or North East for money & power. No open windows behind your back as this leads to a backstabbing position and instigates office politics The owner or manager of the company must always North direction while working. No tables in the office should be placed under the beam as per Vastu Shastra for office. The shape of the table should be rectangular or square. The table should have four corners. The ratio of length and breadth should be 1:2. Keep the office desk free of clutter Vastu shastra and particularly vastu shastra for office is based on the art of right settings that help derive maximum benefits. The system takes into consideration several factors, such as the most suitable location for a workplace, the various directions in which the office departments and reception must be located, office exteriors.

• The appropriate place to set the reception is in the northeastern direction of the office. • With respect to vastu principles, it is good to seat the employees facing the north or eastern direction. • The central portion of the office must be set empty. • As per the vastu principles, it is good to place rectangular desk for the MD. हिंदू वास्तु शास्त्र (Vastu Shastra) आवास और अपार्टमेंट के लिए एक प्राचीन भारतीय वास्तुकला है. ये वास्तु शास्त्र के टिप्स जो की वस्तुत: घर की वास्तु गाईड है. And then changed by office sitting arrangements and stuff accordingly. Here are some very useful office Vastu tips that you may like to apply in your office. 1. Staircases or elevators should always be built in the South-west or North-east part of the office building. You should never build stairs in the South or south-west direction. 2

The following areas are not suitable for a home office: Brahmasthan (center of the home). According to Vaastu Shastra, this should be kept empty, and without any obstacles. Working at the center of the house brings too much pressure in personal as well as professional life. According to Vaastu, the north-east direction should be kept more open. Vastu for Sitting Direction in Office According to Vastu Shastra, entrepreneurs should sit facing the north, east or north-east direction as it is considered auspicious. The sun rises in the east, making it conducive for financial growth. Vastu fo..

ये 15 वास्तु टिप्स आपकी जिंदगी बदल देंगे, आजमाएं तो सही. कई बार घर में बिना वजह के तनाव व लड़ाई-झगड़ा बना रहता है। आपसी रिश्तों में. Tips: 1. If you are struggling at work with concentration, focus, decision-making or any other mental functions, or it's a relatively easy thing to change your home or work station/desks orientation, change it so that you are facing true east. 2. If east is just not possible, go for north as your second-best option. 3

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वास्तु शास्त्र - देवी लक्ष्मी को प्रसन्न करने के लिए घर में रखे ये 5 चीज़ें. Vastu Mantra in Hindi : वास्तु दोष दूर करते है ये 8 वास्तु मंत्र. Advertisements123. Vastu tips recommend that the staff work facing the North or the East directions. Office Vastu recommends that the accounts department be located in the Southeastern portion According to Vastu Shastra, the cabin of the senior officer or boss of the office should be in the south-west direction. This is the most suitable direction for the cabin According to Kitchen Vastu, the Lord of Fire—Agni—prevails in the southeast direction of the house, which means that the ideal position of the kitchen is the southeast direction of your home.If for any cause, you are unable to do so, the north-west direction will work. • A kitchen must be at Agni Kon (East-South) of the place

2. Office building should face north, north-east or north-west direction as it brings good luck and positive energy. 3. According to Vastu Shastra, the main door or entrance of the office building should face east or north direction. Do not place anything that creates obstacle close to or in front of the main entrance Other Vastu for office regulations for companies. Vastu for office principles are not that hard to grasp, provided you invest a little time and energy into the process beforehand. Entrepreneurs at work must face the east, north or north-east while sitting since these directions are mostly considered as auspicious Exact West Entrance is Good As Per Vastu: This is exactly West entrance door. Some thought this is bad entrance, not at all. This door yeilds good results. In this shop premises, shown with 1 and 2 marks in circles. 1 digit shown with green color in green color, this means, owner sitting at this place is good Vastu Directions: South West Vastu The South West Direction is ruled by Nairutti (Lord of Demons). As a result, the most unlucky and bad path is south-west. The presence of a door here is often associated with bad luck. To counteract the negativity of this direction, the South West Direction as per Vastu shastra should be packed with heavy objects

