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USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Information. NASS publications cover a wide range of subjects, from traditional crops, such as corn and wheat, to specialties, such as mushrooms and flowers; from calves born to hogs slaughtered; from agricultural prices to land in farms. The agency has the distinction of being known as The Fact Finders of U.S. Agriculture due to the abundance of. Agricultural Prices (June 2020) 3 USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service May Prices Received by Farmers Crop production: The May index, at 94.5, is 2.3 percent higher than April and 11 percent higher than May 2019. The fruit & tree nut and vegetable & melon index increases more than offset the other crop and grain & oilseed inde The .gov means it's official. Federal government websites always use a .gov or .mil domain. Before sharing sensitive information online, make sure you're on a .gov or .mil site by inspecting your browser's address (or location) bar WASHINGTON, D.C., March 26, 2020 - USDA's Commodity Credit Corporation today announced the 2020 marketing assistance loan rates by: County for wheat, corn, grain sorghum, barley, oats, soybeans and each other oilseed (canola, crambe, flaxseed, mustard seed, rapeseed, safflower, sesame seed and sunflower seed)

Agricultural Prices (October 2020) 5 USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service Prices Received Indexes, 2011 Base - United States: September 2020 with Comparisons [Revised historical price indexes for months not shown are available at www.nass.usda.gov MS_GR852 Minneapolis, MN Wed Jul 21, 2021 USDA Market News National Weekly Feedstuff Wholesale Prices 7/20/2021 7/13/2021 7/14/2020 SOYBEAN MEAL, HIGH PROTEIN Central Illinois (R) 371.50 362.50 285.70 Chino Valley, CA (R) 430.05 408.50 331.60 Kansas City (T) 363.00 346.50 284.70 Memphis (R-T) 395.00 385.50 296.70 Minneapolis (T) 353.00 344.00 278.20 Portland (R) 414.75 401.50 336.10 St. Louis. Hybrid Seed Price Endorsement The following 2020 CY hybrid seed corn prices have been approved for the Hybrid Seed Price Endorsement: $4.07 per bushel for the non-organic practice; and $9.04 per bushel for the certified organic practice. These amounts reflect the higher values of either: 1) the previously-released 2020 crop year MPCI hybrid seed corn price elections [non-organic practice: $4. Farmers and policymakers are interested in season-average forecasts of prices received by farmers for corn, soybeans, and wheat. These forecasts are also needed to compute Price Loss Coverage (PLC) payment rates and Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) payments that began in 2014/15 under the 2014 Farm Act and continued under the 2018 Farm Act National Organic Grain and Feedstuffs Report Agricultural Marketing Service Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News July 14, 2021 Grain and Feedstuffs Market Trend Compared to last period: Organic feed corn trade activity moderate on good demand, trading 52 cents higher FOB. Forward contracts mostly for Q3 and Q4 2021 delivery

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  1. December 2020 International Grains Update. the local weather in specific growing regions may impact the supply and thus the price of corn. View reports. The USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimate (WASDE) report offers a monthly comprehensive forecast that often shifts the corn market in an unexpected direction. Issued four.
  2. Yoonhee Macke | (202) 690-4199. This monthly report includes data on U.S. and global trade, production, consumption and stocks, as well as analysis of developments affecting world trade in grains. Covers wheat, rice and coarse grains (corn, barley, sorghum, oats and rye). Current Report
  3. USDA Agricultural Projections to 2020. by Paul Westcott. This report provides longrun (10-year) projections for the agricultural sector through 2020. Projections cover agricultural commodities, agricultural trade, and aggregate indicators of the sector, such as farm income and food prices
  4. USDA's Agricultural Baseline Projections, an annual report published in February that offers 10-year projections for the farm sector from USDA's annual long-term analysis. The associated Baseline Database covers projections for the four major feed grains (corn, sorghum, barley, and oats) in addition to the other major feed crops and livestock
  5. Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its baseline projections providing ten-year estimates of supply and demand factors impacting U.S. agriculture. These projections suggest long-run prices of $3.55 per bushel for corn, $9.80 per bushel for soybeans, and $5.10 per bushel for wheat. While these prices are reasonable for.

