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Riesige Auswahl an Elektronik-Produkten. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Medical malpractice states that if death or an injury occurs due to a surgical mistake, the victim files a surgery complications lawsuit to retrieve damages. The Most Common Surgical Errors . Here are some of the most common surgical errors: Wrong Patient Surgery. Several factors can cause this kind of surgical error, including poor hospital.

Epidural Placement Surgical Error: $2.2M Settlement. Case Evaluation at No Cost. 800-866-2889. Medical Professionals on Staff. Verdicts & Settlements. Verdicts & Settlements Archive. Verdicts & Settlements by Type. Search Verdicts & Settlements. Select a Page Verdicts & Settlements Archive Verdicts & Settlements by Type Search Verdicts. Wrong Leg Amputation In one of the most tragic surgical errors, 52 year-old Willie King was supposed to have a diseased leg amputated in 1995. Instead the surgeon took the wrong one off. As in many wrong site surgery cases, there were a series of mistakes that led to the wrong leg being amputated The Haymond Law Firm filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the defendant for his egregious surgical error. The firm recruited medical experts who would testify that the defendant had transacted Jeremy's facial nerve and also acted with negligence in his disregard for the consulting radiologist's request for an MRI Wrong-site, wrong-procedure and wrong-patient surgical mistakes often have catastrophic results, leading to severe injuries or permanent disability. In most cases, these errors are entirely preventable. Surgical Malpractice: Errors In & Out Of The Operating Roo

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One type of surgical error that can result in a medical malpractice claim is a wrong-site surgery. This type of error occurs when a surgeon performs the surgery on the wrong part of the body or organ The consequences of being prescribed the wrong dosage or drug can also lead to severe damages that may require expensive surgical treatments, or in more serious cases can result in death. Medication errors can occur at any stage of the treatment process, whether it is from an over the counter (OTC) pharmacy, or from being administered the. Any invasive procedure (especially one involving general anesthesia) comes with a number of risks. While a variety of surgical errors are possible, this article focuses on treatment mistakes that cause nerve damage and could lead to a viable medical malpractice lawsuit. How Surgery Can Result In Nerve Damag Case Records of the Massachusetts General Hospital from The New England Journal of Medicine — Case 34-2010 — A 65-Year-Old Woman with an Incorrect Operation on the Left Han

In some cases, the patient's physical health may not be the same as it was before the surgical error, and may never be. In rare instances, the patient dies as a result of surgical negligence. In these cases, the surviving family members can bring a legal claim in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit Surgical malpractice cases sometimes may not be in excess of a $250,000, and the average value of a doctor negligence injury lawsuit is much lower than most law firms claim. Regardless, you will not only need to have all of your evidence in order, but also a competent lawyer who can see to it that the adjuster is being fair in his offer

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  1. Surgery Errors At Rush, Hannula, Harkins & Kyler, our medical malpractice lawyers have experience in handling cases where surgical errors have resulted in severe, disabling injuries, and death. We know how to prepare solid, effective cases. Our firm helps individuals and families in claims involving a wide range of hospital errors, including
  2. istration resulting in adverse events, including death Pharmacy Errors and/or Malpractic
  3. Most errors in surgical care occur preoperatively or postoperatively. In this case there were several process errors. First, the patient should have been seen by a qualified ED physician rather than being triaged to neurosurgery
  4. In most surgical error cases, it is fairly simple to establish that your surgeon's treatment was below the standard of care (depending on how strictly you define error; more on this in the next section.) If you do establish that a surgical error violated the standard of care, the critical issue becomes whether you were harmed by the error

These errors include failure to obtain appropriate consultation and failure to order the proper tests or to interpret them improperly. The seemingly obvious way to correct these deficiencies is education. We as surgical educators spend inordinate amounts of time in such educational pursuits A classic case of wrong-patient surgery involved a patient who underwent a cardiac procedure intended for another patient with a similar last name. While much publicity has been given to these high-profile cases of WSPEs, these errors are in fact relatively rare What Is a Surgical Error Lawsuit? A failed surgery is one in which a surgical error was made. A surgical error is a mistake made during surgery that could have been prevented. There is some risk inherent in any surgery, and patients typically sign an informed consent form acknowledging that they are aware of the risks of surgery Unfortunately, there are thousands of patients who are injured by surgical errors each year. These preventable mistakes often lead to medical malpractice lawsuits against healthcare providers, hospitals, and ambulatory surgical centers. Injuries from surgical errors can be very severe, and many patients will require lifelong care and treatment The Case A 54-year-old man was admitted to the hospital for preoperative evaluation and elective knee surgery. On the morning of surgery, the patient was awakened by the phlebotomist who drew his blood for basic laboratories and type and cross-matching