According to Vastu, each direction has its own unique characteristics that get imparted to the various rooms of the house in those directions. Relying on Vastu for living in perfect harmony and keeping problems at an arm's length is even more important for the bedroom, where one retires to escape from the worries of the world and have a tension. Accounts department: One of the tips for Vastu Shastra for office is that it would be best for the accounts department to be located in the south eastern part of the office, for this is the direction that stands for prosperity and when the accounts department is kept there, it will be able to attract more returns Office in these directions is considered good as per the rules of Vastu Shastra. 6. • Location for Middle-Level Management: According to the rules of Vastu Shastra, the best location for the offices of middle-level management is in the northern and eastern zones. The right location for the field staff offices is the north-western part of the.

The fireplace, if designed, should be done in Southeast part of the living room. We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the drawing room. Vastu consultation of drawing room involves a thorough analysis. Proper location and orientation of the bathroom in the house. The direction of the Entrance Office; School & College; Feng Shui; Home. Wall Clock - wall clock direction as per vastu in hindi. by Ravi June 15 2021 Houses. Read more . Lobby Meaning - Lobby Meaning In Hindi, Lobby Vastu Tips in hindi. by Ravi June 14 2021 Houses. Read more . Store Room - Store Room Design, Store Room Vastu In Hindi. Intro The Vastu plays a major role in placement and designing of the master bedroom.The way you sleep with your head in different direction and your placement of bed is a major decision which must be taken properly with utmost care. Here are some basic points one must adhere to get peace and prosperity in your bedroom घर के लिए 19 वास्तु टिप्स Vastu shastra Tips for home in hindi kitchen interior designs : Contents Show. 1) Vastu Tips For Home in Hindi - घर के लिए वास्तु टिप्स. 2) Puja Ghar पूजा घर से सटा हुआ या पूजा घर के ऊपर. In Vastu 9th direction is Space and 10th direction is Patal DIRECTIONS: - A Glimpse North Direction as per Vastu : North is a very good direction. The owner of this direction is KUBER.Kuber is a.

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Vastu for Office; Which Direction is the Best for Seven Running Horse Painting? By. Shruti Gopche. 0. 40418. 4.1 (42) The Significance of Seven Horse Painting as Per Vaastu? The horse painting, especially the seven galloping horses play a significant role in VaastuSashtra. If you go by Vaastu, the horses depict power as well as success In our country, worship place is considered the most important part of the house. It is very important of people to do pooja on daily basis. And this is the only reason that people have different worship places in their house. But are definite way to place , sculptures and photographs in well manner in the temple of your house , which is prescribed by Vaastu Shastra Every property has a 'vastu-spirit', also known as 'vaastu-purush' residing within it, according to the principles of vastu. Since the head of this 'vastu-purush' lies in the North-East direction, it must not be weighed down by placing heavy pieces of furniture there The north east direction is the most auspicious one in Vastu. This direction is associated with god and piousness. Hence, it should be kept free from any interference, including the TV, so that the positive vibrations are not hindered. Learn how you can bring in the positive energy of money with Vastu

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As per vastu the direction of the money plant plays a major role in it. In general, north and south direction are best to keep a money plant. But east is a good direction for it as well. However, try to avoid west if possible. It is best to consult a vastu expert to sort out the best direction to place the plant Kids Vastu for Bedroom Furniture. Kids Vastu for Bedroom Furniture. Place cupboards in South or West walls of the room. Don't place the furniture adjacent to the walls. Maintain a gap of few inches to let the positive energy flow smoothly. Avoid placing any furniture in the center of the room as it obstructs the flow of energy in the room The Eastern side is the source of energy and power as per Vastu. If you place your head while sleeping in this direction, then you would certainly feel better in the morning. It triggers solutions that can help you overcome health-related problems. The position is good for students as well, as it increases memory and concentration. 4