USDA Market News. For 100 years, AMS has provided free, unbiased price and sales information to assist in the marketing and distribution of farm commodities. Each year, Market News issues thousands of reports, providing the industry with key wholesale, retail and shipping data. The reports give farmers, producers and other agricultural. Todd Hubbs • Todd Hubbs • The Acreage and Grain Stocks reports, released on June 30, produced some surprises for the corn market. The drop in acreage spurred a rally in corn prices and injected some optimism into the corn outlook moving into the 2020 marketing year. The market turns to weather forecasts and the upcoming WASDE report for price formation over the short term Price Support Initiatives. The Farm Service Agency (FSA) is an organization with a legacy of responding quickly to program legislation, being service-oriented, and focusing on producer needs. Read more about Price Support Initiatives. Commodity Loans The June 2020 Feed Outlook report contains estimates for 2019/20 and and projections for the 2020/21 U.S. and global feed markets based on the most current World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates. Keywords: coarse grains, corn, sorghum, barley, oats, wheat, trade, feed and residual, food and industrial use, international production. 4 Agricultural Prices (June 2021) USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service May Prices Received by Farmers Crop production: The May index, at 106.6, is 0.5 percent higher than April and 23 percent higher than May 2020. The grain & oilseed, other crop, and vegetable & melon index increases more than offset the fruit & tree nut index decrease

Programs and Services. Price Support. Commodity Loan Rates. The commodity loan rates below are available in PDF only. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here. ***Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 is recommended to view the Loan Rates.*** Carryin for 2020/21 is raised 4.6 million bushels. There were a few other minor changes to the feed grains balance sheets and prices are steady from last month. Globally, with higher projected use more than offsetting the marginal increase in supplies, 2020/21 coarse grain ending stocks are projected down this month

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Table 10—U.S. producer price index for corn sweeteners and sugar, monthly: 7/2/2021: Table 11—U.S. consumer price index for sugar and selected sweetener-containing products: 7/2/2021: Table 12-Sugarbeet: price per ton, by State and United States: 8/19/2020: Table 13-Sugarcane: price per ton, by State: 8/19/2020: U.S. Sugar Supply and Us (Prices paid or bid to producers - FOB Elevator) Plainview to Canyon to Farwell tess.liles@usda.gov Triangle Area $4.38 $5.04 $4.38 Email: Sorghum Wheat Corn USDA Livestock & Grain Market News Phone: (806) 356-5759 N/A LG SQ N/A N/A ALFALFA N/A N/A N/A $225.00 N/A N/A $220.00 Panhandle North Central/East $267.00 N/A $227.00 COASTAL BERMUDA $252. percent of total U.S. agricultural exports in 2020. Questions or comments about The 2020 U.S. Agricultural Export Yearbook can be directed to USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service (paul.trupo@usda.gov) (202-720-1335). 1 The USDA changed its definition of agricultural products in March 2021 to conform to World Trade Organization standards §Low crop prices §Low livestock prices §Low net returns §Poor liquidity 7. Projected Land Value Changes 8 USDA Corn Belt Cash Rents, 2020 19. I-State Cash Rents 2000 − 2020, USDA per acre cash rent 20 $230 $222 194 $75 $100 $125 $150 $175 $200 $225 $250 $275 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020

