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THE US Air Force shot down the missing Malaysian MH370 flight in a disastrous bid to seize electronic equipment bound for Beijing, according to an explosive new book. Investigative journalist Two US Airborne Early Warning planes could have crowded the Malaysian plane from above and below to block it's magnetic field and make it invisible. She continued, 'The shooting down could have been a blunder, but it could have also been a last resort to stop the plane and its special cargo from falling into Chinese hands After the package was successfully handed over to AIT officials, the plane took off at 10:06 a.m. despite being scheduled to stay for an hour. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declined to comment on the matter. Read more . WNU Editor: Chinese state media is now threatening to shoot down military aircraft if this happens again Taiwan jets shot dozens of Chinese military aircraft that entered ADIZThe Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense has announced that China's People's Liberati..

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China rejects report it fired laser at US Navy plane. China's Defense Ministry says a report one of its navy ships fired a laser at a U_S_ Navy surveillance plane circling overhead does not. Two Chinese fighter jets intercepted a U.S. Navy surveillance plane over the East China Sea at the weekend, with one jet coming within about 300 feet (91 meters) of the American aircraft, U.S.

A Chinese PLA aircraft was shot down in Taiwan after intruding in the Taiwanese airspace. Some reports claim that this was an action taken by the American an.. Paris, 7 May 2021. - The U.S. military has no plan to shoot down the Long March 5B's remnants when they are expected to plunge back on Earth this weekend, the Guardian quoted the U.S. defense secretary, Lloyd Austin. According to Guardian and also the BBC, Austin said the hope was the rocket would land in the ocean and that the latest. Now news is emerging that China Accuses a US Aircraft Carrier of Shooting Down a Chinese Fighter Jet in Taiwan airspace. A video with this news was released on YouTube by U.S. Military Daily Channel. Chinese news agencies, citing sources in the military, report that the plane crash involving the Su-35 fighter was due to a complex failure of all. Iran Air Flight 655 was a scheduled passenger flight from Tehran to Dubai via Bandar Abbas that was shot down on 3 July 1988 by an SM-2MR surface-to-air missile fired from USS Vincennes, a guided-missile cruiser of the United States Navy.The aircraft, an Airbus A300, was destroyed and all 290 people on board were killed. The jet was hit while flying over Iran's territorial waters in the. A Chinese PLA aircraft was shot down in Taiwan after intruding in the Taiwanese airspace. Some reports claim that this was an action taken by the American and Taiwanese defense system. The aircraft shot was China's Sukhoi Su-35 fighter plan. The plane crashed in Guangxi which is an autonomous coastal region in southern China. As per the visuals the aircraft can be seen on the ground engulfed.

Ukraine International Airlines flight was shot down with two missiles fired from an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp battery in January 2020 [File: AFP] By Maziar Motamedi 17 Apr 2021 A Chinese Navy ship fired a laser at a U.S. surveillance aircraft flying over the Philippine Sea west of Guam, the Navy said Thursday. Officials acknowledged the incident more than a week after it. Smith's mission was to escort an airborne early-warning plane patrolling above the Gulf of Tonkin. Instead, his supersonic jet strayed over Hainan Island—through airspace belonging to the People's Republic of China. Chinese radars detected the incoming F-104. MiGs raced towards the American jet, shooting it down. Smith survived the incident

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April 1, 2001 / 10:03 AM / CBS. A U.S. Navy surveillance plane collided with a Chinese fighter jet sent to intercept it over the South China Sea on Sunday and made an emergency landing in China. Taiwan Shooting Down Chinese Fighter Jet Fact Check: Taiwan's defence ministry has called this fake news. Further, we analysed the location of the videos, along with OSINT experts and. A US Navy P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance plane. China sent six warnings to a US Navy plane operating in the South China Sea on Friday, ordering the American crew to leave immediately and keep out. Military aircraft Cold War (1947-1991) 2) 9 February 1948 - Two Turkish Supermarine Spitfire were shot down by Bulgarian small arms fire.; 27 October 1948 - An Italian Lockheed P-38 Lightning was shot down by Yugoslavia.; 22 January 1949 - A USAF North American T-6 Texan was shot down by a Communist guerrillas over Greece killing the pilot.; 8 April 1950 - A US Navy PB4Y-2 Privateer. Watch this plane shoot down drones with a high-powered laser in a first-of-its-kind Israeli military test. 2021 This is the first phase in a multi-year program to develop an advanced airborne.