Vastu Shastra Tips For Sleeping: ವಾಸ್ತು ಶಾಸ್ತ್ರದ (Vastu Shastra) ಪ್ರಕಾರ, ಮಲಗುವ ಸಮಯದಲ್ಲಿ ತಲೆ. The study room should be placed at an appropriate place and as per your direction determined by your date of birth. Vastu for Study Room and The Directions Vastu for study room or Vastu Shastra for Study room includes placement of the study table , table lamp, the photo frames, bed, other objects in the study room and also direction of study table But Vastu Shastra associates a number of omens with it. These omens are as follows:- If a crow coming from the south-west side in the evening is seen it is an indication for some approaching calamity. If a crow coming from the South-East direction in the evening is seen it indicates monetary gain

Vastu Tips To Keep In Mind. The furniture in the room must be rectangular or square. Rectangle, square and round shapes are apt for the center table. Make sure the furniture is a few inches away from the wall (it must not touch the wall) Also as per vastu for house, there must be more open space in the eastern and northern corners Some beneficial Vastu Tips for Shop/Showroom are as follows: Owner of shop must sit according to Vastu and ideally South or West is best so that he/she must face East or North. Plot or site of shop must be in regular shape such as rectangular or square and avoid irregular or cut property. Any irregularity or extension from wrong direction may.

Being an integral part of the house, the living room should be constructed and designed as per the Vastu Shastra plan. Here are a few of the Vastu tips for the living room you can follow while creating your drawing-room. 1. According to the living room, as per Vastu Shastra, the East or the North direction is perfect for designing the living room Entrance, sitting directions of the employees and placement of machineries are the most important aspect as per Vastu for industries. The facing of entrance and facing employees in the office should be in its favorable direction as it has the biggest weight. Most of the industries are located in the outskirts of cities in a huge piece of land

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  1. East facing house Vastu. If you planning on getting an East facing house, you need to do a detailed vastu analysis before build you home on it.It is because, not every vastu is suitable for everyone. We have already covered the north facing house vastu and south facing house vastu in our previous blogs. Now its turn to discuss the same for an east facing house vastu
  2. Hence, you must - and MUST I mean - live at places that are as per rules and regulations of vastu shastra, be it home or office. Ok, I know, you have lesser choices when it comes to office, but at least manage your workplace to make it as much vastu compliant as possible
  3. Nov 11, 2017 - Vastu Shastra Infographic in Hindi, Vastu Shastra PDF in Hindi, Download Vastu Shastra PDF, 70 Vastu Shastra Tips Infographic,share, embed infographic on sit
  4. Vastu for office is a very important measure that must be taken for the overall success of the business. Also, it affects the personal life of all the employees who work there and has a lasting impact on their career. A Vastu compliant office brings fame, fortune, and success for every person who is associated with it in some manner or other

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  1. The managing director of the office should occupy the south-west quadrant and should face north while sitting at his desk. The flooring in the room should be 7cm to 15cm higher than the rest of the office. His or her table should be in the extreme south-west corner of the room, and it would be auspicious if the door to the room were in the.
  2. ing your sitting and facing direction is critical to perfor
  3. North-East Corner A Very Crucial Direction According To Vastu Shastra. The North-east corner, also called the Ishanya corner, is a very sacred and pious direction where Lord Shiva resides. This corner has always been attributed special importance and significance as per our ancient texts. Be it selection of the plot, construction of a new house.
  4. According to Feng Shui and Vastu, you should keep a money plant indoors in the southeast direction of the living room or hall. You should not keep the money plants in the northeast corner of your home. 4. Peace Lily Plant (Spathiphyllum) Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) is a beautiful flowering foliage plant
  5. We often get queries from our readers related to the right direction for their houses, suggestions for constructing commercial buildings, vastu tips for a peaceful and more fulfilling life. Well, to answer all your queries and to help you understand this directional science better, we have come up with Vaastushaastra.com- your one stop.
  6. In our country, worship place is considered the most important part of the house. It is very important of people to do pooja on daily basis. And this is the only reason that people have different worship places in their house. But are definite way to place , sculptures and photographs in well manner in the temple of your house , which is prescribed by Vaastu Shastra
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- Establish Vastu pyramid to gain huge profits in stock market. Check Hindu पंचांग 2019 to know lucky days, shubh muhurat, marriage muhurat, grah pravesh muhurat and much more. Direction - Cracked walls not only appear bad but they attract bad luck and poverty into house. You need to repair those dents immediately. Weekly Horoscop Vastu Shastra in hindi Vastu Tips and Vastu good Directions Vastu Shastra for home Vastu Tips for drawing room to Attract Money Vastu Shastra ways to take positive energy in your home Vastu Shastra Vastu Shastra in Hindi Tips for bedroom Which side is beautiful for house and Which direction at good Where should bedroom be replace in bed as per Vastu What does Vastu mean and Vastu Shastra for.

