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  1. giant timber bamboo Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota Kingdom: Plantae Phylum: Spermatophyta Subphylum: Angiospermae Class: Monocotyledonae; Summary of Invasiveness; Phyllostachys reticulata is a vigorous, fast-growing bamboo that has been widely cultivated as ornamental and for its culms. This species expands quickly by underground rhizomes.
  2. The largest species of bamboo, making it one of the best for large, dense screens. Densely foliaged, strongly upright clumps having thick stems reaching 4 in. in diameter. Well-behaved, clumping habit is non-invasive
  3. Bamboo is not an invasive species. Bamboo is a misunderstood plant. It is native to every continent except Europe. In summary, for a species to be truly invasive in an ecosystem, it has to be able to spread quickly over great distances
  4. The timber bamboo is hardy in most of Arkansas, except for the mountainous regions, and even there it will survive in protected sites. Watering is important the first year to insure establishment, but after that it will usually fend for itself. The best time to dig the plant is in late winter just before new culms appear
  5. Cultivation: It is a non-invasive clumping bamboo, and thrives in tropical regions, especially Florida, California, and Texas. It is cold hardy to 20°F (-7°C), or to hardiness zone 9. Constant cold temperatures have the potential to kill the plant. Colder climates will limit the plant's overall growth potential

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  1. g beautiful, open groves.Distinctive characteristics include impressively tall, robust.
  2. Giant Bamboo: A giant bamboo can grow up to 100 feet high. For most species, the girth measures 7 inches in diameter. Some of the most common giant bamboos include Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis), phyllostachys nigra and Japanese timber bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides).If you want to yield massive plants in your garden in just a few years, you must be sure you are growing the correct species
  3. Big mistake. Bamboo, which technically is a giant grass, is one of the world's most invasive plants. Once established, it is literally next to impossible to control. The sprouts that shoot up from the ground each spring can grow 12 inches a day
  4. While Giant timber bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides) is another monster - as much as 20 feet tall and 4 inches in diameter - member of the grass family, in its native Asia it is one of the.
  5. One of the largest temperate bamboos, Phyllostachys bambusoides (Japanese Timber Bamboo) is an impressive evergreen bamboo with tall, upright canes adorned with long branches bearing large drooping leaves. Emerald green at first, the thick culms, up to 6 in. wide (15 cm), mature to yellow-green. They are smooth and glossy. The leaves are long and broad, up to 7 in. in length (18 cm), bright.

If you're looking for a non-invasive clumping tropical giant bamboo for your coastal Texas garden landscape, you've found it in Oldham's Giant Timber Bamboo. Small plants will grow quickly after planted with large mature culms forming in about three years Invasive Plants in Pennsylvania Golden, Yellow Groove & Giant Timber bamboo Phyllostachys aurea, P. aureosulcata and P. bambusoides Description and Spread: These bamboo species are native to Asia. Unfortunately, they can now also be found throughout the Southeastern region of the United States, and are being planted mor Our most cold hardy clumping (noninvasive) bamboos (down to 13 degrees F) and very drought resistant once established. Bambusa Giant Timber Hedge Bamboo (from 30 to 60 feet tall - large sized bamboo) Cold hardy clumping (noninvasive) bamboos (down to 18 degrees F I grow Giant Timber Bamboo which is a clumping non-invasive plant. it's technical name is Phyllostachys bambusoides. It's commonly called MADAKE in Japanese,.. Bambusa Oldhamii Giant Timber Bamboo - Large 1 Gallon Plant - Non-Invasive Clumping Variety g Brand: Itonec. 4.3 out of 5 stars 89 ratings. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. This fits your . Make sure this.

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Giant Timber Bamboo - Bambusa Oldhamii LARGE 1 GALLON PLANT Clumping Bamboo - Will NOT Become Invasive! Bambusa Oldhamii is one of my personal favorites Black Bamboo - Giant Timber Plant - Phyllostachys Nigra t Brand: Old Oaks Garden and Nursery, LLC. 4.3 out of 5 stars 110 ratings. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Bambusa Green Hedge Bamboo - Non-Invasive, Clumping Bamboo t Timber Bamboo Growing Conditions. Bamboo used for timber can come from a great number of species, though few of these are cold hardy or likely to be grown in the United States. Most timber bamboos. It is NOT invasive. For a privacy hedge, plant clumping bamboos anywhere from 4- to 10-feet apart. When planted 4- to 6-feet apart in enriched, irrigated soil, clumping varieties will form a solid hedge in just one growing season. If planted further apart, it will take a couple years longer