Surgical Management: These cases are most often associated with clinical judgment, such as overlooking an infection or failing to order a diagnostic test (both patient assessment issues). Communication gaps are also common contributing factors in surgical management Two New Lawsuits Allege Surgical Errors During Heart Transplants at St. Luke's in Houston. In one case, a patient claims a surgeon sewed a major vein closed, causing blood to back up in his head Surgical Errors. At Morgan & Morgan, the attorneys in our Florida offices regularly handle medical malpractice cases, and have been successful in collecting compensation for patients who have been injured by surgical errors. Patients are typically forewarned of risks associated with procedures they undergo; however, they expect their surgeon.

Case Summary: $1.97 Million Verdict for Surgical Malpractice . Sharon Zawatski went to the emergency department with pelvic pain from what appeared to be a large cyst. Dr. George Valenta operated, and after confirming the cyst was cancerous, proceeded to perform a total hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes Suing for Surgical Errors. There are many common surgical errors. They include cutting a nerve during the surgery, making an anesthesia error, cutting the wrong location, operating on the wrong body part, or leaving a sponge or instrument inside the body. When the surgeon fails to take a complete history of the patient, complications may arise. Warshauer Law Group is committed to the health and safety of our clients and community. Please see this post for information related to our WLG COVID-19 Protocol. Please see this post for information on Chief Justice Melton's latest extension of the Statewide Judicial Emergency and how it impacts your case

The case settled for $1,500,000 one week prior to trial. Lubin & Meyer represented the plaintiff in this lawsuit. ( Andrew C. Meyer, Jr. and Robert M. Higgins , Suffolk Superior Court Case #1104: Surgical Errors . Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death $3,557,398. $3.5 Million Surgical Errors. A woman who experienced lower extremity paralysis following a bypass procedure claimed her treating surgeons negligently caused her injury. The defendants denied liability and claimed they acted within the standard of care On October 4, at 5:00 p.m., the Defendant GYN surgeon came to see the Plaintiff. She noted a large amount of fluid in the subcutaneous tissue and scheduled him for an irrigation of the abdominal wound. Prior to the irrigation, copious amounts of fecal matter were found exuding from the wound. A decision was made to take him for an exploratory.

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The Case A 54-year-old man was admitted to the hospital for preoperative evaluation and elective knee surgery. On the morning of surgery, the patient was awakened by the phlebotomist who drew his blood for basic laboratories and type and cross-matching Learn about some surgical errors that can lead to a medical malpractice case. Nerve or Organ Damage. If you suffer from nerve or organ damage after surgery, this may be the result of a surgical mistake. The damage suffered during surgery can lead to a medical malpractice case because it may cause further health complications In addition to surgical errors, there are other types of negligence which qualify as medical malpractice. If a doctor prescribes the wrong medication or dose for treating a condition, or prescribes in a manner which is inconsistent with the manufacturer's instructions or warnings, and that medication causes you harm, you would likely have a case SURGICAL ERROR DURING FERTILITY SURGERY - £120,000. Attwaters Jameson Hill's Medical Negligence team settled a case for £120,000 damages relating to the damage of a client's bowel sustained during gynaecological surgery. This damage resulted in very severe scarring and had a detrimental effect on her fertility

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Importance Medical malpractice litigation against surgical residents is rarely discussed owing to assumed legal doctrine of respondeat superior, or let the master answer.. Objective To better understand lawsuits targeting surgical trainees to prevent future litigation.. Design, Setting, and Participants Westlaw, an online legal research database containing legal records from across the. Medical malpractice and surgical errors are unfortunately common in our healthcare system. Every year, thousands of patients around the United States suffer the consequences of misdiagnosis, surgical errors, medication errors, or birth injuries. If you are one of those patients, it is crucial that you contact an attorney right away to discuss. Plaintiff's medical malpractice action asks for $119,000 in past medical expenses, $6,000 in lost wages, and damages for pain and suffering. The jury awards plaintiff $150,000 and the hospital settles for $100,000. Tennessee: $175,000 Verdict Common Surgical Errors. According to information provided by Healio, up to 45 percent of medical errors involve surgical patients, Florida patients have two years from the discovery of their injury to file a lawsuit, or in certain cases, four years from when the malpractice occurred. An exception to the statute of limitation exists if the.