Activate the Wealth Corner. Feng shui practitioners use something called the bagua when assessing a space, which is a conceptual energy map that can be laid over your office floor plan. The bagua is made up of eight areas around a center, with each area relating to a specific area of life. One of these areas is connected to wealth and abundance. Cut at north east indicates missing water element. This has direct impact on your health and finances. You need to cure it by putting a vastu mangal kalasha near the north east corner from the inside. Placing a paintings and mirror under the guidance of vastu expert will help you to reduce the negative impact. April 20, 2014 at 6:39 A Vaastu Tips For Clinic. As per vastu, a clinic should not be less than 250 square ft in terms of area. Make sure that the place you chose is more than the mentioned area. A clinic in the first floor would be an ideal option. However, make sure that the society does not have any objections. For the flooring, clinic with ceramic tiles which are. Ancient India has several gems hidden in its lap, out of which astrology , marine science, palmistry etc. shine the brightest.Vastu Shastra is one amongst them. As the name itself suggests, Vastu Shastra is the traditional science of architecture and describes the significance of any object (vastu), including its direction, layout, and alignment Vastu Tips while Constructing Doors and Windows. Additionally, Vastu also gives us an insight and tips on some basic set of norms which needs to be followed while constructing doors and windows. They are listed as under: As per Vastu, the windows and doors of your house must at all times be in even numbers such as 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. while avoiding 10

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Vastu principles are applied keeping in mind various energy fields originating from different directions. First of all a site should be selected, which is free from any Vastu defect. After selection of the site, the layout of office should be planned by following these Vastu norms T points can be both auspicious and in-auspicious depending on the Direction, Date of birth of the owner and the resident. T points should be considered similar to the buildings main entrance, for making decisions, predictions and remedies as per Vastu shastra. So following the same rule, i.e. , T point = Main Entrance the auspicious directions. 8- Irregular shaped furniture is not recommended as per vastu. 9- Toilet must not be constructed in the auspicious directions, especially a toilet located in the North-East (NE) will bring disastrous result for the career as well as for the cash flow. 10- Do not place any heavy object in the middle of the room (Brahmasthan)

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  1. To Begin. When you begin your design, line the house up with the cardinal directions (N,S,E,W). Slight adjustments to this will be made by your Vastu expert and is dependent on the direction the front door is facing. Begin with a rectangle of 81 modules with 9 modules on each side (9×9=81)
  2. As per the principals of Vastu, the ideal directions that the main door must face are north, east or north-east. As per Vastu for West oriented houses, the main door of the home can be located in any of the two Padas i.e. 5th or 6thon the West side from North West side. October 18, 2019 | 4:00 PM Repl
  3. So, Vastu Shastra considers directions, elements of nature, as well personality or element of the dweller. Directions in Vastu Shastra. Besides the elements, the directions are also considered a very important aspect of the ancient science of Vastu Shastra. So, while constructing a house, you have to make sure that everything is in the right.
  4. To create the house design as per Vastu Shastra, it is necessary to have the adequate skills in Indian Vastu vidya as well as in engineering geometry. It is not that you must be an architect or civil engineer to make Vastu House plans. If you have the right knowledge of Engineering geometry then you can create a Home plan as per Vastu
  5. Get insights of shift from Modern Furniture to Traditional Furniture. Vastu shastra is the science of construction. A home constructed and decorated in coherence with vastu brings happiness, healt
  6. The north-east is a direction full of benefits as its presiding deity is Lord Shiva and the representative planet is Jupiter. This is the direction responsible for providing overall prosperity, health and wealth if utilized as per Vastu guidelines. Since it is considered to be a highly pious and sensitive direction, it needs to be dealt with extreme care
  7. Vastu expert S.K. Mehta gives simple tips to place the wash basin at the right position in the dining area. The washbasin should be slightly covered instead of being open. Transparent glass or partition on the side of the washbasin is much better. The washbasin in the dining hall is not only used to wash hands, but it also enhances the beauty.

