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  1. Deal definition is - to concern oneself or itself. How to use deal in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of deal
  2. 201+88 sentence examples: 1. She has a lot of correspondence to deal with. 2. It must cost a good deal to live here. 3. He is difficult to deal with. 4. He accused the government of dithering over the deal. 5. No big deal. I'll ask John to play. 6.
  3. Deal with them in quiet talks with the city and state. It's difficult to see deal in a sentence. In these games, you have to concentrate a great deal. The deal is backed by about $ 700 million in debt
  4. Deal in definition is - to buy and sell (something) as a business. How to use deal in in a sentence
  5. Deal with in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb...) Deal with in a sentence 1 We must deal with pleasure as we do with honey, only touch them with the tip of the finger, and not with the whole hand for fear of surfeit. 2 She has a lot of correspondence to deal with
  6. deal (n): an agreement Listen to all | All sentences (with pause
  7. deal someone in. Also, deal one a hand. Include someone, give someone a share, as in I hope they'll deal me in on this new enterprise. This usage comes from card games, where to deal has meant to distribute cards since the 16th century

English It takes a great deal of time. volume_up more_vert. open_in_new Link to source. warning Request revision. English We are asking a great deal. volume_up more_vert. open_in_new Link to source. warning Request revision. English I believe a deal is possible. volume_up more_vert. open_in_new Link to source (deal in something) to be interested in something Lawrence was not a man who dealt in rumours. Synonyms and related words Definition and synonyms of deal in from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education square deal in a sentence | Sentence examples by Cambridge Dictionary Examples of square deal Take over the shipping industry, run it on behalf of the nation, and make certain that the seamen get a square deal Sentence Examples The little brother gets a square deal all round and feels that he can fall back on his big brother in time of need. Examples from Classical Literature If you hadn't you'd know that a square deal on the hypothenuse is equal to the sum of the square deals on the other two sides

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Treat definition is - to deal with in speech or writing : expound. How to use treat in a sentence Sentence count:280+17 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-08Updated:2016-12-13 Similar words: deal , ideal , dealer , ordeal , deal in , deal out , wealth , health . Random good picture Not sho

Deal In Definition of Deal In by Merriam-Webste

Sentence examples for a one-time deal from inspiring English sources. RELATED ( 6 ) a one-time offer. a one-time achievement. a one-time opportunity. a one-time arrangement. a one-time solution. a one-time trading. exact ( 37 ) It's not a one-time deal and then you move on. 1 The New York Times - Science. Use deal in a sentence I made a deal with him. Initially I found it difficult to deal with my new environment A Good Deal In A Sentence. Learn how to use A Good Deal in a sentence and make better sentences with word `A Good Deal` by reading from 1,297 A Good Deal sentence examples. But what is a good deal to you may not be a good deal to another consumer. They all have a good deal of biographical and bibliographical significance English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word Deal in Example Sentences Page 9. 19437 We had a good deal of rain last summer. CK 19428 We had a good deal of snow last winter. CK 3153991 We've given it a great deal of thought. CK 2662991 We've got bigger problems to deal with

This sentence is an example that is not a run-on sentence, because it has a connecting word. Run-on sentences do not have to be long. They simply are not well developed. Other run-on sentences simply connect too many ideas into a single sentence. Such sentences are easy to find in the scientific literature It's difficult to see done deal in a sentence . But Hayworth knows the pay raise is likely a done deal. Do the math, and it's a done deal. When I left Albuquerque, it was not a done deal. He flew up to Boston and it was a done deal. But it's not a done deal yet. I thought it was a done deal before she even started The Solution. Treat all email responses like SMS text messages, using a set number of letters per response. Since it's too hard to count letters, we count sentences instead. three.sentenc.es is a personal policy that all email responses regardless of recipient or subject will be three sentences or less. It's that simple

English We can only deal with this matter if we deal with it in an international fashion. volume_up more_vert. open_in_new Link to source. warning Request revision. English I listened with interest to the talk of a fair deal, even of a new deal. volume_up more_vert. open_in_new Link to source Sentence Examples By the late 1960s, key elements of the New Deal coalition were under stress, and Republicans were poised to capitalize. The coalescence of the New Deal coalition at large, a process also achieved amid the tumult of wartime, was incredibly contentious It's a deal breaker. (breaker) Used with prepositions: The deal between the two countries fell apart. (between) She got a great deal on her new house. (on) They purchased the company in a multi-million dollar deal. (in) Under this deal, you will save more money. (under) You can get a better deal from a credit union.