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  1. Ten Patient Stories: When Attorneys Refused My Medical Malpractice Case. Dozens of readers responded to our post about Ernie Ciccotelli, who couldn't get a lawyer to pursue his claim for damages.
  2. A healthcare safety group warns that surgical staplers will be the top health technology threat of 2020. Leg Stent Surgery Unnecessary in Many Cases, Report Warns September 11, 201
  3. Surgical errors very often entitle victims to significant compensation under Florida law, and examples of the damages that are often available in these kinds of cases include those for additional medical expenses, lost income, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life, just to name a few. To discuss your surgical.
  4. Surgical stapler lawsuits claim that surgical staplers malfunctioned and caused infections, serious injuries such as internal bleeding and organ damage, or death when used in operations. The largest surgical stapler lawsuit verdict was $80 million for a woman who suffered injuries during an operation that nearly killed her
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  1. Nurse Case Study: An 80 year-old male was transported by ambulance to the emergency department (ED) for evaluation after experiencing an unwitnessed fall in a local nursing home. Medical malpractice claims may be asserted against any healthcare practitioner, including nurses. This case study involves a nurse working in an emergency department (ED)
  2. Kline & Specter is one of the nation's leading law firms with the ability and experience to successfully litigate medical malpractice and medical device lawsuits including lawsuits relating to complications from surgical staples. Please call us at 800-243-1100 for a free case evaluation. Request a Free Consultation
  3. Two new lawsuits have been filed against Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center by patients who say they suffered serious injuries as a result of surgical errors during heart transplants at the.
  4. Surgical Negligence Case Studies . Surgical errors can, of course, occur during a range of different procedures. We regularly advise clients in relation to spinal, cardiac and cancer surgical errors as well as other more specialist medical areas such as the eyes, ears, nose and throat and internal organs

Home » Cases We Handle » Medical Malpractice » Surgical Errors When you seek any type of medical attention, you expect that the medical professionals you encounter will be knowledgeable, courteous, and well-versed in their particular branch of care In most cases, this cyst forms as a remnant of the urachus, a structure normally present in a fetus; the cyst usually closes before birth. The general surgeon, Dr. Sarkis Aghazarian, performed surgery to remove the cyst. During the surgery, he placed a row of approximately 25 metal surgical staples to close Effler's bladder dome Investigators in this study used this conference to conduct a case-by-case analysis in real time to analyze the human errors associated with adverse outcomes. Researchers collected data from three adult teaching hospitals over six months, during which time more than 5,300 surgical operations were performed In a modest or small injury case, the expenses can easily outstrip the ultimate value of a case. For example, if a case has a jury verdict range of $100,000, but the costs to take that case to trial are $150,000, even a jury trial win will result in a net loss to the plaintiff The lawsuit, an amended complaint to a case previously filed in Denver District Court, alleges the issues with Porter's surgical instruments were not just limited to orthopedic or spine surgery.

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Surgical errors can have severe and wide-ranging effects on the patient victim's life. Surgical intervention is not a simple matter in most cases, given that there are inherent risks to surgery. These inherent risks, however, are compounded by the negligence of those healthcare professionals involved in the surgical intervention Surgical Malpractice Cases. Surgical malpractice is the cause of an astonishing number of deaths throughout the United States. It is estimated that 225,000 people die each year due to the negligence of health care providers and services, making malpractice the third leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease fatalities and cancer 5 Ways Surgery Errors Can Lead to Lawsuits. By Andrew Lu on December 17, 2012 12:20 PM about two-thirds of these cases -- the retained surgical item is a surgical sponge. Infections. Infections pose a silent danger post-surgery. About 1 in 20 hospitalized patients will develop an infection during their stay. These infections kill as many as.