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  1. Headroom size is also important. Minimum width of steps = 1 m or 3 ft. Landing size = 1.2 m or 4 ft. Rise = 150 to 180 mm. Tread = 250 to 300. Placement, direction for staircase according to Vastu Sastra = South or South-West direction. Other areas such as office room, prayer room, store room shall be designed based on its function
  2. ister his financial dealings, the influence of Mercury is very beneficial for this endeavour as Mercury fostern financial affairs in general. In this case one must see to it that the north is being designed according to Vastu principles
  3. Ideally, your main entrance should face north, east or north-east. As long as the direction is correct, the side that the main door opens does not matter. FAQ #1: Which direction should your main entrance face? A: As per Vastu Shastra, the main entrance should either face north-east, north, north-west, east or south-east

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And there is much more which can be achieved with the help of Vastu. Elements & It's Dominant Directions As per Vastu, the universe is made of 5 elements namely Earth, Air, Space, Fire, and Water. It says that the balance of these elements is very important for attracting positivity at home. Every element has a dominant direction as follow Free Vastu Tips :- Leaving some portion open in the north leads to prosperity of maternal side as well as provides wealth, comfort, peace, and much more for the owner. Avoid : Toilet and fire places. Colors : Light blue, pale colours, light green, off white, beige, white. Shapes : Rectangles and polylines As per vastu experts in India, all the directions have its significance and are equally auspicious. You only need to make sure that the property is vastu complaint. If it follows the vastu rules, it will help you and your family to have a happy and prosperous life ahead. Today, we will explore the significance of west facing house vastu in details

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Benefits of Vastu Shastra. Salient Benefits of Vastu Shastra: Harmonizing nature's energy - Vastu harmonize nature's powerful energy sources, such as - sun, moon, wind, light, thermal, earth, electric, magnetic and cosmic energy. These energies harmonized by vastu render utmost benefits to the owner of a living space with growth and perpetual prosperity Vastu advises to use marble or tile flooring for the toilet and sloping towards east or north so that the water drains from these sides only. It is said that all the water drained contains toxins, negative energies and evil thoughts and draining them in the east or north direction is considered good for health As per Vastu consultants, organization of seats will play a major role in serving guests. You should always select either South-East or Northwest directions for arranging seats for guests. These directions will increase mental relaxation and peace. Curtains. You can select light or dark colors for curtains of living room 16 Zones Of Vastu For Rooms Tips Bedroom Indian Shastra Consultant. 350 Rising Sun Pictures Hd Free Images On Unsplash. Rising sun images free stock photos 4 280 for commercial use format hd high resolution jpg relation between vastu shastra and science sun chakra international astrology network salient features divine vastu seven tips to boost. Oct 31, 2015 - Explore Rico Garcia's board Vastu on Pinterest. See more ideas about how to plan, vastu house, house map

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Most people follow`Vastu Shastra guidelines when buying a Site or looking for a house. The direction that the house (main door) or site faces is of the most important consideration. Somehow, South facing houses have earned a very bad reputation. They are usually the last choice (the first, second and third choices being North, East and West respectively) Consulting a Vastu expert is advisable, in case you want to introduce major changes in your office. Read the article for some very useful Vasthu tips and advice to bolster your career. Follow them to set on a good career path right from this day Vastu drawing for factory includes Vastu direction, Vastu design, Vastu map and Vastu outlines for each building. Vastu for Office. Vastu for office needs clarification about the sitting area of staff, Vastu for Pooja place, Vastu for important files, old and current records, entry door & gate etc. Vastu for Plot. Vastu is necessary for a plot Office Vastu Shastra is not new. Openness is a key in the house as per Vastu. Staircase as per Vastu also considers the color schemes and suggests you to use shades of light colors to paint them. A staircase in the middle of the house is like having a hole pierced in your heart and it may result in a stressful life