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2020 ARC-County Benchmark Yields and Revenues as of July 7, 2021 (Excel format, 1.99 MB) 2020 Enrolled Base Acres by Program by Commodity (Excel format, 17KB) 2020 PLC Yields and Base Acres by County (Excel format, 6,205KB) Market Year Average Prices for 2014/15 - 2020/21 (Excel format, 39 KB Agricultural Prices (January 2021) 5 USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service Prices Received Indexes, 2011 Base - United States: December 2020 with Comparisons [Revised historical price indexes for months not shown are available at www.nass.usda.gov Corn Season Average Price Unchanged at 4.00 Dollars . The season-average farm price for corn is projected to be $4.00 per bushel in 2020/21, unchanged from the previous month. This would be highest farm price since 2013/14, which averaged $4.46 per bushel. NASS reported a monthly jump in corn prices received by farmer Region/Location Sale Type Basis ($/Bu) Basis Change Price($/Bu) Price Change Average Year Ago Freight Delivery Pacific Ports Bid 3.6300 UNCH 3.6300 DLVD-R/B Current USDA AMS Livestock, Poultry & Grain Market News Page 3 of

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USDA is now estimating the average U.S on-farm corn price for the 2019-20 marketing at $3.60 per bushel, which was a decline of $.20 per bushel from the March WASDE estimate. The current USDA projected corn price compares to the final national average prices of $3.61 per bushel for 2018-19 and $3.36 per bushel for 2017-18 The Acreage and Grain Stocks reports, released on June 30, produced some surprises for the corn market. The drop in acreage spurred a rally in corn prices and injected some optimism into the corn outlook moving into the 2020 marketing year. The market turns to weather forecasts and the upcoming WASDE report for price formation over the short term For China, total coarse grain imports are forecast at 46.3 million tons, up 3.1 million from 2020/21 and if realized would be record high. Expectations are for continued relatively high corn and other energy feedstuff prices in China, despite an increase in corn production. Among the individua

The USDA released final estimates of yield, acreage, and production for the 2020 corn crop on January 12 th in its Crop Production Annual Summary report. The final estimate of yield was only 172 bushels per acre, which was a substantial drop from the previous November estimate of 175.8 yields per acre Prices for the 2021 corn crop are expected to average $4.20 per bushel in 2021, down from $4.30 on the 2020 crop. Soybean prices are expected to average $11.15 on the 2020 crop and rise again to. The USDA Economics, Statistics and Market Information System (ESMIS) contains over 2,100 publications from five agencies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). These materials cover U.S. and international agriculture and related topics. Mann Library at Cornell University developed and maintains this site Overview. Total U.S. agricultural exports in 2020 were nearly $146 billion, up almost 7 percent from 2019, and the second highest level on record (after Calendar Year 2014). The primary factor for this surge in exports was increased shipments of soybeans, corn, and pork to China

Crop tour estimates and derecho damage brought USDA corn production forecasts for the 2020 crop under question over the last week. While a lower domestic supply of corn supports corn prices, USDA projections of corn consumption in 2020-21 under current economic conditions seem in the high end of the possibility set Pork Carcass Cutout Price* Average Retail Price** Index (Jan. 2020=100), 5-day moving average *Beef: negotiated prices and volume of boxed beef cuts delivered within 0 -21 days and on average industry cutting yields. Pork: negotiated prices and volume of pork cuts delivered within 14 days and on average industry cutting yields 2020/21 all rice season-average farm price is raised $0.10 per cwt to $13.20 with increases in both the longgrain and medium- -and short grain prices. The 2020/21 global outlook is for larger supplies, higher consumption, increased trade, and reduced stocks. Rice supplies are raised 2.1 million tons to 681.5 million, primarily on highe With corn imports remaining at 25 million bushels, the newest yield update moves 2020 corn supply estimates above 17.5 billion bushels, the largest supply of corn on record. With the adjustments made to supply and demand, USDA lowered the estimated average farm price to $3.10 per bushel, from $3.35 per bushel in July Gary Schnitkey, Krista Swanson, Nick Paulson, Carl Zulauf, and Jonathan Coppess • Krista Swanson • We developed a statistical model that projects the 2020 harvest price for corn, given a national corn yield and average of May futures prices. The harvest price is used in crop insurance. The current U.S. yield estimate from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is 178.5 bushels per acre