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Deal in definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now Sentence count:280+17 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-08Updated:2016-12-13 Similar words: deal , ideal , dealer , ordeal , deal in , deal out , wealth , health . Random good picture Not sho

English As the speakers have said, a great deal has been done and a great deal remains to be done. volume_up more_vert. open_in_new Link to source. warning Request revision. English Mr Kirkhope's document has lifted the lid on a great deal - a great deal of child suffering and human suffering. volume_up more_vert This sentence means that you definitely won't use this company's services, because they're too expensive. Or you can use a deal-breaker to talk about relationships like in this example: Smoking is definitely a deal-breaker. In that case, it means that you definitely won't date someone who's a smoker There are a great deal of examples of perspectival geometry, to be sure, but no flat geometrical mapping of the distribution of forms across the surface. There are a great deal of things I am proud of in my career, she continues, and so many are things that did not end up on screen, things I stopped from happening

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According to reports, if a plea deal is arranged, Chauvin could possibly receive a 20- to 25-year sentence, which he would serve concurrently with his state sentence of 22 and a half years The deal would allow Chauvin to serve a 20- to 25-year sentence concurrently with the 22½-year sentence that was handed down last week in state court, WCCO reported citing multiple sources The voice of a verb is the quality that indicates whether the subject of the sentence is doing the acting or receiving the action. If the subject is doing the acting, the sentence is in the. Sentence handed down earlier this month. MARTINEZ — A 43-year-old man accepted 25 years in state prison as part of a plea deal with county prosecutors, to settle a homicide case where he was. While simple possession carries a 1-4-year prison sentence, most are mandatory probation. Bogle's bail was set at $1,500 cash while he awaits his Aug. 23 sentencing. • A 10-year-old check forging case was settled on Monday when Gregory Scott Bliss, 45, was sentenced to 180 days in jail on a charge of attempted uttering of a forged instrument

Judith Deal, Ame's grandmother, was convicted of child abuse and is serving a 10-year sentence. Cynthia Stoltzman, Ame's aunt and legal guardian, is serving 24 years for child abuse in the case Examples of Elicit in a sentence. The comedian hoped his jokes would elicit a great deal of laughter from the audience. . Because Hilary wanted to elicit sympathy votes, she told the story of her fight with cancer a few days before the election. . The police chief hoped to elicit the truth about the missing evidence from the corrupt. Judge, dismayed by deal, gives ex-youth pastor 33 months in sex-abuse case. by Dale Ellis | June 23, 2021 at 6:59 a.m. A former youth pastor in Little Rock and Denton, Texas, accused of molesting. Using caveat lector in a sentence Caveat lector is a phrase that does not always come in the form of a sentence, as it is more of a proverb. However, there are some occasions where people will use the phrase in a sentence that makes sense. Whenever a person receives an email in the junk account, caveat lector applies

Baca's plea agreement had called for a sentence ranging from probation to six months in prison. Prosecutors have said they agreed to the deal in part because of Baca's willingness to plead guilty A conviction for that charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison, but the plea deal in his case recommends a sentence of 13 years. As part of the plea deal, Hemphill, 30. Tune in to Live PD, Fridays & Saturdays at 9/8c.18-year-old Ky'Andrea Cook received a 20-year prison sentence for carjacking met with an outcry from her moth.. The Word help in Example Sentences. help in a sentence. How to use help in a sentence. 10 examples of sentences help. 20 examples of simple sentences help . All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate) Detroit man walks free from Michigan prison, life sentence after 48 years in plea deal. When Raymond Felton Gray was sent to prison for life on a murder conviction in 1973, platform shoes were the.

