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Nummer 1 Marktplatz in Deutschland Gable roofing calculator. Find your roof area or discover other roofing tools: shingles calculators, gable, shed, hip, pitch calculators Gable Roof - Square Footage Calculator. Calculate the area of a Gable Roof using imperial measurements In general, the gable roof (roofing) calculator estimates: amount of rafters and roof-sheathing boards; quantity of underlying materials (like asphalt felt, asphalt sheathing paper etc.) main roofing material (tile, metal, slate, etc); square area estimation; truss design (you may use rafters stick-built or look for factory-assembled trusses)

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  1. Gable Roof A gable roof has two opposite sides with equal slopes and equal spans that meet in the center of the roof at the ridge. Use the Saltbox roof to calculate a two sided roof with different slopes, spans, and/or overhangs for each side of the roof
  2. The calculator performs the calculation of the materials to the roof, starting from the entered size of roofing sheet and calculated values of the roof area. Quantity of roofing materials for the roof, boards and lumber for roof system, we recommend to buy with a small margin, it is always better to take the remains to the hardware store than.
  3. g calculator plan diagram with full dimensions. For a good straight fascia, add an extra inch or 2 to the tails of all your rafters (total length). After they're up, you can snap a line to mark and trim the tails in a nice straight line, to make up for any ridge warp or marking, cutting and fixing errors
  4. 144 / 12 = 12. Multiply this 12 by the roof pitch rise. 12 * 6 = 72 Convert the inches back to feet: 72 / 12 = 6' At the highest point the Gable is 6' high. Calculating the Gable's square footage. Split the Gable into two triangles and form a rectangle 6 * 12 = 72 The total area for your Gable = 72 square feet
  5. Roofing Calculator. The following tools estimate the area of a roof, as well as the amount of materials necessary to construct a roof of a given area. The House Base Area is the area of land that the house covers, and for more complex shapes, can be estimated using the Area Calculator
  6. 757-963-6878. Add the overhang to dimensions. Multiply Length by Width. Multiply the area by the rafter multiplier that corresponds with the roof slope of your plans. Divide by 100 to calculate the number of squares. Measure the run (Flat dimension). Identify the multiplier that corresponds with the roofs slope

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Online calculator produces an accurate calculation of the rafters online (calculates the sizes of rafters for the roof: the length of rafters, length overhang, the angle of the saw cut, the distance to drinking). The drawings and the size of the rafters are generated in real-time. The calculator provides online calculate the length of rafters a gable roof Gable Roof Hip Roof Mansard Roof. Our calculator results show your roof area, material details and their cost per square foot, plus the total estimated cost of a new roof including materials and installation expense. New Shingle Roof. $7,500. Average price. New Metal Roof. $14,500 To calculate the area of your roof, first you'll need to calculate the pitch of it: First, use your measuring tape to measure 12 inches on your large level and make a mark at the 12-inch line. Next, place your ladder against your house at the gable end. Climb to the top of your roof To get a 100% free roof quote, enter your zip code above and fill out a simple estimate request form on the next page. Supported Roof Types: Our calculator will estimate your total roofing cost installed, including the cost of materials, labor, and warranty for any major type of roof including 3-tab asphalt shingles, architectural and premium composition shingles, PVC, TPO, EPDM rubber, built. Gable roof framing calculator plan diagram with full dimensions. For a good straight fascia, add an extra 20 mm or so to the tails of all your rafters (total length). After they're up, you can snap a line to mark and trim the tails in a nice straight line, to make up for any ridge warp or marking, cutting and fixing errors

Step 6. Combine the area of the wall and the area of the gable to determine the area of the gable end. To conclude the example, the gable end has an area of 625 square feet: 500 + 125 = 625. Tip. If you do not have access to a ladder you can measure heights remotely using a clinometer. Warning Gable roof framing calculator plan diagram with full dimensions for a good straight fascia add an extra inch or 2 to the tails of all your rafters total length. Slope the slope of a roof is represented as x12 where x is the number of inches in rise for every 12 inches of run. Roof pitch calculator results explained A gable roof consists of two sloping roof planes that intersect along the ridge to form an inverted 'V', i.e. a Λ-shape. The triangular portion of a facade above eave level between intersecting roof planes is called a gable. Due to its simplicity, the gable roof is the most common roof type you'll see in Belgium and the Netherlands This calculator will help you estimate hip roof parameters, including rafters and roof area person_outline Anton schedule 2011-08-29 17:53:20 One of our users asked us to create a calculator that would help him estimate hip roof parameters, such as rafter lengths, roof rise and roof area

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Roof Calculator. 1: Select Roof Shape. Single Slope (Skillion) Gable Hip 2: Enter Dimensions . 3: Define Materials Do you need to create more complex roofs? Visit applicad.com now to download a trial version of Roof Wizard, our sensational roof modelling. Enter the diameter of the roof ridge vent gap (1-3) Finally, enter the coverage area (width) of the panels you plan to buy. For instance a 38 panel will have an effective coverage width of 36. The metal roof length calculator calculates the distance from peak to trim so add the length you want the roof metal to extend beyond the eave trim.