Bambusa oldhamii is a tall, non-invasive species of bamboo with fresh green foliage and culms. This bamboo enjoys full sun and is perfect for creating shade. If you are seeking a bamboo option that will look amazing and that is easy to care for, this is the species for you. Bambusa oldhamii is enormous and does not need much maintenance at all Our bamboo is a clumping variety and does not spread. We specialize in growing and landscaping with one the tallest and fastest growing plants on the planet = Bambusa Oldhamii or commonly refered to as Giant Timber Bamboo. It thrives in Florida and is ideally suited for tall hedges and privacy screens

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Bambusa oldhamii (Giant Timber Bamboo) An old-time favorite, this striking plant is a somewhat open clumper, with very erect growth and short branches. Is reported to have good tasting shoots, though we have yet to try them. Max. height: 55 ' Max. diameter: 4 Minimum Temperature: 21 o F Grows in tight clumps. An extremely handsome plant that arches gracefully. Medium-sized clumper, non-invasive. The largest cold-tolerant clumper. This bamboo is rare because it's more difficult to propagate than other giant tropicals Kaye's comments: A giant bamboo native to China, with culm walls over an inch thick, it is majestic in appearance with large foliage often 25 cm long, vibrant green huge culms with long internode, growing in a tight clump formation. This is an excellent timber bamboo for house construction, crafts, and DIY projects Giant Timber Bamboo is the largest, non-invasive clumping bamboo with a nice upright habit so it makes a splendid privacy hedge or living screen. It's an extremely fast grower if planted directly in the ground in full sun and can reach heights of 20-50' tall when given optimal growing conditions. It has 4 diameter culms and large, wide.

19. Timber Bamboo. Bambusa oldhamii, known as giant timber bamboo or Oldham's bamboo, is a large species of bamboo. It is the most common and widely grown bamboo in the United States and has been introduced into cultivation around the world There are dwarf plants that grow from 0 to 5 feet in height to giant timber bamboos that can reach heights of 100 feet. Running bamboos (are the invasive species) have leptomorph rhizome systems. Long, thin roots grow horizontally underground and spread fast Clumping bamboo (unlike running bamboo, which is the most invasive and difficult to get rid of) can be a better option if you still want bamboo in your yard. However, it can also get out of hand, and the above methods are good for getting rid of it, as well. Thanks

In this video I tell you about a great type of tropical bamboo that is easily grown from cuttings. Bambusa Vulgaris Vittata which is commonly known as Hawai.. Giant Timber Bamboo and Century Plant Life Cycle. While knowing What is Giant Timber Bamboo and Century Plant, life cycle is important to know.The life cycle is the time span required for a plant to grow completely. When the plant comes to maturity, we can say that the plant has completed its life cycle

Timber bamboo might as well be giant sequoias, as far as children are concerned. In nearby Mar Vista, landscape architect Katherine Spitz has been living with timber bamboo since 1986 and thinks. The Giant Timber bamboo that Wigglesworth planted is a clumping type. These varieties have roots that grow vertically into the ground. Therefore, the canes of the plant (officially called culms.

Madake Giant Japanese Timber Bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides) - 3 Gallon Pot. FREE SHIPPING. Temporarily Out of Stock. Click button below to get on the Waiting List! (2) Sizes & Prices. Madake Giant Japanese Timber Bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides) - 2 Gallon Pot. FREE SHIPPING It is a non-invasive type of bamboo and can be well utilized as a living privacy screen. 2. Giant Bamboo. Scientific Name: Dendrocalamas giganteus. Mature Size: Up to 100 feet tall. this plant is commonly known as Japanese timber bamboo, because it is widely cultivated in Japan, and harvested for use as timber.. Giant Timber Bamboo will grow to be about 50 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 8 feet. It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 3 feet from the ground. It grows at a fast rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for approximately 10 years. This plant should only be grown in full sunlight

Phyllostachys edulis, the mōsō bamboo, or tortoise-shell bamboo, or mao zhu (Chinese: 毛竹; pinyin: máozhú), (Japanese モウソウチク(孟宗竹)) is a temperate species of giant timber bamboo native to China and Taiwan and naturalised elsewhere, including Japan where it is widely distributed south of Hokkaido. The edulis part of the Latin name refers to its edible shoots Due to the large variety of colors and sizes, bamboo plays an important role in a beautiful landscape design. Below is some of our bamboo. Call for current inventory / price. BAMBUSA OLDHAMII. Common name: Giant Timber Bamboo Description: clumping bamboo grows up 40' tall with a 4 diameter native to Taiwa