Michael Slager told the judge that he was never made aware of a plea deal that would have cut years off his sentence for the 2015 shooting of Walter Scott. Pool via Getty Images Former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager is seen while facing charges in the 2015 shooting death of Walter Scott during a traffic stop US Government Seeks Harshest Sentence Ever In Leak Case Against Drone Whistleblower Kevin Gosztola 2021-07-21. The following was originally published as part of The Dissenter Newsletter, a project. What does a-great-deal mean? (idiomatic) Very much; to a great extent; a lot; lots. (adverb) We had a great deal more money afterwards

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Trump accuses ex-personal lawyer Michael Cohen of lying about Trump Tower deal in Russia in guilty plea to get a reduced sentence Published Thu, Nov 29 2018 10:32 AM EST Updated Thu, Nov 29 2018. Examples of Browse in a sentence. My mother likes to shop for shoes in town, while I prefer to browse online. . You might find a good deal if you browse the sale section long enough. . Amelia likes to browse for jobs on her computer, always searching for the perfect position. . The teenagers like to go to the mall and browse through.

Unfortunately, yes, a sentence can be changed or modified so long as the court has jurisdiction over the matter. When a person is on probation the court continues to have jurisdiction. From experience I know that the Eaton County prosecutors office can be very difficult to deal with A former bank employee has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison for his previous work. The Regional Court in Bonn ruled in a case against a former employee of the private bank MM Warburg of Hamburg. For the first time, the banker must be behind bars for cum-ex transactions: In a trial in Bonn, a regional court sentenced a. Plea deal in Hicks Park slayings results in life sentence without parole One of the Hicks Park slayings suspects will serve life without parole

Nevada man sentenced to probation after plea deal for voting twice in 2016 election. Today, Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford announced that Craig Frank, 53, of Las Vegas, was sentenced in. White on Dec. 1 rejected a plea deal that would have resulted in a 65-year sentence for Peterson, saying the only deal she would have accepted would be life in prison without parole. The plea. receipt in a sentence. How to use receipt in a sentence. 10 examples of sentences receipt. 20 examples of simple sentences receipt . All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate) The Minneapolis CBS affiliate WCCO broke a story on June 28, 2021 — the Monday after sentencing — quoting sources that claim a deal is close at hand. Although there's been no official confirmation, the sources claim the disgraced officer would receive a sentence of 20-25 years in prison that would be served concurrently (at the same time. Alex Rodriguez, a herpes-positive 22-year-old in NYC, had a similar reaction: I was hysterical. I'd had sex with maybe five guys. I'd just turned 21. I was like, 'Fuck.'. This kind of distress.

Michael Barajas Sep 2, 2020, 9:00 am CST. Growing up, Matt Santana and Savion Hall were inseparable. The two met in middle school while hanging out with mutual friends in Midland, a West Texas oil. Man gets 2-year sentence in 2019 shooting on East Washington Avenue. A man charged with attempted homicide after firing his gun from one moving car to another on a well-traveled Far East Side Madison road in 2019 pleaded guilty Tuesday to recklessly endangering safety and was sentenced to two years in prison The plea agreement is the first with a high-value detainee who was previously held by the CIA at a secret prison overseas. Under the deal, Majid Khan would testify against other detainees and. The plea deal calls for Reed to plead guilty to four of the 22 molesting charges, and receive three 30-year sentences, and one 10-year prison term, all to be served consecutively One of the first Capitol riot defendants to plead guilty in connection to the deadly January 6 attack is asking the court for a lenient sentence in a request Breaking News 11 of Our Absolute Favorite Zara-Style Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Deals