The USDA said corn stocks to use at 10.2% in 2021-22 would be above 2020-21 but still below the average seen during 2016-17 to 2019-20. The average farm price of corn in 2021-22 was projected at $5.70 a bu compared with $4.35 as forecast for 2020-21 and $3.56 in 2019-20 Corn Prices - 59 Year Historical Chart. Interactive chart of historical daily corn prices back to 1959. The price shown is in U.S. Dollars per bushel. The current price of corn as of June 25, 2021 is $6.1525 per bushel. Show Recessions Log Scale Contact: FPAC.BC.Press@usda.gov More than $5 Billion in Payments Now Issuing to Producers Enrolled for 2019. WASHINGTON, Oct. 14, 2020 - Agricultural producers can now make elections and enroll in the Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs for the 2021 crop year. The signup period opened Tuesday, Oct. 13

20-070. United States Department of Agriculture. Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services. Risk Management Agency. 1400 Independence Avenue, SW. Stop 0801. Washington, DC 20250-0801 Using Indiana cash prices reported by USDA-NASS, the average soybean to corn price ratio from January 2000 to December 2019 was 2.52. This ratio was quite variable in 2019 ranging from 1.93 in July to 2.37 in January. This leads to two important questions Corn planted area for all purposes in 2021 is estimated at 92.7 million acres, up 2 percent or 1.87 million acres from last year. Compared with last year, planted acreage is expected to be up or unchanged in 28 of the 48 estimating States. Area harvested for grain, at 84.5 million acres, is up 2 percent from last year

gradually eliminate tariffs under the Andean Price Band System in six equal stages, beginning on the date the agreement entered into force. CORN Corn 2019/2020 2020/2021 2021/2022 Market Year Begins May 2019 May 2020 May 2021 Ecuador USDA Official New Post USDA Official New Post USDA Official New Post Area Harveste The downward pressure on domestic corn prices prompted the cabinet to approve a budget of 1.9 billion baht (U.S. $61.7 million) for the price guarantee program for MY2020/21 corn production (June 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021) on August 18, 2020. The guarantee prices were set at 8.50 baht/kilogram (U.S July 20, 2021From USDA. The following prices are effective from Wednesday 07/21/21 at 12:01 am Eastern Time until midnight Tuesday 07/27/21. The next announcement is scheduled for Tuesday 07/27/21 at 3:00 pm Eastern Time. * $424.55 per ton for Runner peanuts. * $415.57 per ton for Spanish peanuts

3/ Medium/short grain excludes temperate japonica rice. 2/ Seed cotton price is a weighted average of upland cotton and cottonseed prices. Marketing year for upland cotton is August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020. Marketing year for cottonseed is August 1, 2019 to February 28, 2020 June 29, 2021From USDA. The following prices are effective from Wednesday 06/30/21 at 12:01 am Eastern Time until midnight Tuesday 06/29/21. The next announcement is scheduled for Tuesday 07/06/21 at 3:00 pm Eastern Time. * $424.55 per ton for Runner peanuts. * $415.57 per ton for Spanish peanuts The average farm-gate price for the 2020-21 crop remained at $4.60 a bushel as well. USDA is still forecasting another record world wheat crop for the 2020-21 marketing year -- 769.3 mmt. Commodity Prices. Commodity futures prices and option prices for agricultural commodities at key exchanges. Find corn, soybean, cattle, pork, wheat and cotton prices along with other grains, dairy and produce commodities. Prices include price charts for each commodity with quotes updated throughout the day These NPP are based on the loan rates for 2020-crop peanuts announced on July 9, 2020. These prices are used to determine alternative loan repayment rates for marketing assistance loans and to determine loan deficiency payments. The NASS publishes estimates of the average prices received by farmers for peanuts each week

