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Hol dir den Teint den du verdienst und entdecke Make-up Trends einfach online. Erlebe einen ebenmäßigen und frischen Teint, der dich nicht im Stich lässt. Jetzt online Schnell & einfach Preise vergleichen für Shark Rocket von geprüften Onlineshops! Finde die besten Angebote für Shark Rocket und spare Zeit & Geld What is a Strobe Rocket? If I had to make the choice of being able to construct only one type of rocket, it would be a difficult decision. I truly love the low-level simplicity and effect of the Spectacular Glitter-Tailed Rocket with Willow-Diadem-Horsetail Finish. But for pure, high-powered, awe-inspiring and crowd-pleasing rocketry display, the strobe rocket is sure hard to beat Here we have a Single Supernova (Silver Strobe) rocket available for collection only. This is truly the very best rocket you can buy. This rocket produces su..

Those Strobes are super cool - I'd like to get some for the wings 4th of July celebration. The general would be impressed for sure. But alas they are no longer sold. I've heard they can be made from whistle rocket fuel and pyrotechnic strobe fuel... Silver Peony CatF2 Our CatF3 Our Price £25.99. Super Rocks. Pack of 3 Very Large Rockets. White Mega Strobe. Red Crossette Ring . Chrysanthemum Pistil. Brocade Crown King. CatF3 Our Price £84.99. Igual Rockets. We Also Stock The Complete Igual Rocket Selection.

Shoots into the sky 150 ft. Then, the rocket fires orange, squiggly, bees into the air! Price: $1.50. Flying Color Butterfly. Ruby red with report. Price: $1.50. Glittering Light. At the apex the rocket bursts with silver strobing and flashing glitter effects! Price: $1.50. Hardball Rockets. BIG, hard-breaking rockets with multicolor breaks and. EFFECTS: Gold, silver coco + red strobe, green coco + gold strobe, red coco + green strobe + time rain, brocade crown + white strobe ITEM NUMBER: PR167 PACKING: 12/5/1 CBM: 0.123 TYPE: ROCKET PACK CATEGORY: F Fierce Tiger Soaring Rockets, 12 pieces. $12.99 Add to Favorites. Rockets & Missiles. O-035w. Assorted Wolf Pack Rockets, 12 pc. $12.99 Add to Favorites. Rockets & Missiles. O-037W. 6 Oz Wolfpack Rockets, 12 pc 30 Fanned shots of silver, green and red strobe with crown to crackle mines, ending with a finale of brocade crown with silver, green and red strobes.. Read more . $64.99 . Grim Reaper - 60g Canister Artillery Shells 12/Pk. Grim Reaper - 60g Canister Artillery Shells 12/Pk 12 shots - You have seen the others Now see the best 60g artillery on. Style A) Silver Spinner, Red Tail to Strobe Willow with Red Dahlia, Si . BC38 100 SHOT AERIAL CAKE (1 inch) $79.22 $126.75/case Shimmering Gold Brocade Comet Tails to Crackle and Loud Reports . BC40 25 SHOT ASSORTED AERIAL CAKES (3 inch) $208.50 $208.50/case Style A) Red Tails.

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Wholesale fireworks provides a list of Illegal fireworks online. Silver salute, M-80, cherry bomb, quarter stick are all included in list. This informs customers which explosives are illegal in the United States Each carton contains 6 each-Blue Dahlia w/Red Strobe Pistil, Gold Glit . B313EF 3 COLOR SHELLS (Prepared for Electrical Firing Only) 6's B314 3 FANCY COLOR SHELL ASSORTMENT with Rising Silver Tails 6's. $36.25 $347.99/case Each carton contains 6 each- Blue Horsetail, Double Titanium Chrysanth . B316B 3 TITANIUM SALUTE FINALE STRINGS with. SKU: em512gb. Fireworks delivery 2-3 days or Collect from Fireworks Den shop, London. Fireworks Rockets pack. Extreme Machines is a pack of 15 1.3g rockets. Each rockets lasts around 5 seconds and has its own effect including brocades, strobes, dahlias, time rain, dahlias Call them what you will, but strobe, chuffer or "farting" rockets are incredibly neat pieces of pyro that always generate attention. Each set consists of a universal base, removable bronze spindle, rammers and stainless puller. Rammers are marked with no-pass and swap lines. These strobe sets also make an excellent long-winded whistle rocket. The spindle removal tool and tube.