Bambusa oldhamii, otherwise known as Ryoku-Chiku, Giant Timber Bamboo or Oldham's Bamboo, is a bamboo species found in Australia, China, Japan, Taiwan and USA. It grows up to 18 m tall with straight and upright culms Phyllostachys edulis, commonly known as Moso Bamboo, or Tortoise-shell Bamboo, is a temperate species of giant timber bamboo native to China and Taiwan.It is the largest temperate bamboo on earth and the most economically important bamboo in China. Different names have been applied to this species in the past, of which the most often used names were Phyllostachys pubescens and Phyllostachys. This is the famous Oldhamii timber bamboo used throughout Walt Disney World. Oldhamii produces tall and very straight timber in a tight clumping pattern. It is truly a well behaved giant. This is a very easy plant to grow which requires little attention once rooted. Commonly used for large privacy hedges and windbreaks on large properties Phyllostachys bambusoides - 'Giant Japanese Timber Bamboo,' Madake Comments - Culms are erect with large leaves (up to 1 foot long by 1.5 inches wide), less invasive than most running bamboos, does well in tubs and pots. Arrow bamboo in bloom . Scientific Name - Sasa veitchii Common Name - Kuma-Zas

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Bamboo Ranch. Located near Tucson, Arizona, Bamboo ranch specializes in desert-grown bamboo for all uses. The bamboo farm has over 75 groves of bamboo in the Sonoran Desert. They have giant bamboo and medium-sized hedge bamboos, as well as tiny variegated ground covers. So you will find something that fits your needs Giant Timber Bamboo Care ; Bamboo mealybugs are invasive pests from Malaysia that infest and damage bamboo stalks. They are small, oval, pinkish insects with a white waxy coating. Bamboo. Welcome and thanks for visiting! We are a family-owned and operated farm and nursery, growing over 100 varieties of bamboo and other useful/edible/native plants. Our farm is located on the historic Thigpen Trail in southwest Georgia, USA. Nearby towns include Moultrie, Thomasville, Tifton, Valdosta, and Albany, Georgia Giant Timber Bamboo is tall and densely foliaged with stalks that reach up to 4″ in diameter. One of the best bamboos for creating a natural screen or windbreak, the stalks can also be harvested and used for home garden projects. Evergreen and easy to maintain, its clumping habit makes it a good option where a non-invasive bamboo is needed The giant timber bamboo varieties listed below are sure to make a beautiful forest in your landscape. Want to control their spread for a smaller clump? No problem, just use bamboo root barrier. Their wood can also be used to make lumber and crafts. Rest assured, when you buy giant timber bamboo plants for sale online from Wilson Bros Gardens.

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Bambusa oldhamii - Giant Timber Bamboo Clumping/non-invasive, new shoots Aug/Sept, semi-deciduous in 10a. This timber bamboo was planted from a 24inch box in 2000, image taken 2003. This is the timber bamboo in 2001, about a year after it went into the ground. The greenhouse now stands where the arbors were originally Bamboo Garden has been growing bamboo since 1980. Now, with over 300 bamboo varieties at our 20 acre farm near Portland, Oregon, we maintain the most diverse bamboo collection in the United States. We have a special interest in cold-hardy clumping bamboo and giant timber bamboo. Our informative website is a useful resource Bamboo Solutions is a Mount Pleasant business offering non-invasive clumping bamboo plants that provide attractive privacy hedges for your home and yard. Bamboo plants are extremely fast growing and provide cool, dense foliage Jul 14, 2016 - Large Timber Varieties of Bamboo. More can be seen at http://www.lewisbamboo.com/Giant_Bamboo.html. See more ideas about giant bamboo, bamboo, timber