Grain Central, November 11, 2020. DEMAND for feedgrain is expected to drive China's combined grain imports to a record level in 2020-21, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The upsurge has partially stimulated grain trade and elevated prices in the world market, the agency said commentary released overnight with. As a result, early corn price expectations for 2020 indicate $3.60 per bushel, down 25 cents from the current crop, and importantly, below the Price Loss Coverage support price of $3.70 per bushel. Soybean total use is projected to increase by 6.3% from 2019's 4.05 billion bushels to 4.3 billion bushels, a record high in soybean total use 2020. All CEPP documents except Section II: Grain Sorghum, Rice, and Sunflowers are carried over from last year. RMA may elect to update CEPP documents at a future date. These future updates will occur no later than November 30, 2019. CEPP Section I: General Information (Nov 2015) CEPP Section II: Crop-Specific Price Definitions

BEIJING, Feb 9 (R) - China's corn prices will remain high in 2020/21, supported by strong demand from the livestock sector and rising import costs, the country's agriculture ministry said on Tuesday. Anticipating a continued rise in prices of the grain, buyers are building up corn stockpiles as a recovery in pig production exceeds expectations and poultry flocks remai

average wholesale price and U.S. corn has widened throughout 2020 . In December, China corn prices reached $394/ton, almost twice as high as U.S. corn. As China continues to rebuild its swine sector, demand for competitively priced feedstuffs is likely to remain strong. China corn imports for 2020/2 Price. 1 Bushel ≈ 0,035 m³. Corn Price Per 1 m³. 219.08 USD. 1 Bushel ≈ 35,239 Liter. Corn Price Per 1 Liter. 0.22 USD Soybean changes for 2020/21 include lower imports, crush, and exports. With offsetting changes in supply and use, ending stocks are unchanged at 135 million bushels. The U.S. season-average soybean price for 2020/21 is forecast at $11.05 per bushel, down $0.20 as early-season sales at lower prices continue to weigh on the season-average forecast The USDA forecasts of average prices paid to farmers for wheat, corn and soybeans in 2020-21 all were raised from the December forecasts. World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates be priced competitively with corn in the summer months. Projected 2021/22 ending stocks are lowered 4 million bushels to 770 millio n, down 10 percent from the revised 2020/21 ending stocks. The projected 2021/22 season -average farm price is unchanged at $6.50 per bushel, compared to $5.05 for 2020/21, which is also unchanged this month

USDA surprises drive corn prices higher. The Acreage and Grain Stocks reports, released on June 30, produced some surprises for the corn market. The drop in acreage spurred a rally in corn prices and injected some optimism into the corn outlook moving into the 2020 marketing year. The market turns to weather forecasts and the upcoming WASDE. 1/ F= Final MYA prices--Source: National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Prices on the publishing dates listed under column C. For some commodities, exact publishing dates for 2020/21 MYA prices are unavailable, but prices are generally published near the end of the month Most recently in 2012, corn prices surged because of a cut in production forecasts by the USDA. US Corn Farm Price Received is at a current level of 5.91, up from 5.31 last month and up from 3.20 one year ago. This is a change of 11.30% from last month and 84.69% from one year ago. Monthly average farm price received for Corn, Grain Your Price Criteria. No criteria has been selected. Please click on the 'Select New Criteria' button to begin. Choose an insurance offer to view its pricing information. Note: You can start with any of the criteria groups. Each group will be filtered based on the criteria you have selected from the other group (s). Commodity Year

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2016-2020 Plateau Corresponds to Lower Corn and Soybean Prices. The 2016-2020 plateau corresponds to a period of lower corn and soybean prices that began in 2014. From 2006 to 2013, national average corn prices averaged $4.49 per bushel and soybean prices averaged $10.63 per bushel (see Table 1), higher than the years leading up to 2006 USDA's average farm price estimate for 2020-21 is $3.60 a bushel. DTN's National Corn Index of cash prices closed at $3.90 a bushel Thursday evening, its highest close in over a year. Explaining. The projected 2020/21 all rice season-average farm price is raised $0.20 per cwt to $13.40 with increases in the NASS prices reported to date and price expectations for the remainder of the. The price and rate information for the past five years are presented in Table 3. Respondents estimated the five-year per bushel average price of corn to be $3.77. This was a $0.38 decrease from the previous year and lowest price pro - jection of the last five years. The five-year per bushel soybean price was estimated to be $9.07, an increas The World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) are released on about the 10th of each month by USDA. These spreadsheets provides historical data for corn, grain sorghum, wheat, and soybeans, from 1973 to present