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  1. Roof Area calculator. This will provide an area calculation for clay or concrete roof tile, natural or composite slate, underfelt or breathable felt and ridge length. Gable & Hip Roofs will have the same area provided that the pitch remains the same
  2. For a flat roof, the calculation is nearly done at this point. However, many roofs are positioned at an angle, which means one last measurement is required to calculate the area of the roof: roof pitch. What is roof pitch? Roof pitch refers to the slope or angle of a roof. Flat roofs have a very low pitch, compared to gable roofs, which have a.
  3. Thankfully, calculating your roof area is a quick and easy process once you know how. In fact, for the classic gable roof that most British homes have, you can work out the size of your roof with just two measurements. Calculating Your Roof Area: Gable Roof. You'll first need to measure the length of your roof

GABLE OR HIP ROOF: A gable roof and a hip roof of the same length and slope will have identical areas. Enter roof dimensions below for your roof in feet, (or slope as inches rise per foot.). If you enter only L-1, W-1, & H-1, the result will be the area of a single straight gable roof To calculate the amount of ventilation you need for your home, visit GAF's Ventilation Calculator now. 384 Minimum Sq. In. of Net Free Area of exhaust needed at or near the ridge. hip and roof louvers) - Powered Exhaust (roof mounted, gable-mounted vents) - Mechanical Exhaust (wind turbines) To learn more and to help calculate your.

Roof Rafter Calculator will estimate the Length, Board Size, Quantity, Cost per board and Total Cost of Lumber! The estimates are based on your house foot print (length and width) and roof slope. Prices are based on quotes from multiple lumber yards and building material suppliers. Gable width (Span): ft. in 9 Roof Jack 0.45 4 Holes 0.09 8 x 16 0.38 10 Roof Jack 0.55 Small Rectangle 0.09 12 Roof Jack 0.80 Large Rectangle 0.21 12 x 12 Gable Vent 0.50 3 x 15 Eave Screen 0.25 12 x 18 Gable Vent 0.75 3 x 23 Eave Screen 0.38 12 x 24 Gable Vent 1.00 5 x 15 Eave Screen 0.42 5 x 23 Eave Screen 0.69 Calculating NFA Attic Area (sq. ft. Roof surfaces are measured in squares. A square is an area of roof which measures 100 square feet. To determine the number of squares on the gable roof above, simply divide its total of 24,000 square feet by 100. The result is 240, and this means you would need 240 squares of shingles to cover that roof A x B = 40′ x 30′ = 1200 sq. ft. for the total square footage of the roof. Example #2: Gable Roof with Two Roof Planes. This gable roof has two planes. Gable Roof with Two Roof Planes. So to derive the total square footage of the roof, you would

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  1. Dutch gable roof Calculate & more » Mansard roof Calculate & more » Gable-and-valley roof Calculate & more » Hip roof with cross-gabled roof Calculate & more » Cruciform roof terraced house Calculate & more » Do you want to learn Floorplanner? Go to orooloo.com! Do you know iGuide?.
  2. e the proper amount of attic ventilation based on U.S. FHA 1/300 guidelines. Proper attic ventilation consists of a balance between air intake (at your eaves, soffits or fascias) and air exhaust (at or near your roof ridge)
  3. 50% should be vented from the roof area. Example: The horizontal roof area of your home (including overhang) is 36 feet by 28 feet. In this example the Duraflo NFA Calculator will provide your NET FREE AREA as 483. You require 483 square inches of ventilation, ideally: 241.5 square inches spread out in the soffit areas and ; 241.5 square inches.
  4. Enter the diameter of the roof ridge vent gap (1-3) Finally, enter the coverage area (width) of the panels you plan to buy. For instance a 38 panel will have an effective coverage width of 36. The metal roof length calculator calculates the distance from peak to trim so add the length you want the roof metal to extend beyond the eave trim.