Surgical errors cause a wide range of issues; 59 percent of victims suffered temporary injury, 33 percent had permanent injuries and 6.6 percent of cases lead to wrongful death. Determining the exact number of surgical errors can be difficult despite the fact that hospitals are required by law to report never events that result in a. On U.S. Surgical's motion to correct inventorship of the '773 patent under 35 U.S.C. § 256, the district court ruled that Choi was an omitted co-inventor of two claims, see 937 F.Supp. 1015 (D.Conn.1996), and subsequently granted U.S. Surgical's motion to dismiss the infringement complaint, see 954 F.Supp. 51 (D.Conn.1997) Medical malpractice cases arise when a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional harms a patient by providing sub-standard treatment. In this article, we'll discuss the specific types of errors that give rise to the most medical malpractice lawsuits: misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis; medication errors; childbirth injuries; surgical mistakes. Contact Us Before Your Time Runs Out. Each state has a different statute of limitations. In addition to the deadline for filing a case, many states require claimants to complete initial steps within even shorter deadlines, especially if the treatment occurred at a public hospital

ABSTRACT: Ensuring patient safety in the operating room begins before the patient enters the operative suite and includes attention to all applicable types of preventable medical errors (including, for example, medication errors), but surgical errors are unique to this environment. Steps to prevent wrong-site, wrong-person, wrong-procedure errors, or retained foreign objects have been. View CASE STUDY ON SURGICAL SITE ERROR.docx from IHP 315 at Southern New Hampshire University. Running Head: JOURNAL:CASE STUDY ON SURGICAL SITE ERROR 1 Journal Case Study: Safety Learnin Types Of Surgical Mistakes. There are risks to any surgery. A patient can suffer a serious injury or die even if the doctor and the hospital staff did everything they were supposed to do. However, if you suffered an injury due to a preventable surgical error, the provider may be guilty of malpractice Unfortunately, mistakes do happen in VA healthcare facilities. Whether it is complex spinal surgery or minor foot surgery, every operation has risks. We've represented veterans and military families with poor surgical outcomes all across the spectrum, from infections, amputation mistakes, hearing loss, and blindness to paralysis and even death. Surg Case Rep; Surgical Case Reports Vols. 1 to 7; 2015 to 2021; 2020 to 2021: v.6 2020 Dec: v.7 2021 Dec: 2015 to 2019: v.1 2015 Dec: v.2 2016 Dec: v.3 2017 Dec: v.4 2018 Dec: v.5 2019 Dec: Articles from Surgical Case Reports are provided here courtesy of Springer-Verlag. Support Center Support Center. External link. Please review our privacy.

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Surgical Errors Are More Common Than Many Realize. Surgical errors and mistakes injure and kill thousands of patients every year, ranging from cases where surgical instruments, sponges and needles were left inside a patient to stories where the wrong patient was wheeled into the operating room, the wrong limb amputated or the wrong side of the body operated on (so-called wrong-site surgery) Dr. Bruce Fagel has tried and settled more medical malpractice cases than any other attorney in California. When The National Law Journal selected The 10 Top Trial Attorneys in the Nation, Dr. Fagel was the only medical malpractice attorney listed.Dr. Fagel was nominated eight times by the Consumer Attorneys Association for their prestigious Trial Lawyer of the Year award If there is an injury without negligence or negligence that did not cause an injury, there is no case. The injury resulted in significant damages - Medical malpractice lawsuits are extremely expensive to litigate, frequently requiring testimony of numerous medical experts and countless hours of deposition testimony Free Consultation - Call (877) 374-1417 - Levin & Perconti helps victims and their families receive compensation for their injuries in Medical Malpractice and Doctor Malpractice cases. Healthcare Provider Errors - Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawye Here are seven of the most common surgical errors that can lead to patient injuries, and when you might have a case for medical malpractice. 1. Catholic Hospital Refuses Transgender Man's Surgery, Gets Sued. Can doctors get in legal trouble before a surgical process ever happens