Giant Timber Bamboo; Clumping Hedge Bamboo; Variegated Bamboo; Hard to find and rare Tropical Bamboo; Size range - 5 to 200 gallons. Prices $25 up. We carry most bamboo suitable for Houston area landscapes . Complete Bamboo List is Here. Caldwell Nursery offers one of the largest selections of non-invasive clumping bamboo available. We maintain. Fernleaf 'Stripestem' Dwarf Hedge Clumping Bamboo Bambusa Multiplex $ 29.95 Giant Buddha's Belly Bamboo- Bambusa Ventricosa Clumping Bamboo $ 24.95 Giant Timber Bamboo | Bambusa Oldhamii $ 34.95 Golden Hawaiian Bamboo | Bambusa Vulgaris Vittata $ 25.00 Sale Graceful Bamboo- Bambusa Textilis Gracilis Clumping Hedge Bamboo $ 49.95 $ 34.9 Giant Bamboo (Dendrocalamus Asper) 50. 00 /per piece, min. of 10 pcs in 1 box with many. freebies for minimum orders. 30.00/pc for volume/bulk delivery thru. courier.. ( 700 to 1000 + pcs up.) 15.00 for bulk/volume orders thru Nursery pickup only. Please Contact us at 09361211469 Golden Goddess (Bambusa Multiplex), Alphonse Karr (Bambusa Multiplex), Buddha's Belly and 'Kimmei' (Bambusa Ventricosa), Graceful Bamboo (Bambusa Textilis Gracilis), Asian Lemon (Bambusa Eutuldoides Viridi-vittata), Giant Timber (Bambusa Oldhamii), Seabreeze Bamboo (Bambusa Malingensis)

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Giant Bamboo Invades Oregon - And Why You Want It to Stay. May 16, 2012. It can be managed like a forest and will actually grow to resemble a forest within 3-4 years of planting, with several timber bamboo species reaching a towering height of 65 feet and over 8 inches in diameter Golden, Yellow Groove, and Giant Timber bamboo (PDF), Phyllostachys aurea, is a very tall grass with round, hollow stems that spreads rapidly via its underground rhizomes. Rough bluegrass (PDF) , Poa trivialis , is a non-descript grass that out-competes native grasses Ph. bambusoides Is an invasive running bamboo and has the potential to spread rapidly if not controlled. In the United States, the culms rarely exceed 4 in diameter. It is slower growing than some of the other giant Phyllostachys species, such as Ph. vivax. Over time the culms will grow tall and thick, often lasting twice as long as most other. Although there are more than 1,000 species of bamboo, the Phyllostachys group is by far the most likely to become invasive. Bamboos in this group have an extremely fast growth rate. For example, mature Phyllostachys edulis 'Moso,' a giant timber bamboo, can grow several feet in a single day

One of the most common bamboos in Florida is Giant Timber bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii), which grows to 60 feet tall and culms (stems) measure four inches in diameter Oldham is the favorite bamboo of Buddhist temples and one of the most stylized non-invasive giant bamboos that can withstand the cold. How to plant Bambusa This family of bamboo is of the clumping type, which in English means grouping and refers to the way in which each plant grows and expands Moreover, other similar invasive species may be confused with bamboo. For example, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension officials warn against transplanting or encouraging the giant reed (Arundo donax), a bamboo look-alike that has invaded parts of their state. Bamboo may seem like an attractive garden option, but it poses serious. Bamboo is a fast-growing type of woody grass that is often mistaken for a tree. It is the largest member of the grass family and has hollow shoots that grow straight upwards and produce leaves. It's considered to be one of the fastest growing plants in the world, with some bamboo species growing at a rate of 36 inches a day The biggest advantage of using bamboo timber is that, it can be cut without killing the plant. This unique aspect of the bamboo has made it an extremely popular choice among eco-conscious individuals. Some of the commonly used timbered bamboo species have been listed below. Giant timber bamboo - Bambusa oldhamii; Petung bamboo.

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The old culms, cut off at the ground, show the size of the Bambusa oldhamii, known as giant timber bamboo, at the Galveston County Master Gardeners' serenity garden at Carbide Park in La Marque. The giant timber bamboo survived the 2018 freeze, but new bamboo culms are much smaller than before Giant Timber Bamboo . CONTROLLED HEIGHT. 15 - 25 feet. UNCOTROLLED HEIGHT. 20 - 55 feet Otherwise a giant bamboo with straight culms. Bambusa multiplex Golden Goddess. 6 - 10 feet. GROWTH HABIT. Non-invasive. Fountain like habit of growth. STEM DIAMETER. ½ inch. HARDINESS. 15 F (-9 C) GROWTH CHARACTERISTICS. Golden-stemmed. The Giant Bamboo known as the Dendrocalamus Giganteus is a giant subtropical and tropic clumping bamboo. It is native to Southeast Asia and is one of the largest species of bamboo in the world. These grayish-green bamboos grow in close clumps and usually reach a height of 30 meters (98 feet) It is very upright, with persistent culm sheaths that add spring interest and texture. A clumping bamboo perfect for use as a hedge or screening plant, it has the great benefit of its non-invasive root system and robust size. This exciting new bamboo holds up well in the heat and humidity of the Southeastern U. S., unlike other Fargesia types.