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Use our roof pitch calculator to find the pitch of your roof. Next, find the square footage of the metal roofing panels you want to use. Measure the length and width in feet, then multiply together to find the square footage. Panels are often measured in inches, use our inches to feet conversion calculator to convert to feet Click calculate. The results will pop up below the calculate button, and will include: Rafter Length, Total Size / Area, and Pitch. Using the diagram below, measure your roof from the ground, and enter building dimensions into the calculator #2 above. Enter the span (also known as gable side width), and the rise above the base line Hip-To-Gable Loft Conversion volume calculator. To work out the volume of your hip-to-gable extension, you will need to know: A - The depth of the main roof (i.e. the length from the front wall of the building to the back wall of the building) B - The height of the main roof. C - The distance from the ridge to the eaves in the plan

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Roof Area Calculator. To determine the total amount of cartons of BMI Shakes that you will require; calculation of waste is required. Waste from the cutting of shingles will vary depending on the style of the roof. If it is a hip/cottage style there will be more waste than a gable style roof. When calculating the number of screws needed for the. Calculating the Area of a Triangle. You'll need to calculate the area of a triangle to estimate the square footage of siding or sheathing required for a gable end. The area of a right triangle is equal to ½ the product of the base times the height, or 1/2 (BXH)= Area. On a calculator you would perform: 14×6/2 Hip Roof Area Calculator. Hip roof is a roof with a sharp edge or edges from the ridge to the eaves where the two sides meet. Here is the online hip roof area calculator which helps you calculate the hip roof parameters such as roof rise, common and hip rafters length and roof area based on width, height of roof base and the roof pitch (identical for all sides) Calculate the area of the L-shaped roof with a different incline is also not particularly difficult. By its nature, it is formed from a pair of typical gable structures that are joined at right angles. The general configuration is divided into four similar rectangular trapeziums to simplify calculations Gable Stud Calculators. Use these gable stud calculators to solve for the values of all the studs on 16″ center in a gable wall from the long stud down or from the stud up on all standard roof pitches. Scroll down past the Long Gable Stud Calculator to use the Short Gable Stud Calculator which works in reverse

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They can range from £5,000 to £30,000 (but this is dependent on different factors). But while the area dimensions of your house, loft and roof will be key factors in your cost estimates, there are other considerations to bear in mind. For example, our calculator also considers factors such as your budget, deadlines and plans for the space How to Calculate Your Roof Area. If your roof is a classic rectangular gable design, it's easy to calculate the square meterage of your roof. Simply multiply the length of your roof by the slope height, and then double the answer. (Roof Length x Roof Slope Height) x 2 = Roof Area (m 2) For example, if your roof length is 8m and your roof. Three easy steps to help you find the surface area of a roof using SketchAndCalc™ https://www.sketchandcalc.comStep 1 - Find the 'Pitch' of the roof.In order.. Any soft cover of the roof, shingle, roofing felt, and others are comparably light roofing materials, which will not create additional pressure on the roof structure. Therefore, this free online gambrel roof (roofing) calculator estimates: total area of the roof surface including the length of each eave


Roof Area Calculator • Surface Area Multiplied by Pitch . 14 How To Calculate The Area Of A Roof : Roof Area Calculator • Surface Area Multiplied By Pitch - How To Calculate The Area Of A Roof. Dear Jerry: I'm autograph in that hopes you can advice us with a botheration with the gutters on our in advance Cape Cod-fashion house Using the example width of 25 feet and gable height of 10 feet, the surface area of the gable is 125 square feet: 25 x (10/2) = 125. What is a gable stud? Gable-end studs come built into gable trusses, but they have to be cut and fitted on the job site when building a conventional roof so that exterior wall coverings can be nailed on Rafter Stock Size Calculator. Building Supplies. Input the rafter span (on the flat), eave overhang and pitch of the roof. Click the button to calculate the stock size needed for this job. This calculator is to be used as an estimating tool ONLY. Shop Dimensional Lumber For example, if the rise is 5 inches per foot, then the area of the roof in Figure 4-2 is: Area = (Area on plan view) x (5 inch rise slope factor) = (2 Y x A) x (1.083) Let us calculate the area of a simple gable roof like Figure 3-4. Figure 3-4: Plan view with dimensions. Area= 2 x Y x A x (5 inch slope factor) = 24 ft. x 35 ft. x 1.08 Step 4: Calculate The Simple Roof Areas. On a simple hip or gable roof, multiplying the eave to ridge length by eave length will give the area to be multiplied by pitch factor. Ridge vent openings are best finished with coil rather than partial shingle