Instructions at: http://www.skylighter.com/fireworks/how-to-make/strobe-rocket.asp Large homemade strobe rocket firework, 6 pounds, with a flash heading. Mad.. This is Brimstone - Silver Strobe Rocket by Kimbolton Fireworks on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them 3901 - FULLY LOADED ROCKET ASSORTMENT + $69.99. 3947 - SUPER SIZED TEXAS POP ROCKET 12 PACK (TEXAS COMPLIANT) + $9.99 × Close Compare Products. Sort by Name: Sort by Price. Item# JR8729 TANGO ROCKET. Red star w/ blue star w/ silver strobe. Packaging: 18/4/ Boom Town Fireworks has a complete rocket section- everything from Happy Face rockets up to Flashing Strobe rockets. Skip to Main Content (219) 864 3800 Get Directions. Menu. Red,Silver,Blue (1) Red,Silver,Blue,Purple,Green (1) Silver (1) White (1) Special Effects Big Air Rocket Kit (13p) $29.99. View Details. Ring Rocket (6p) $19.99.

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Supernova Rocket Pack from Primed Pyro at Sonic Fireworks Shop. Super massive bursts; Silver Strobe, Silver Strobe & Red Blin 3-piece big rocket set - Red wave with white strobe, green wave with white strobe, brocade crown with white strobe. 2-piece big rocket set - Purple pearls with crackles, green pearls with crackles. 2-piece small rocket set - Blue pearl with silver fish, white strobe with red fish. 5-piece aerial spinner set - Spins upward with red/green light SKU. 1521. Manufacturer. Cutting Edge. Red blue pearl, red wave, crackling green wave, crackling blue pearl, gold strobe, silver time rain, red pearl, crackling silver wave, red pearl white strobe, crackling red pearl. Pack of 9. Customer reviews. There are no comments yet. Be the first to leave a comment Rocket NEQ: 137g Brocade crown to red green strobe; Rocket NEQ: 137g Effects: Red strobe willow blue dahlia; Rocket NEQ: 75g Effects: Ti-golden coco blue pistil; Rocket NEQ: 75g Effects: Brocade crown silver strobe; Rocket NEQ: 75g Effects: Blood red green strobe; Rocket NEQ: 65g Effects: Flower crown; Rocket NEQ: 65g Effects: Gold willow to. Red-blue pearl, red wave, crackling green wave, crackling blue pearl, gold strobe, silver time rain, red pearl, crackling silver wave, red pearl white strobe, crackling red pearl. Reviews (0) Be the first to review USA ROCKETS Cancel repl

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Five pieces that emit large, brilliant silver strobe. $1.00 Because the rocket keeps the shell oriented in the same direction throughout the flight, the ring breaks perfectly nearly every time. $18.00 Low stock Lady Bugs These cute little bugs soar very high into the air with assorted colors. Great for day or night use Call them what you will, but strobe, chuffer or farting rockets are incredibly neat pieces of pyro that always generate attention. Each set consists of a universal base, removable bronze spindle, rammers and stainless puller. Rammers are marked with no-pass and swap lines. These strobe sets also make an excellent long-winded whistle rocket. The spindle removal tool and tube. Description. Item#: MS8436. Size: 14-1/8*10-5/8*9 in. Packing: 2/1. Performance: 24 shots:brocade tail to silver strobe, crackling chrysanthemum mines up to pink; brocade tail to silver strobe; crackling chrysanthemum to sky blue; purple & green strobe; brocade tail to silver chrysanthemum;crackling chrysanthemum mines to pink; brocade tail to silver chrysanthemum;crackling chrysanthemum to.