Which sentence best explains the statement Writing is rewriting? A. The best writing typically requires multiple edits and correcting. B. Writing well can be done only with a great deal of struggle and effort. C. Writing well can easily be done in two steps. D. The first draft is usually very poorly constructed Deal with in a sentence. 1 We must deal with pleasure as we do with honey, only touch them with the tip of the finger, and not with the whole hand for fear of surfeit. 2 She has a lot of correspondence to deal with. 3 He is difficult to deal with. 4 He's a difficult man to deal with Sentence Stack: a sentence-first approach to search for language learning, research, and more. Sentence Stack. Example sentences containing a good deal from English sources This isn't even laziness, yet it cost a good deal of people a good deal of money. A good deal for both sides. It was a good deal for me. I enjoyed this article a good deal plea bargain. n. in criminal procedure, a negotiation between the defendant and his attorney on one side and the prosecutor on the other, in which the defendant agrees to plead guilty or no contest to some crimes, in return for reduction of the severity of the charges, dismissal of some of the charges, the prosecutor's willingness to recommend a particular sentence, or some other benefit.

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My husband was charged with possession of narcotics, class B felony, last month he excepted a plea deal of 4yrs and 2yrs post supervision. His record is pretty clean, he has one offense on his record when he was 17yrs old, he now 37yrs old. He feel that was a pretty tough sentence, so my question is could a judge change the sentence Such deal terms allow parties to agree to disagree on key issues. Closing a business deal is a complex process—and, notably, not always the best option. By following our guidelines, you will be better equipped to identify when a deal is within reach as well as when you should explore other opportunities

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Prisons are packed because prosecutors are coercing plea deals. And, yes, it's totally legal. American prosecutors are equipped with a fearsome array of tools they can and do use to discourage. To evaluate a proposed plea bargain, the judge must know all the terms of the deal, including any future conditions or unusual aspects. For example, if Donnie Defendant is offered a lighter sentence in return for future testimony against a codefendant, the parties must make this condition clear to the judge when presenting the terms of the plea Former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager is requesting a new sentence in federal court this week, saying he would have taken the deal and that his lawyer was grossly incompetent for. Kontz Avoids Life Sentence With Plea Deal In Husband's Death. RALEIGH, N.C. — The woman accused in the arsenic poisoning death of her husband nearly five years ago was sentenced to at least 25.

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A lawyer for a Capitol riot attendee who agreed to take a plea deal argued that a lenient sentence for his client would 'heal the nation' Erin Snodgrass. Jul 10, 2021, 06:23 IST A plea deal, also called a plea agreement or plea bargain, is an agreement between a prosecutor and a criminal defendant. It requires that the defendant plead either Guilty or No Contest in exchange for leniency. This could include reduced charges or sentencing. For example, someone facing a first-degree felony charge may accept a plea deal and. 20-year-old driver in fatal drug deal in Andover sentenced to 13 years. Loren J. Gafner had pleaded guilty to second degree unintentional murder in the death of 17-year-old Tristan Robinson. The. State governors have the power to convert consecutive sentences into concurrent sentences. Many states also allow their governors to commute a death sentence to a life sentence without the possibility of parole. In some states, the governor also has the power to commute a life sentence into a sentence for a definite term of years Was her sentence extended: She worked as a drug smuggler and dealer originally, and was given a plea deal when she named the prime drug lord (while convincing Piper to lie and commit perjury.

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Then for every sentence in the list 'sentences', we split the sentence into a list of words. We remove all the stopwords from the list 'words' and then apply POS tagging using nltk.pos_tag to each word in the list to be able to label every word with its respective part of speech i.e. the tag The agreement allowed Clark, now 18, to be sentenced as a youthful offender, avoiding a minimum 10-year sentence that would have followed if he'd been convicted as an adult Undercover drug deal results in 10-year prison sentence. A defendant in an undercover drug deal involving a federal inmate received a 10-year prison sentence following her guilty plea in Jones County Superior Court. Jeannie Lynn Dickens entered her plea May 20 and was sentenced to 30 years for the lesser-included offense of trafficking. Retired JSO officer's wife takes plea deal in exchange for testifying against him in 1999 Jacksonville homicide. A Jacksonville police officer's ex-wife, arrested with him in July on charges of.