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Fig. 13. - Diagram for Finding Area of a Gable. Fig. 14. - Finding Area of Gable when Roof is Less than Half Pitch. Referring to Fig. 13, A B C represents the gable of a building of which A C is the width and D B is the perpendicular hight. By dividing the gable on the line D B we have two triangles of equal areas and equal sides 1. Take Roof Sheet Measurements. 2. Calculate Carport or Structure Total m² Area. Enter Width and Length (water flow direction) in meters eg. 5.35m = 5.35. Enter Width of Carport : m Enter Length of Carport (Water Flow Direction): m Total m² Area =. 3. Calculate Number of Roof Sheets Required. 1

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Building Size Calculator. With our building sice calculator, you can calculate your project needs by inputting the sizes for walls, roofs and roofpitch. Tailor your project needs with our building estimation tool and we can get back to you with a detailed offer (button at the botoom of the page). +44 20-3455 0451 By measuring the length and width of each rectangular part of the building, and using the natural secants figure for the rafter pitch, all three can be multiplied together and the answer will give the total roof area. A hipped roof will have the same roof surface area as a mono pitch, or duo pitch (gable to gable), for the same building footprint Roofing materials are typically packaged in squares, each of which is the equivalent of 100 square feet (9.3 m 2) of roof space. Dividing the total area of your roof by 100 will therefore help you figure out how many squares worth of shingles to order

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  1. Roof Shingles Calculator - estimates roof area, materials and installation costs of Asphalt Shingles, for Gable and Hip roofs. The Gutters, Downpipes and Overflow (GDO) Calculator assists in developing a better understanding of the NCC Volume Two Part 3.5.3 Gutters and Downpipes Acceptable Construction Practice (ACP) provisions
  2. Calculating Gable height knowing wall length and roof pitch. Take half the length of the gable wall and convert it to inches. Divide this amount by the run of the roof pitch. 144 / 12 = 12. Multiply this 12 by the roof pitch rise. Furthermore, how is a gable calculated? Calculate the area of the gable using the formula: gable area = width x.
  3. d that the program finds in the area of the roof. For example, the 2.8 series, multiply by 7.7 sheets in a row. In a real construction put 3 rows. To more accurately calculate the number of sheets of roofing to reduce the height of the sheet in the calculation to obtain a number of series
  4. When figuring surface area, the first numbers needed are the width and length (depth) of the home. For a home with a simple gable roof, this is an easy calculation.However, if the roof has dormers or other unique features, then they have to be measured and calculated separately
  5. Roof Calculator. Calculates height, length and width of a gable roof from the angle of slope and the thickness of the roof. 45° is a standard value for the slope α, for the thickness of the roof r, 30 cm are assumed. The height h means height above base, not height above ground. Example: at a base width b of 500 cm, the height is 292.43 cm
  6. To calculate the pitch of a Hip/Valley of a roof, The EDGE has to calculations based on specific points of reference, every time. The EDGE uses Plan View to calculate measurements and to apply a specific formula to its measurements. That formula is the Pythagorean Theorem using the following examples. Calculating Gable Ends
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  1. g without the right tools. You want a roof area calculator that provides accurate estimates to help you order materials such as shingles, membrane, roofing, or ceramic tile
  2. Any roof, the calculation of which can be carried out by area or rectangular material (including various types of tiles, wooden roof, etc.) Register and try online roof calculator for free Quickstart for roof area and material calculatio
  3. A roof pitch multiplier, also known as a roof pitch factor, is a number that, when multiplied by the area covered by a sloped roof, gives the actual area of the roof. The maths behind this number is that it is the square root of ((rise/run) 2 + 1)
  4. e your ventilation needs. Length. Width - OR - Area. ft/in m/cm. 1:300 Rule. 1:150 Rule. Select Ventilation Product AtticDefense Ridge Vent OffRidge Intake & Exhaust Vent FlowThru Ridge.
  5. imum standard 1/300 rule as set forth by the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). If local code requires the 1/150 rule, please double the requirements