The causes of surgical errors can be wide-ranging and no two surgeries are identical, so the underlying cause can be very unique. Blumers Lawyers are experts in medical negligence cases, here are their top 6 causes of surgical errors which can result in permanent damage: Incompetence - in some cases a surgeon can have either not performed the. Oct. 30, 2018 Updated: Oct. 31, 2018 4:17 a.m. BRIDGEPORT - A Trumbull surgical center has agreed to pay a settlement to the family of a Stratford man, who died there after the center's medical. Medical errors are a serious public health problem and a leading cause of death in the United States. It is challenging to uncover a consistent cause of errors and, even if found, to provide a consistent viable solution that minimizes the chances of a recurrent event. By recognizing untoward events occur, learning from them, and working toward preventing them, patient safety can be improved In order to meet the requirements to be classified as a case of retained surgical items, an incision must have been made during the case and surgical items must have been used inside the patient. Surgical items typically retained inside a patient are classified into 4 types: sponges, needles, instruments and miscellaneous small objects CaseCTRL Delivers a Surgical Case Management Platform. Houston, Texas-based Medovate Technologies, LLC announced the launch of its surgical case management platform, CaseCTRL. The CaseCTRL team is comprised of orthopedic surgeon Ashvin K. Dewan, M.D., systems engineer Pamela Singh, and software expert Saachi Roye

Nearly 100 lawsuits have been filed by patients who claim they were injured by a da Vinci Surgery System robot. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission records show robot manufacturer Intuitive Surgical, Inc. set aside $17.4 million to deal with da Vinci and other product liability lawsuits as of March 31, 2018 Medical Malpractice Lawsuits: Free Case Evaluation. Medical negligence can have a devastating impact on a family. The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. can help review the circumstances surrounding an injury suffered by you or a loved one to determine whether it may have been avoided if the proper standard of medical care had been filed

A jury has just awarded a husband a $3 million verdict in a medical malpractice lawsuit filed after the death of his wife. The woman died just two days after surgery at a nearby hospital One key to this case is what the subsequent treating orthopedist is going to say. Will he testify - perhaps against his own colleague or partner if the doctor is with Advanced Orthopedics as the Complaint might suggest - that these 12 degrees were caused by surgical error? Orthopedic medical malpractice cases are tough

Case Summary Incident. On the 29 th of May 2018, Patrick attended his local general hospital for a laparoscopic gallbladder removal surgery which can also be referred to as cholecystectomy. The day after the surgery, Patrick felt unwell and thereafter collapsed. Patrick was immediately re-admitted to theatre where the doctor discovered some internal bleeding A former patient at Baylor Scott & White Health in Waco, Texas has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the health center. The lawsuit, filed by Tennessee resident Randall Clark, alleges that Clark suffered complications from surgery as a result of a surgical sponge that doctors at Baylor Scott & White left in his body following the. SURGICAL ERRORS - A Qualified and Experienced Surgery Malpractice Lawyer is Essential. The Federal government estimates that over 100,000 die annually because of medical negligence by a doctor, nurse, and/or hospital. A large percentage of these deaths can be attributed to errors made by health care professionals during surgery

Raleigh's Zaytoun Ballew & Taylor law firm has successfully litigated numerous surgical malpractice cases involving a wide range of procedures, and we understand the complex issues that arise in these cases. Examples of surgical errors: Performing the wrong surgical procedure or performing surgery on the wrong area of the bod As a result of the error, the surgeon's medical license was suspended for six months and he was fined $10,000. University Community Hospital in Tampa, the medical center where the surgery took place, paid $900,000 to King and the surgeon involved in the case paid an additional $250,000 to King. 8 The healthy kidney removed by mistak

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Taking the necessary legal steps involves partnering with the right medical malpractice attorney, one who knows how to navigate these complex cases and who will fight for your rights. Where To Turn For Help With Surgical Errors. If you are the victim of a surgical error, we can help Diagnostic errors, or negligent mistakes during hip replacement surgery, can lead to severe pain, injury, or other damages to a patient. At Miller & Wagner, our attorneys investigate damage claims for hip replacement surgery errors and offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. With offices in Pacific City and Portland, our lawyers. Surgical errors may be the prototypical form of medical malpractice.That is because they involve the classic scenario of a patient who is in the complete control of the medical professional (often under anesthesia) with complex bodily invasions that often include life and death issues The case went to trial. In April, 2016 a jury awarded the plaintiffs $190,000 for medical expenses, $310,000 for loss of consortium , and $1.3 million in non-economic damages Patients are at grave risk from mistakes or misconduct by any member of the surgical team, from the attending surgeon and surgical residents to the anesthesiologist and operating room nurses. Surgery gone wrong is the most common source of medical negligence lawsuits