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Nigeria fighter plane shot down by bandits, says military. A plane hunting kidnappers in northern Nigeria has been shot down by criminal gangs, the military says. A spokesman for the Nigerian Air Force said the Alpha Jet had completed a successful raid when it came under intense fire on Sunday. He said the pilot, Flight Lt Abayomi Dairo. The plane went down just minutes after takeoff and within hours of Iran firing ballistic missiles at bases in Iraq housing US troops. At the time, the world was on edge wondering if Trump would.

29.07.2021 15:55) Russia will use Buk and Pantsir air defense systems against Israeli Air Force aircraft. Analysts say that Russian officials have repeatedly declared that Israeli aviation poses a threat to the Russian military in Syria. According to British publication Rai Al Youm, Russia may use its complexes to cover the Syrian sky from. New conspiracy theory claims US Air Force shot down MH370 in a failed bid to intercept it and seize electronic equipment on its way to China. Florence de Changy has been reporting and. News Nigeria: Military plane shot down by bandits. A Nigerian jet has been downed in the northwest of the country. The pilot safely ejected and avoided capture A similar jet was shot down Monday by an armed criminal gang. ABUJA, NIGERIA - Nigeria's air force says armed bandits have for the first time shot down one of their fighter jets

Editor Team July 30, 2021. Nuclear energy is evolving, including novel applied sciences for the twenty first century. However, a nuclear plant in China was shut down after its gasoline rods suffered injury, in line with an preliminary report from the China-based news source CGTN. Located in Taishan, the reactor is the first-of-its-kind, and got. The US has no plans to shoot down the Chinese rocket due to crash down this weekend, defense secretary says. Sinéad Baker. 2021-05-07T08:40:08Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability. Click the original video or article link here >>> Rockefeller-Biden Scam Falling Apart As World Shuns It. The message is clear, the Chinese communist party deal with the Rockefellers to fund their fake Biden presidency must be ended or Chinese trade routes will be blockaded. The Chinese took the blockage of the Suez Canal to be an act of war and responded by shooting down two U.S. military.

10:05 ET, Jun 16 2021. CHINESE fighter pilots have been going up against aircraft piloted by artificial intelligence that fare better than humans and can shoot them down in simulated dogfights. The Air Force has been testing out AI systems that have been sharpening the sword for the country's pilots, Chinese media reported In this Nov. 8, 2017, photo provided by the U.S. Department of Defense, German soldiers assigned to Surface Air and Missile Defense Wing 1, fire the Patriot weapons system at the NATO Missile. Examples include the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger, which is a mobile air defense system used by the US Army and Marine Corps. While the system is poised to be replaced by a newer generation Stryker platform armed with Air Defense capabilities (IM-SHORADS), it will also sport Stinger missiles. Its air-launched variant, the AIM-92 Stinger, also made global headlines when used by an MQ-1 Predator drone. June 28, 2020 Topic: Security Region: Asia. Blog Brand: The Reboot Tags: China J-20 Military Technology World Missiles Air Force Yes, China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Could Shoot Down an F-22 or F-35.

The Last Time A Japanese Warship Shot Down A U.S. Navy Plane Was Actually Not So Long Ago Twenty-five years ago today, a Japanese destroyer blasted a U.S. Navy A-6 Intruder strike aircraft out of. Checkmate: Russia's newest, most advanced fighter jet July 20, 2021; US lacks credible response to Chinese hacking July 20, 2021; No fear: Meet EHang's high-rise drone firefighter July 19, 2021; Spate of 'Havana syndrome' in Vienna raises alarm July 17, 2021; Swiss purchase of the F-35 fighter raises eyebrows July 14, 2021