Item Number: MB-8758: Category: 500 GRAM MULTIPLE SHOTS: Packing: 6/1: CBM: 0.07175: Item Size: 9*9*8: Performance: 12 shots: red purple and lemon with silver strobe; red green and lemon with crackles; purple green and sky blue with silver strobe; purple sky blue and lemon with green strobe Item Number: MB-8602: Category: 500 GRAM MULTIPLE SHOTS: Packing: 2/1: CBM: 0.072: Item Size: 15* 15* 9-1/4: Performance: 15 shots: red and green strobe with chrysanthemum willow mines; ruby red, sky blue, lemon & silver strobe; neon color dahlia mines; brocade w/silver strobe, crackling willow w/blue pistil Blue strobe rocket propellant Source: Greg Gallacci <psygreg@u.washington.edu Comments: The GE silicone II is noted for having an ammonia-like odor, where the GE silicones smell more like vinegar. The dimensions of the rocket made with this propellant were 1 1/8 inch ID, with a 1/2 inch core We offer the best deals on our wholesale stick rockets and fast, free shipping on all orders over $1,500. Order now or contact our team for help finding everything you need before you buy. Fireworks.us offers a huge fireworks selection and low shipping charges through our regional warehouses. We have pre-selected the warehouse closest to you

Performance: 16 shots: multi-colors and silver strobing mines up with burst of 1.cyanine & lemon with ruby red & silver strobe; 2.cyanine & ruby red & green with lemon and silver strobe; 3. cyanine & purple & lemon & ruby red with silver strobe alternately Well for at least 1 pack, The stickerless rocket is a giant silver strobe and I'm assuming the very tiny green sticker represents the red and green option. @Primedpyro would it be possible to change the labelled effect of the 3 different effects from 'Giant Strobe' to 'Giant Silver Strobe',. Check out Rockets from Black Cat Fireworks. Whether it's a once a year holiday or a once in a lifetime event, make it count with the best name in fireworks since 1952 Magnus Fireworks : Top Fireworks Supplier from China. Item No. : M1515: Type : Mine & Shell Device(500g Rack) Packing : 2/1: Shot

#1431 Silver Fox Bottle Rockets #1566 Sky Buster #1568 Sky Hawk #3315 Sky Rider Rocket Assortment #1561 Space Choppers #1461 Texas Bottle Rocket #1442 Triple Whistling Bottle Rockets #1440 Whistling Bottle Rockets #1510 Wild Geese #1563 X-Factor Rockets Interstate Firework Excellent height in a variety of bright colors including silver glitter! Color. Effect. Crackle. Falling Leaves. Report. Stars. You Might Also Like. Rockets & Missiles. New Products. O-063. Flat Lined 5 Pc Rocket. $39.99 Add to Favorites . Rockets & Missiles. New Products. O-128. Flower & Willow Rocket Pack. $39.99 Add to Favorites . Rockets. 3 Premium Mortar Silver Strobe. $ 26 00. CLICK FOR DETAILS. 3 Premium Mortar Red Chrysanthemum. $ 26 00. CLICK FOR DETAILS. 300 Saturn Crackling. $ 44 00. CLICK FOR DETAILS

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  1. Product Description:3-piece big rocket set - Red wave with white strobe, green wave with white strobe, brocade crown with white strobe. 2-piece big rocket set - Purple pearls with crackles, green pearls with crackles. 2-piece small rocket set - Blue pearl with silver fish, white strobe with red fish.5-piece aerial spinner set - Spins upward with red/green light. Dimension:Case Volume (CBM): 0.
  2. Description. High-quality bottle rockets with vibrant silver tails that could stop any werewolf. Very loud with good consistency and great height. 144 Pieces. Additional information. More Information. SKU. 11577. Length Per Piece. 12.75
  3. 07-04-006A: Brilliant twinkling blue strobe star, page 531. 07-04-007A: Red smoke strobe star, page 531. 07-04-008A: Yellow smoke strobe star, page 531. 07-04-008B: Yellow smoke strobe star (charcoal modified—increased burn rate), page 532. 07-04-008C: Yellow smoke strobe star (hemp coal modified—increased smoke density), page 53
  4. Fireworks Details. Glorify the darkness using sparklers with three changing colors. This starts out with red colors, then changes to a special effect silver strobe and ends with a silver sparkler. At 16″ this non-metal sparkler has a burn time of 30 seconds. Night use. Find awesome listings near you
  5. es,Winda's professional grade 2 tubes ten shot double level of effects- all the shots have silver strobing
  6. Item No. FF5012 15 Shots • 500G • 4/1 15 shots red & green strobe and blue, red, & yellow with time rain, ending with brocade, red, silver crown, and time rai
  7. g 2 shells, all with glittering tails to gold willows and 3-shot finales. Apollo 7: Glittering tails to gold willows with silver strobe, with a 3-shot finale. Apollo 8: Glittering tails that break to dazzling red strobing willows, including a 3-shot finale