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Running bamboo is also one of the most popular kinds of bamboo for home gardens, but unlike Clumping bamboo, it can be invasive. However, there are ways to prevent the bamboo from taking over your garden. These include Giant timber bamboo, Chinese Moso bamboo, Madake bamboo and other members of the Bambusa and Phyllostachys genera Plant Catalog Plants, Shrubs & Bedding Grasses BAMBOO - Bambusa oldhamii (Giant Timber Bamboo) Search. BAMBOO - Bambusa oldhamii (Giant Timber Bamboo) Medium growing upright evergreen grass - height 20 to 30 feet - spread 5 to 10 feet - full sun, no reflected heat - hardy to about 15 degrees f - likes acid soil - clumping type - great for. Oldhamii is a giant timber bamboo with culms 4 in diameter reaching 50-60 ft great for elegant hedge to block 2 story houses or an ornamental center piece. Clumping non invasive variety that shows its culms

Aloha, and welcome to Oahu Clumping Bamboo, the online presence for our humble foray into the propagation and sales of non-invasive, clumping, tropical bamboo. We have a variety of species available for purchase, ranging from giant timber bamboo to small-medium sized ornamental bamboo. Enjoy the photos below, which will give you a better idea as to how each bamboo looks when professionally. Bamboo, black bamboo, timber bamboo. Family. Poaceae (Gramineae) Origin. Native to southern China. Naturalised distribution (global) Locations within which Phyllostachys nigra is naturalised include Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and La Réunion. Introduced, naturalised or invasive in East Afric Before growing bamboo in zone 8, check with your local county extension office to make sure they are not considered an invasive species or noxious weed. Clump forming and runner types of bamboo are also broken down into three hardiness categories: tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate

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Fully grown, the bamboo, also known as running bamboo or giant timber bamboo, can grow 40 feet tall and spread out 15 to 20 feet per year, according to Caryn Rickel of Seymour, founder of the. A fast growing, attractive bamboo with white powdery skin. It performs well in desert climates. It is a massive, strong growing timber bamboo here on the West Coast. Although a nigra, the distinctive looking culms are rough to the touch and a whitish green in color. It is the species that Phyllostachys nigra is thought to have originated from

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Giant bamboo. Giant bamboo is the largest type of bamboo and the tallest growing member of the grass family. Their rate of growth is incredibly fast once established, growing approximately 1 mm every minute and a half, or 36 inches in a 24 hour period. Advertisement. Full height: 100 or more feet tall Specialties: We are the Bamboo Hedge Specialists! Bamboo is a versatile living fence, an exotic specimen, and a fast-growing privacy screen. Bamboo Giant distributes about 50 different varieties of Bamboo on our 30 acres of land. We are your Bamboo experts. Create a fence with live Bamboo plants to create your privacy screen. Use Bamboo Giant for all your Bamboo needs! Services we provide ONLY. The Giant Thorny Bamboo is a bright-green, tall and spiny bamboo species that grows in dense thickets. These thickets consist of a large concentration of heavily-branched, closely packed culms. The plant can reach a height of up to 10-35 meters, growing naturally in dry forest zones Blue Timber Bamboo, aka Tropical Blue Bamboo, can create a stunning lush privacy screen or living fence, but it is also an outstanding choice for a standalone specimen in any garden. The color combination of blue green canes, brown sheath, and light green foliage is an endless visual feast. Blue Timber bamboo is elegantly erect and tight GIANT JAPANESE TIMBER, MADAKE : 72.00: 6.00: 5: 5: The most utilized bamboo in Japan where it is valued for its large straight thick-walled culms. Flowered extensively in the 1970's and many plants died. Most plants have regained their vegetative vigor. Sources: MORE: Runner : Phyllostachys nigra: Black bamboo : 30.00: 2.00: 5:

Non-invasive Taller than, but similar to, Golden Goddess, except the leaves have white stripes. Good tall hedge.. Bambusa: oldhami: Oldham's giant timber: Very tall: Non-invasive.Very tall, fast-growing. Tight clumps. Damaged in 1990 and 1998, but recovered quickly. The best timber bamboo for this area. Bambusa: textilis: Weaver's bamboo: Tall. This bamboo is a good ground cover for shady locations and is a good container plant. It can be very invasive, especially in cooler climates. Pseudosasa japonica (Arrow bamboo), 18' max. ht., ¾ culm dia., running, cold hardiness 0 °F Once established, bamboo can take over landscapes, stream banks, and woodlands. If you look at the USDA field guide Invasive Plants in Southern Forests, the first invasive grassy plant they list is Golden bamboo. It is common to many old homesites and has now escaped. Native to Asia, it was planted as an ornamental plant and used widely. And don't make assumptions: There are huge clumpers such as Oldham's Giant Timber, which can reach 30 feet or more, and very tiny runners (some species of Pleioblastus are less than 8 inches tall and spread rampantly). What bamboo wants Most bamboo will take full sun or light shade and aren't fussy about soil

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  1. Maya Gardens, Inc. specializes in growing bamboo as well as fruit and ornamental trees for the home gardener. Bamboo is one of the most widely-used landscape plant. We grow seventy five different varieties of it, many that are well behaved and non invasive and can be planted with out fear of it taking over your entire yard
  2. Notice how straight, Giant Timber (Oldhamii) grows. This bamboo is 8 years old but it has looked very much the same for the past 5 years. It normally takes about 3 years for a bamboo to mature. After that the culms continue to increase in diameter and grow taller but most of the dramatic growth occurs in the early years when cane height and.
  3. Dendrocalamus Asper - Planting below Interstate 4 in Florida Zone 9a and above only. Dendrocalamus Asper, also known as Rough Bamboo or Giant Bamboo, is a giant tropical and subtropical dense clumping species native to Southeast Asia.This timber bamboo is used as a building material for heavy construction, fabric and in the making of paper while the shoots are consumed as a highly nutritious.

Running bamboo rhizomes can grow 3-5 feet (0.91-1.52 m) per year and must be cut at least twice annually to control. Clumping bamboo rhizomes are less invasive than running bamboo and will only grow 1-3 feet (0.30-0.91 m) per year. This type of bamboo should be cut annually oldhamii or Giant Timber Bamboo Phyllostachys viridis 'Robert Young' - This bamboo was named for Robert A. Young, a horticulturist with the USDA plant introduction station and published many articles about bamboo. Rated at -5 F., this is one of the most cold hardy bamboo varieties and it actually likes clay based soils Phyllostachys bambusoides 'typical' (Giant Japanese Timber, Madake) Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Allgold' Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Castillon' Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Tanakae' Phyllostachys bambusoides albostriata Phyllostachys bissetii Phyllostachys dulcis (Sweetshoot Bamboo) Phyllostachys edulis (Moso

Timber bamboos are runners. Plant running bamboos in containers, in larger areas where you don't mind if they spread or use products like Bamboo Barrier (available at Art's). Clumping bamboos are well behaved. They are not invasive and do not require containment Monrovia 1.6-Gallon in Pot Giant Blue Bamboo. Item # 431913 Model # 053492. Get Pricing and Availability. Use Current Location. Check Other Stores closed. Majestic plants offer lush foliage and grow quickly to 30 feet tall or more. Loves summer heat and is deer resistant it thrives in sun and part shade. Ideal as a privacy hedge or to quickly.

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Bamboo. Bambusa oldhamii,or the Giant Timber Bamboo ,is one of the best bamboos for dense screens. It also happens to be the most common and widely grown in the United States. Its stems can reach as wide as 4 inches in diameter. This evergreen bamboo's clumping is fast-growing and non-invasive All of our bamboo plants are guaranteed free of bamboo mealybugs, ants, scale and bamboo mites. These pests are all extremely problemmatic and common in the California bamboo nursery trade. 15 gallon are in stock on 3/25/20. Please call for pricing.-#5) Bambusa oldhamii (Giant Timber Bamboo): A full sun bamboo with a vertical growth habit. A. The bamboo in the picture of our family is Giant Timber Clumping Bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii). Oldhamii should do fine in Riverside, CA. Oldhamii is one of the more open clumpers, meaning it sends out new shoots a little farther apart than many other clumping bamboos do. The result is a more open looking grove It is thought to be the original form of nigra. This bamboo is 8 years old but it has looked very much the same for the past 5 years. 1. large bamboo having thick-walled culms; native of China and perhaps Japan; widely grown elsewhere Familiarity information: GIANT TIMBER BAMBOO used as a noun is very rare. Flora of Okinawa and the southern Ryukyu islands: 1-1159. No need to register, buy now.

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