Wind Load Calculator. In order for a structure to be sound and secure, the foundation, roof, and walls must be strong and wind resistant. When building a structure it is important to calculate wind load to ensure that the structure can withstand high winds, especially if the building is located in an area known for inclement weather The calculator below will find the overall number of vents needed to effectively ventilate the targeted attic space. When a vent line is selected and area entered, select the specific vent diameter to highlight the number of vents of that size which would ventilate the specified area with both 1/300 and 1/150 rule Please select the appropriate volume calculator below. Dormer Window, Flat Roof. Lean-to, Single Pitch Roof The best part of a roofing calculator is that it offers a free insight into the total cost of the replacement roof project on a sq ft basis. As you begin to calculate various costs, you will see that the cost is a result of the interplay of many different variables, including roof area (in terms of footage), measurement of any roof extras (like. truss count = ( (roof length * 12)/24) + 1, Rounded up to the closest whole number (for example if the result is 14.5, you need to get 15 trusses). To calculate the costs, we use the following two formulas: Including installation costs: total costs = truss count * single truss price + cost per time unit of work * duration of work

Roof Pitch Calculator. The roof pitch measures the steepness of your shed roof and typically takes values from 1 to 12. If your roof pitch is greater than 3 your roof is considered pitched.Read more about roof pitch at Wikipedia.. This free roof pitch calculator will take your roof width (see the picture) and rise (the height of the roof) and will calculate the roof pitch both as numeric value. How does this roofing calculator work? This is a useful home calculator that determines the roof pitch, the area of your house cover and the materials needed for the roof construction together with the total cost of the roofing materials.. The roofing calculator comprises of 2 tabs for the two measurements systems English (US) and Metric (SI).All you have to do is choose the desired tab, input. free area, in square inches, for common intake and exhaust ventilation units. To perform the calculations, divide the net free area requirement from Step 4 by the appropriate figure from the Net Free Area Table3.For our example, we will use the figures for ShingleVent II and undereave vents. Calculation: (for 4-foot length of ridge vent Calculating A Gable Roof free download - Jobber Computer Plus, Flat Roof Calculator - CoolFlatRoof.com, Roof Area / RainFlow & Gutter Calculator, and many more program Installing gable vents on your home is a cost-effective way to ventilate the attic area. Gable vents install on each end of the home at the roof peak. Replacing existing gable vents requires simply measuring the existing hole and purchasing replacements that match the opening size

How to Calculate the Roof Area Using the Building Square Footage & the Pitch of the Roof. This calculation will give a solid estimate for a single slope roof and a simple gable roof with a. Just choose your roof type, pitch type, the number of current shingles layer and roof coverage are to find out the answer to the question: How much does a new roof cost? Fill in your e-mail address and the roofing calculator will send you the results. If you have any questions regarding our roofing services, call us at (888) 613-7663 Each bundle covers 33.3 sq. ft. of roof area—close enough to the 32 sq. ft. a sheet covers. So just order one bundle for each sheet of roof sheathing. For other bundle counts per square, divide the number of sheets of sheathing by three and you'll have the total number of squares needed to cover the roof

You must know which code compliance method is required in the project area. Most local building codes require compliance with either the 1/150 method or the 1/300 method exception (refer to local code). These methods dictate that one (1) square foot of ventilation is provided for every 150 or 300 square feet of attic floor space Calculate Sheathing Needed. Once you have the area you can divide by the area of a sheet of plywood to find the number of sheets needed. A 4×8 sheet of plywood is 32 ft 2. So, dividing the area of the roof by 32 will give you the number of sheets needed. For example, if your roof is 1,500 ft 2 then it will take 47 sheets of plywood to sheath it

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1. Find the square footage of the roof. Measure the length and width of each portion of the roof, multiply length by width for each plane, and then add the planes together for the total square footage. If you have a simple gable roof, you'll only need to measure and sum up the 2 planes of the roof To calculate the Effective Roof Area you should use this formula: Roof Length X Half Roof Width X Roof Height ÷ 2 = Roof Area. Calculate the area of a roof to work out how much guttering is required. So for a roof that is 5 m long, with a height of 4 m and the roof width is 8 m (which makes the half roof width 4m) we can calculate the. How to Calculate Roof Ventilation. To properly calculate the required roof ventilation, Section R806.2 specifies that the minimum net free ventilation area shall be 1/150 of the area being vented. For example, an attic being 1,500 square feet in area requires 10 square feet of ventilation. If you are trying to determine the area in square. Roofing Calculator 3D for your projects for free. Information on the purpose of the calculator: Roofing Calculator 3D. Online gable roofing calculator (double slope) is designed to calculate the angle of slope of the rafters, the number of crates, the load on the roof, as well as the amount of material necessary to build a roof type Gable trusses are built on each end of the roof framework to support roof sheathing. Gable trusses will cost anywhere from 25% to 50% more than standard-style trusses. Roof trusses are convenient and reliable . We've listed out six of the most common roof trusses, but there are many more types on the market