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Super Strobe Rockets (Pack of 2) Heat Seeker Rockets (Pack of 5) £ 19.99 £ 14.99. Space X Rockets (15 Rockets) £ 69.99. £ 60.00. Super silver strobes. Powerful rocket display! Watch the video below. HURRY Each Rocket Screams up to 150' then explodes into a crackling barrage of silver stars. See Video Below Interstate Fireworks 73 Darby Lane Russellville, AR 72802 479-890-7976. Stay Connected. Fireworks Home 2021 New Products Top 10 Fireworks. Silver Palm tree 50 shot: 1/1: $90.00: KLS15: Silver Swallow 600 Shot: 1/1: $225.00: TB300-F9: Thunder King 300 Shot: 1/1: $130.00: TB25-H163: Thunder King Strobe 25 Shot 1 1/4 (CASE ONLY) 4/1: SOLD OUT: GGI- 8580: Thunder King Strobing 25 Shot (CASE ONLY) 12/1: $130.00: LDC240-300: 300 Shot Titanium Salute: 1/1: $150.00: LDD214: Titanium.

Super 2 Rocket Assortment 2 ounce rockets. 2 multi color, 2 crackling, 2 red, 2 green, 2 thousand bees, and 2 white strobe rockets Effects includes: pigeon blood red and deep green dahlia with white strobe. silver brocade crown with red strobe. multi-color brocade palm. golden willow to red, green, and blue with strobe. ti-chrysanthemum. quick crackle. crackling willow with red strobe. white strobe with purple and green palm pistil WHOPPER 15 SHOTS 500g. Performance: 15 shots: red and green strobe with chrysanthemum willow mines; ruby red, sky blue, lemon & silver strobe; neon color dahlia mines; brocade w/silver strobe, crackling willow w/blue pistil. Item Size: 15 x 15 x 9-1/4 1lb Whistle Rocket EXTREM with 400g Titanium Salute. 1lb Coreburner with 4inch Silver Coconut to Color Strobe. Zink 905 mit 5g EXTRA Zerleger. Cipolla 80g ORIGINAL ITALIAN FIRECRACKER. Traca ORIGINAL BELGIE AB60. Zylindershell ITALIAN 125mm SCALA 8 rot/red. 150mm ORIGINAL Italian Zylinderbombe Green/Silver to Red + Titanium Salut 13 Shot Fan Silver Tiger Comet w/Red Strobe Mine 8/1 $106.85 $142.46 SOLD. DMPFX13FR-9-C Dominator 13 Shot Fan Silver Whirlwind 8/1 Line Rocket - 100 meter w/Whistle 10/6 $253.04.

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24 Karat Gold - 24 sh - Pyro Junkie color dahlia w/silver tail & Gold strobe $ 55.00 Abominable - 12 sh - Pyro Junkie Teal, peach, white strobe, sky blue, purple $ 52.00 AGENT OF BOOM = 37 SH Bright Star $ 48.00 Air Strike - 25 sh World Class $ 62.00 America's Past time - 62 sh Cutting Edge $ 80.0 Pyro Patrol Set BP-A038. Cover land, sea and sky in your search for fireworks. The Pyro Patrol pulls out in cars, trucks, boats and planes - eight vehicles in all. They move all over the place with whistles and red and green stars, silver crackling and glitter as well as some sil. Read more