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On behalf of Hastings Law Firm posted in Surgical Errors on Monday, December 15, 2014. A Texas surgeon is one of the witnesses giving testimony in a medical malpractice case concerning the premature birth of a child. The parents allege that serious surgical errors that occurred while the mother wa Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional provides treatment that deviates from accepted standards of care within the medical community, thereby causing injury to a patient. If a doctor, surgeon, hospital, or another party was medically negligent, they may be liable for any ensuing losses Free Initial Consultation - Call (855) 228-7369 - Law Offices of Thomas L. Gallivan, PLLC helps victims and their families receive compensation for their injuries in Medical Malpractice and Doctor Malpractice cases. Surgical Errors - New York City Medical Malpractice Lawye

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Stryker Neptune Surgical Waste Manangement System Lawsuit. After causing two serious injuries, including one death, Stryker Corp. is recalling the Neptune Waste Management System — a high-powered vacuum used during operations to suck up fluids. Several of these products lack FDA approval, and they all lack warnings about attaching the suction. Some common examples of ophthalmology negligence that may give rise to a medical malpractice case include surgical errors (such as tears or dislocation of the eye, corneal abrasions, or botched cataract surgeries), a failure to monitor a patient after surgery, a misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis, medication errors, and errors leading to infections Surgical errors, in the context of a medical negligence claim, occur when something goes wrong during, shortly following or as a result of surgery, which could reasonably have been avoided. Surgery is a highly skilled area of medical practice and there are risks involved with every surgery. Although.

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Dental malpractice cases are real and can have significant consequences. Some fall under general dental care, whereas others are surgical errors. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a dental malpractice case, call Kuhlman Law, LLC to learn what rights you have by dialing (612) 444-3374. You may be entitled to pain and. Free Consultation - Call (877) 374-1417 - Levin & Perconti helps victims and their families receive compensation for their injuries in Medical Malpractice and Doctor Malpractice cases. Healthcare Provider Errors - Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawye Minerva Surgical Inc. v. Hologic Inc. was a case argued before the Supreme Court of the United States on April 21, 2021, during the court's October 2020-2021 term. In a 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court vacated the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit's ruling and remanded the case for further proceedings, holding that the Federal Circuit was right to uphold assignor estoppel, but.

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Common Surgical Errors. Surgeons are highly trained professionals who are expected to do things right. Read. Surgical Errors and Medical Malpractice. Patients should be able to depend on their doctors for appropriate treatment Read. Surgical Errors During Gastric Bypass. Gastric bypass is a special surgical procedure intended to help. For a Free Case Evaluation, Call 800-541-9376. You Deserve a Lawyer. Who Is Also a Medical Doctor. Dr. Bruce Fagel has tried and settled more medical malpractice cases than any other attorney in California. When The National Law Journal selected The 10 Top Trial Attorneys in the Nation, Dr. Fagel was the only medical malpractice attorney. Medical Malpractice $1.3 Million; Medical Malpractice $5.6 Million; Medical Malpractice $1.8 Million; Medical Malpractice $3 Million; Medical Malpractice $8.2 Million; Medical Malpractice $4.5 Million; Medical Malpractice $2.5 Million; Medical Malpractice Confidential; Medical Malpractice $4 Million; Medical Malpractice $8,500,000. Settlement for delay in evaluating spinal hematoma resulting.

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If you or a loved one was injured during the course of a gallbladder surgery, contact an attorney at Goethel Engelhardt, PLLC, to determine if you have a case for medical malpractice. Our lawyers have successfully prosecuted dozens of laparoscopic surgery cases in Michigan. We can be reached by phone at 734-545-8421 or through our convenient. Have a case, but would like to speak with us directly? Call us today: 877.888.5936. Medical Malpractice :: Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgery Malpractice. PLASTIC SURGERY MALPRACTICE - Over the past decade, there has been an explosion in cosmetic surgery, otherwise known as plastic surgery. Elective, asthetic surgery is a very profitable business, so. Many prospective surgical cases get lost in maze of paperwork required before surgery.With surgical booking.com surgeons keep a list of all prospective patients. The booking clerk can easily coordinate the case with surgical facility, patient and medical doctor without wasting time on phone calls and faxes In many cases, a patient who underwent a wrong-site surgery needs an additional corrective surgical procedure to correct the mistake that was made. This additional surgery would be necessary not just to resolve the underlying medical problem that prompted the patient's surgery in the first place, but also to resolve any new problems created.