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Page 2 Iowa Cash Corn and Soybean Prices Table 1. Average cash corn prices received by Iowa farmers, $/bushel (USDA NASS), 1925-2021, cont. Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Avg * Cal Yr Avg ** Mktg Yr 1965 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.18 1.20 1.19 1.15 1.11 1.11 1.06 1.01 1.09 1.13 1.1 USDA's January World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report provided a much-anticipated update to U.S. corn and soybean production for the 2020/21 marketing year. The most recent WASDE report shows a decrease in corn beginning stocks, plus lower corn and soybean yields, resulting in lower supplies of the two crops. Along with the supply adjustment for corn, on the demand side. 1 Harvest Prices are applicable for the Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO).. Malting Barley Endorsement. The Malting Barley Endorsement (MBE) utilizes a Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) soft red winter wheat price component to derive the 2020 CY harvest price for any insured whose malt barley contract provides for a premium amount above or below a base price to be determined, and in which the. OMAHA (DTN) -- USDA released its first detailed forecast of the 2020-21 crop projections with a 15.99 billion-bushel (bb) corn crop that would lead to 3.318 bb ending stocks at the end of the. USDA pegged the average farm-gate price declined by a quarter from last month to $3.10 per bushel. Ending stocks for the old-crop (2019-20) marketing year came in at 2.29 bb, a 20 mb increase

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The price ratio of the MRTN is a simple calculation of the current cost of N fertilizer (per pound) divided by the price of corn. If, for example, N is $0.25 per pound and corn is $2.50 per bushel. Date: Tue, 11/10/2020 Broadcast: 03 Remark : Cindy Nickerson, USDA Deputy Chief Economist, saying that USDA has boosted its projections for U.S. corn exports and prices. Duration : 00:00:23.53

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The average corn price for 2019 lowered slightly from $3.60 to $3.54 per bushel. The 1.9 billion bushels of corn ending stocks published in September 20's Grain Stocks report updates the 2020/21 marketing year supply picture. Moreover, USDA made changes corn planting and harvested area, with planted areas dropping 1 million acres from. Season-average farm prices forecasts remain unchanged for 2020/21 and 2021/22. The season-average price for 2020/21 sorghum is raised $0.10 per bushel, based on higher prices received through April. U.S. corn export prospects for 2020/21 are boosted further, while Brazil's outlook is downgraded. Outlook Board, U.S. Department of Agriculture. Prepared by the Interagency Agricultural Projections Committee. Long-term Projections Report OCE-2021-1, 103 pp. Abstract This report provides projections for the agricultural sector to 2030. Projections cover agricultural commodities, agricultural trade, and aggregate indicators of the sector, such a USDA pegged the 2020-2021 domestic soybean ending stocks outlook at 140 million bushels, down from its December forecast for 175 million, and corn ending stocks at 1.552 billion bushels, down from. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) expects US corn growers to receive an average of $ 3.10 per bushel (€ 103 per ton) for the 2020 harvest. That's the lowest price in the US in 14 years. The USDA released its monthly Wasde-forecast on Wednesday evening, summarising production and consumption of key agricultural commodities The price of corn went from $2.23 to $1.50 to $1.94 in that period. In 1982, corn ending stocks were 3.5 billion bushels, the stocks-to-use ratio at the time was 49% and the price of corn was $2.55 per bushel. Figure 1 shows the ending stocks and corn price with 1982, 1985, 1986 and 1987 highlighted and the projected 2020 estimate indicated