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  1. Burn Notice. Red pal tail or ti-gold palm tail shoot up to loud crackling with crimson or lemon, ti-gold palm with green or blue. Brocade tail or crackling tail roar to big brocade with silver strobe or red strobe. $ 38.00. Burn Notice quantity. -. +. Add to cart. SKU: 120 Categories: -All-, 200 Gram Cake
  2. USA Rocket Performance: red blue pearl, red wave, crackling green wave, crackling blue pearl, gold strobe, silver time rain, red pearl, crackling silver wave, red pearl white strobe, crackling red pearl
  3. Bottle rockets fireworks wholesale: 179 products from the manufacturers. Buy best sky rockets online on marketplace OZOZON.com in UK, USA, Canada, Europe & Australia! Mini, big & huge rockets
  4. red pearl with chrys,red green with chrys,blue pearl with chrys,white strobe,silver wave with crackling,silver wave red pearl with chrys Price, FOB: 78.05$ Packing: but they have certain differences in the construction. In fact, bottle rocket firework shells are thicker filled by sparkling composition. It is based on fire from.
  5. ator 13 Shot Fan Silver Whirlwind 8/1 $105.54 $140.72.
  6. Sky Probe Rocket 5 Pack 18 pieces per carton RRP £12.99 - OUR PRICE £6.50 A pack of 5 rockets with burst of purple or green palms with crackling stars, red stars with silver strobe, purple and green stars, and chrysanthemum bursts
  7. 2019 WHOLESALE FIREWORKS CATALOG 812-623-0099 / sales@lynchimportsllc.com / www.lynchimportsllc.com Quality, Professional & Consumer Firework

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24 extra LOUD canister shells of 24 awesome performances! 1. PIGEON BLOOD RED & DEEP GREEN DAHLIA W/ WHITE STROBE 2. PIGEON BLOOD RED & LEMON DAHLIA W/ GREEN STROBE 3. DEEP BLUE & PURPLE DAHLIA W/ GOLDEN STROBE 4. DEEP GREEN & ORANGE DAHLIA W/ RED STROBE 5. SILVER STROBE WILLOW W/ RED DAHLIA 6 Definitely a great way to sample all of their larger single shot tubes! I picked this up recently and will definitely get it again along with a couple cases of the Silver Spider, Silver palm, and sky blue& lemon Dahlia with white strobe. $3.70 a tube is pretty cheap considering I've seen similar sized tubes and effects sold for $25 each A great glitter star. Potassium nitrate 41. Barium nitrate 16. Sulphur 9. Antimony trisulfide 8. Aluminium 13. Charcoal 13. Add 10% by weight of 5% alc. in 2% boric acid solution Add about 5% of dextrin to consolidate the comp On Fire FCC1534. « Previous post. Next Post ». Start with orange/green/silver strobe, then shot out brocade, color strobe willow, Ti golden palm in tan shape, finale with crimson + crackle. (21 shots) Comments are closed

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Size. Type. Color. (Show All) Crown Pyro Dominator Precocious Pyrotechnics. (Show All) 1.2 1.38 1.5 2 2.44 3. (Show All) Cake Comet Flame Projector Gerb Girandola Lance Mine Point Explosion Shell Strobe Pot Waterfall. (Show All) (Null) Assorted Blue Blue Yellow Green Blue Yellow Purple Gold Gold/Blue Gold/Green Gold/Silver Green Green/Silver. Meteor Rain Rockets Meteor Rain Rockets are nice medium/large sized, high flying rockets that all have different effects and varying colors Solar Storm Rocket Pack - Xmas Special £ 60.00 £ 30.00 NEW FOR 2020 - These out of this solar system big bursting rockets offer a night sky full of stars. We are the authroized dealers for Triumph and Zero Motorcycles, KYMCO Scooters. Strobe Lights in San Diego on YP.com. Some xenon flash basics, helpful hints, precautions, and tons of actual schematics from Sam Goldwasser, and a few.