Hal Turner Radio Show has just Reported, 50,000 Chinese Soldiers were Bombed and Killed in Maine which was listed as an Earthquake. Then an F16 was taken down in Michigan. 3 Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups Deployed on the West Coast and 2 Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups Deployed on the East Coast POSITION TO SHOOT DOWN INCOMING NUCLEAR MISSILES Updated: 13:31, 16 Jun 2021. CHINESE fighter pilots have been going up against aircraft piloted by artificial intelligence that fare better than humans and can shoot them down in simulated. China stealth fighter 'copied parts from downed US jet'. The technology behind China's J-20 stealth fighter may have come from a US plane shot down during the Kosovo war, Balkan military sources. The author of a book on the missing flight MH370 claims the plane was shot down by the US Air Force in a doomed bid to seize electronic equipment bound for China. The Boeing 777 vanished in 2014. Heavy Chinese build up, with Russian S-400 missile systems that can shoot down aircraft up to 400 km away . By Ajai Shukla. Business Standard, 14th July 21 . After a winter lull, Chinese troops have again crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh at several places, government sources say

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July 27, 2021 Let's Explore The HC-130J Combat King II With This Amazing Walkaround Tour Military Aviation ; July 25, 2021 Legendary F-14 Pilot Dale 'Snort' Snodgrass Dies In A Tragic Plane. Bandits in Nigeria have shot down an air force plane in a rare case of a military jet being brought down by a criminal gang in the country. The country has bought 12 A-29 Super Tucano aircraft from the US at a cost of $496m (£350m) - and is set to receive the first six this month. Britain's aircraft carrier entered the South China Sea.

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OPERATION SHOOTDOWN: CIA PLOTTING APRIL 6, 2021, FALSE-FLAG SHOOTDOWN(S) OF MILITARY AIRPLANE(S), BOMBER(S), FIGHTER JET(S), ROCKET(S), SATELITTE(S) AND/OR SPY PLANE(S) SPECIFICALLY TO TRIGGER NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III, POSSIBLY CHINESE, IRANIAN, ISRAELI, NORTH KOREAN, PAKISTANI AND/OR RUSSIAN IN NATURE (APRIL 4, 2021): CIA Headquarters Located Beneath CERN at Lake Geneva in Switzerland Plotting. Kaleva OH-ALL was a civilian Junkers Ju 52 transport and passenger plane (a Junkers Ju 52-3/mge) operated by the Finnish carrier Aero O/Y, shot down by two Soviet Ilyushin DB-3 bombers on 14 June 1940, while en route from Tallinn, Estonia, to Helsinki, Finland. This occurred during the Interim Peace between Finland and the Soviet Union, three months after the end of the Winter War, and a year. About Us The New American magazine, published twice a month in print and daily online, is the essential news source for freedom-loving Americans. 700 N Westhill Blvd Appleton, WI 5491 by Abraham Mahshie, Defense Reporter |. | May 05, 2021 06:41 PM. The Defense Department said Wednesday it has no plans to shoot down and break up a 46,000-pound Chinese rocket hurtling toward. A Chinese warship targeted a U.S. naval patrol aircraft with a laser in international airspace earlier this month, Pacific Fleet announced Thursday. Navy officials in Hawaii blasted the Chinese.

The diplomats said they were unable to confirm the second Chinese pilot's claim that he requested permission to shoot down the American plane. They had no evidence that shots were fired Also read: 20 historic changes in India's new draft drone rules 2021. Is it legal to shoot down a drone hovering over your property? FOX 35 Orlando got in touch with attorney Lawrence Walters to find out where the law stands on pulling the trigger at a drone that you think may be invading your privacy. This is what he told them Conflicting reports had emerged in Nigeria over the video of a downed plane, after the country's air force disputed claims from Boko Haram that its militants shot down a jet. Boko Haram released a. A government minister said Taiwan could shoot down Chinese drones if they fly too close to islands that Taipei controls in the South China Sea

On Oct. 7, 1959, a salvo of three missiles from an S-75 battery destroyed a Taiwanese RB-57 flying over China at an altitude of 65,600 feet. It was the first-ever hostile shoot-down of an aircraft. Ukraine Airlines Flight PS752 was shot down by two surface-to-air missiles fired from an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) battery in early January 2020, killing all 176 people on board. An unmanned aerial vehicle is shot down by a high-energy laser weapon system known as an LWSD fired by the USS Portland somewhere in the Pacific on May 16, 2020. (U.S. Navy) The USS Portland.