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Prominent sports bettor David Oancea, known in gambling circles as Vegas Dave, pleaded guilty Monday to a misdemeanor in federal court. David Oancea, right, a professional sports gambler who. Kenneth Gallegos was sentenced on Wednesday to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 40 years for the murder of Cherokee Trail rugby player Lloyd Chavez IV Each crime has a maximum sentence but Michigan has created an equation that gives the judge a range of time based on the past crimes committed and the details of the current offense. So, with a little math, one can approximate the sentence before taking a deal. It should be noted that the guidelines are only advisory and judges can exceed them. However, as part of his plea deal, Cohen agreed not to challenge any sentence between 46 and 63 months. The deal made in August did not involve a cooperation agreement with federal prosecutors

2] The possible sentence: According to court papers, Loughlin faces a maximum prison term of 20 years, but the feds and her legal team have agreed to a sentence of two months behind bars, plus a. A A. A Florida man who breached the U.S. Senate chamber carrying a Trump campaign flag was sentenced Monday to eight months behind bars, the first resolution for a felony case in the violent protest at the Capitol. Paul Allard Hodgkins apologized and said he was ashamed of his actions on Jan 6 Jul 23, 2021. Isaac Asimov's epic Foundation novels are famously impossible to reduce to a film or series, but Apple TV+ asked for a one-sentence summary — and got it. Initially a trilogy. The deal Acosta made with Epstein precluded any new federal prosecution based on offenses he may have committed between 2001 and 2007, but in Florida, Trump is on the witness list in a civil case. Harvey's sentence was reduced to life without parole after New Jersey's move to abolish the death penalty in 2007. Harvey has made multiple appeals, and one court has granted the inmate a third.

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When trial ended Wednesday night, more than 14 months later, the jury convicted both on all charges and handed down life sentences — a ruling that U.S. lawyer Craig Peters called a mockery of. A Way Out - How to Deal With a DUI Sentence in Arizona. Driving under the influence is an unfortunate mistake, which many people will encounter after a drunken night of revelry. The Devil is in the Details Deal to Cut Ex-Enron CEO's Sentence Skilling Quits Bid to Overturn Conviction In Exchange for a Shorter Prison Term. Ex-Enron president and chief executive Jeffrey Skilling cuts a deal with the. April 14, 2016. A nanny accused of killing two children under her care in their Manhattan apartment turned down an offer from a judge on Thursday that would have given her a prison sentence of 30. A plea deal has been offered in the case of a fatal crash that killed a 16-year-old boy in the spring. Koby Michael Lee, 19, is charged with two counts of drugged driving causing death in.

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A fact that is difficult to deal with in the criminal justice system is this was an unintentional act on her part, Dewey said. She will start her sentence immediately by serving the next. State officials were heavily criticized for the plea deal and cushy prison accommodations that Epstein received after he pleaded guilty to procuring a person under 18 for prostitution in 2008. Under the deal, federal prosecutors agreed to shelve a 53-page indictment they had prepared against Epstein

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Joe Biden's been backed into a corner with his own words. He's facing a terribly difficult choice there's no good way out of. Megyn Kelly destroyed Joe Biden completely in just a single sentence. President Joe Biden consistently accuses America of being a racist country. Biden told the class of 2021thatsystemic racism was comparable to [ It said that in the Aug. 17 plea bargain, the soldier was indicted for causing death by negligence. It said victims were represented in legal proceedings and the various parties jointly petitioned for a sentence of three months imprisonment served through military work, probation and a demotion to the rank of private A judge sentenced Nyje Johnson to a new prison sentence of 10 years, after the 26-year-old agreed to a plea deal on reduced charges of manslaughter Trump said the plea deal was reached a long time ago and that there were a lot of other people also involved in the decision to reach an agreement that resulted in a lenient sentence for Epstein