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  1. Shogun has put together a great pack for the stick-rocket enthusiast. Get the five following effects; red peony palm, blue peony palm, silver palm with red strobe, green palm with red strobe, and green crackling. EXPLOSION SPEARS. Explosion Spears is a 5-piece rocket assortment that feature effects such as smiley faces, color rings, colored.
  2. g Banshee Rocket Pack will scream with murderous delight to the point of bursting at well over 120 feet. With triple the fun, these big screa
  3. KK5071. Brocade Crown w Purple Star; Colorful Peony & Strobing w Silver Chrys; Sky Blue & Red Dahlia and Green Strobe; Sky Blue & Red Dahlia w White Strobe; Silver Chrys. w Crackle.; Fresh Red, Sky Blue, Green, Purple and Lemon Star. - Awesome Variety of 60g Artillery Shells. Image Title
  4. A fountain (also referred to as a gerb) is a thick walled cardboard tube that is filled with pressed pyrotechnic composition. It has a solid clay plug at the base and a nozzle or choke at the exhaust end. At effect time the composition burns and the choke generates intense pressure inside the tube. As the composition escapes it sprays sparks.
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  6. A rising tail is a gold or silver tail effect that is created when a shell is shot into the sky, similar to the trunk of a tree. Commonly used with palm tree shells. Rocket A rocket is a tube-like pyrotechnic device made out of a paper tube that propels itself into the air in order to fly. There are many different kinds of rockets
  7. Kirk Myers, the owner of Kracklin' Kirk's Fireworks, fondly recalls childhood memories of celebrating the Fourth of July. He remembers the stockpile of bottle rockets blasted off in 1976, the last year they were legal, and gathering with friends and families to celebrate America

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  1. Silver strobe with silver whistle and red light 3. Blue light with silver whistle and green light. Location: G431 * A405L. A small sky rocket consisting of a rocket engine attached to a stabilizing stick. $9.49. Add to Cart. Soaring Diamond 4pk. Flying Diamonds spin on the ground with a shower of sparks and then fly into the sky..
  2. Categories: Rocket Packs, Viper Fireworks. Description Description. 5 huge double break rockets. Contains 1 each of the following: 1) Red peony time rain 2) Silver strobe 1) Blue peony time rain 2) Silver strobe 1) Green peony time rain 2) Silver strobe 1) Yellow peony time rain 2) Silver strobe 1) Purple peony time rain 2) Silver strobe
  3. Strobe Pot - Silver (30 Sec.) 5/1 $10.22 $13.62 Please Wait: Data is loading, this should only take a moment. Add To Order. Item Found 3; Page 1 of 1 < 1 > Item Per Page Home | Shows/Displays.
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3 Meteor Rockets Cat 3 1.3g RRP - £14.99 4 different effects are available - Crackling Crown, Crown King, Silver Strobe & Red Ring With Silver Strobe Pistil ( The video shows the first 3 effects A quality rocket with good payload and sky filling performance , 12 per outer. Buy Now. Share This: Effects: Chrysanthemum willow, red coconut and silver strobe; wave willow, golden coconut and silver strobe. Every 3 shot a titanium thunder is ï¬ red. Volley ï¬ nale †titanium thunder, chrysanthemum, coconut and willow ï¬. Royal Crown/ Royal Strobe (SINGLE ROCKET) Description. Additional Information. Description. One of the largest size rockets available in the UK, one a large gold willow and the other a strobe effect. Please note, the price is for one rocket. YouTube. Gemstone Fireworks. 303 subscribers APC Forum. Since our chat function has been shut down for about 6 months, we're trying something new with Discord, a free chat service. If you're interested, please check out https://discord.gg/E7AKYQM. APC relies on donations to stay running. We got close to the target for 2017 (97%), and the goal has been reset for 2018 8 pieces per carton. 1.4G Hazard. 15m Safety Distance. A pack of 9 rockets with bursts which include coloured palms with crackling stars and silver flower effects, assorted coloured starbursts, silver chrysanthemum bursts, and silver strobe. RRP: £23.99 3 Chained Silver Crown (2 sec. delay chains) 6/12 $277.07 $369.43 SOLD. 3CPDC211-p 3 Chained Strobe Assortment 12/6 $236.03 $314.71 3CPDC213 Crown Pyro 3 Chained Time Rain Willow (2 sec. delay chains).