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  1. A model of the Long March-5 Y5 rocket from China's lunar exploration program Chang'e-5 Mission is displayed at an exhibition inside the National Museum in Beijing, China March 3, 2021
  2. China tested a new reusable spaceplane. The unnamed craft reportedly takes off like a rocket and lands like an airplane, much like the U.S. Air Force's X-37B
  3. Russia's Ministry of Defense has released a video of the moment two Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets took to the air and escorted a US Navy Boeing P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft over the Black Sea, approaching the border
  4. A Pentagon China Task Force was announced on February 10th at the suggestion of President Joe Biden. The new Task Force is to come up with recommendations on key priorities and decision points to meet the China challenge. Their first order of business should be to recommend a Joint Operational Command including the US, Japan and Taiwan

18 May 1965 A US Army aircraft was shot down by North Korean ground fire. 27 June 1965 A Republic of China Air Force C-123B Provider was shot down over South Vietnam by the Viet Cong. 31 August 1965 A Republic of China Air Force C-123B Provider was reported to have been shot down over the South China Sea EU badly split on dialogue with Russia. German-French plan for talks with Putin shot down mainly by Eastern European members allied with the US. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron were keen to initiate talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin but the idea was shot down by the EU. Photo: AFP / Ludovic Marin On 15 April 1969, a United States Navy Lockheed EC-121M Warning Star of Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron One on a reconnaissance mission was shot down by a North Korean MiG-21 aircraft over the Sea of Japan.The plane crashed 90 nautical miles (167 km) off the North Korean coast and all 31 Americans (30 sailors and 1 Marine) on board were killed, which constitutes the largest single loss of U.

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Authorities have not released any possible motive for the Monday night shooting at the Regal Edwards Theater at Corona Crossings. Rylee Goodrich, 18, of Corona, died in the shooting, and her friend, 18-year-old Anthony Barajas of Corona, remains on life support. Both were shot in the head IAF' F-15 Fighter Jet Almost Shot-Down By Israeli Iron Dome Missile Defense System. By EurAsian Times Desk. July 16, 2021. The Israeli Iron Dome almost shot down one of its own F-15 fighter jets during the recent conflict with Hamas, according to reports. This is the second blunder involving the Iron Dome this year First published on Thu 6 May 2021 21.13 EDT. The US military has no plan to shoot down the remnants of a large Chinese rocket expected to plunge back through the atmosphere this weekend, the. Fears Taliban could shoot down planes in MH17-style as US bans flights SEA POWER Britain risks China's wrath by sailing biggest warship into South China Se Olivia Burke. 15:05, 16 Jun 2021. CHINESE fighter pilots have been going up against aircraft piloted by artificial intelligence that fare better than humans and can shoot them down in simulated.

last month, US anti-submarine patrol and reconnaissance aircraft and a spy plane were flying over the South China Sea, said the think tank, which monitors military activity in the region Watch this plane shoot down drones with a high-powered laser in a first-of-its-kind Israeli military test rpickrell@businessinsider.com (Ryan Pickrell) 6/21/2021 CDC probes deaths in immunized. The US Navy said Thursday that a Chinese military warship fired a military grade laser at US Navy P-8 surveillance aircraft last week while it was flying over the Pacific Ocean, an action that the.

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July 25, 2021 Legendary F-14 Pilot Dale 'Snort' Snodgrass Dies In A Tragic Plane Crash Aviation Safety / Air Crashes ; July 23, 2021 Let's Have A Look At All The Latest Claims About. Read another story from us: John Glenn, Astronaut And Senator Flew 59 Combat Missions In WWII And Shot Down 3 Russian MiG-15s in Korea The MiG-15 is the most produced jet aircraft in history, with more than 12,000 units manufactured in the Soviet Union, and an estimated 6,000 units produced in Czechoslovakia, China and Poland On April 15, 1969 two North Korean Mig-21 fighters shot down a U.S. Navy EC-121 reconnaissance aircraft over the Sea of Japan as it flew a regular surveillance mission in international airspace. The collision of a US spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet in the South China Sea has exacerbated political and military tensions between the two countries. The incident, while apparently. March 27 - An F-117 Nighthawk (Serial Number : 82-0806) stealth ground-attack jet was shot down by a Yugoslav SA-3 surface-to-air missile during the Kosovo War; the pilot (Lieutenant Colonel Dale Zelko) survived and was subsequently rescued.; May 2 - An F-16C Fighting Falcon (Serial Number : 88-0550) was shot down by a Yugoslav SA-3 SAM.The aircraft crashed near Šabac, in a rural area of.

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Two Chinese Sukhoi Su-30 jets have conducted an unprofessional intercept of a US aircraft, the US military said. One of the Chinese jets came as close as 150ft (45m) to the US WC-135 plane and. The test, which comes on the heels of the revealing of a larger North Korean ICBM in October that could potentially strike the U.S. East Coast, is the first time the United States has shot down an. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, right, bump elbows with Malaysian Foreign Minister Hishammuddin Hussein during a meeting in Nanping, Fujian province, China on April 1, 2021. Photo: Xinhua via A

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The statement reads, On 18 July 2021, at about 12.45 pm, a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Alpha Jet aircraft, returning from a successful air interdiction mission between the boundaries of Zamfara. A US Defense Agency shared a video showing its counter-drone technology that will destroy enemy drones in the air. According to US Military News, an American Defense agency has developed anti-drone technology: The testing and evaluation of military equipment and munitions at Eglin Air Force Base routinely is shrouded in secrecy, but a recent announcement from the Defens A United States Navy warship in the Persian Gulf shot down an Iranian passenger plane that the Navy said it mistook for a jet fighter, killing all 290 people onboard. The Iran Air Airbus A300 was.

Taiwan denies it shot down Chinese Su-35 fighter, terms claims 'untrue'. Taiwan' Ministry of National Defense issued a press release denying involvement. Twitter in India went into meltdown on Friday afternoon after video clips of wreckage of a fighter aircraft, purportedly in China, were circulated. Numerous Twitter handles and media. 10 Feb 2021 4. 1:49. Cartel gunmen tried to shoot down a Mexican military helicopter at a clandestine camp in Nuevo Leon. Five gunmen died and the aircraft was not seriously damaged. The clash took place over the weekend in a rural area near the town of Doctor Coss. According to a U.S. law enforcement source operating in Mexico, the shootout. A Russian Su-24 Fencer, a multi-role attack aircraft, was shot down by Turkish F-16s while reportedly flying in Turkish airspace Tuesday. The shoot down — while having wide-ranging ramifications. The US has warned commercial pilots against overflying the potential war zone around eastern Ukraine, according to a report, amid fears they could be shot down like flight MH17. 5 Military vehicles recently spotted in Bryansk region in Russia Credit: Social medi

Navy Cmdr. Robert J. Flynn, who spent five and a half years in a Communist Chinese prison during the Vietnam War, almost always in solitary confinement, after he was shot down on a bombing mission. In 2001, a US reconnaissance plane collided with a Chinese military aircraft 59 nautical miles off the coast of Hainan Island. The collision immediately killed the Chinese pilot and forced the US.

China first started publicly flying drones in October, 2009, during its National Day parade. Since then, it had stockpiled at least 280 UAVs as of 2011 that could be used for intelligence. China has sent military aircraft and a naval strike group into or near Taiwanese territory; Taiwanese ministers warn Chinese drones may be shot down and the country is prepared to fight to the. Taiwan says it may shoot down Chinese drones in South China Sea Taiwan coast guard patrol boats along the coast of Pratas Islands on Jan 27, 2021. (Photo: R/CC The plane was shot down early Jan. 8 shortly after takeoff from Imam Khomeini International Airport near Tehran while the country was on high alert, anticipating a retaliatory attack by the United.