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Google Maps uses the Mercator projection, which has the characteristic that things look bigger and bigger the closer you get to the poles. You can't show the poles because the map scale there is infinity. Because of the map scale problem and becau.. However, searching for weird things on Google Earth/Maps has become a fairly popular thing to do, and as more people search, more things will be discovered. Here at Stranger Dimensions alone, I've posted about a Kraken, weird pyramids, and an alleged UFO crash site, all found in Antarctica on Google Maps Google Maps' biggest mysteries from Antarctica 'UFO' to Paris Catacombs 'ghost'. January 1, 2021. Conspiracy theorists have spotted a lot of mysterious objects in Google Maps images in 2020 and many of them are still unexplained. Maps and Google Earth, which shows satellite images of Earth, are frequently used by enthusiasts to spot.

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  1. Antarctica mystery: Melting ice uncovers 'ancient object' on Google Maps - online frenzy A MYSTERIOUS 'ancient object' uncovered by melting ice and snow in Antarctica has sparked an online frenzy.
  2. If the satellite photos that some allege were real, and of real stuff in Antarctica that google maps was hiding in the open, then you can add stuff that looks like the skeletons of very large and serpent-like creatures to the list, not to mention a few photos of stuff that looks like buildings and installations of some sort
  3. Google Earth 'exposes' Antarctica secrets with images of 'statues, ships and discs'. Conspiracy theorists have long claimed the icy plains of Antarctica are hiding mysterious secrets below and Google Earth is often used to back up the sensational beliefs. A UFO watcher claims to have spotted a 'grey alien face' in the middle of Antarctica on.
  4. In this video me and my friend MiroH12 check out a possible blocked out section in Antarctica through Google Maps. Hope you enjoy
  5. Antarctica lies within the Antarctic Circle, it is bordered by the Antarctic ocean also known as the Southern Ocean. The whole continent is almost entirely covered by ice sheets, permanent layers of frozen water. Oh, and yes, sorry, Google Maps uses a close variant of the Mercator map projection, so it hardly show areas around the poles, you.
  6. Image: Google Maps In 1946-1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, of Hollow Earth fame, spearheaded Operation Highjump, a military training exercise in Antarctica. Many have since claimed that this was actually a cover-up for a top secret mission

Google Street View cameras have mapped a miniscule patch of land in Antarctica that is inhabited by penguins and this imagery is now live on Google Maps for all to explore. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate around the area or just lift the penguin icon from the inset window and drop it to another location on the island - it's. Coords: 81°57'41.15W 79°58'38.32 Antarctica map, satellite view. Share any place, ruler for distance measurements, find your location, address search, map live. Country, state and city lists with capitals and administrative centers are marked. Airports and seaports, railway stations and train stations, river stations and bus stations A MYSTERIOUS structure found buried 'in Antarctica' that measures more than 14 miles long and was discovered on Google Earth has left people on the internet baffled

In 2010, Google had already begun posting static photographic imagery taken from Antarctica to Google Maps. Unlike past photos though, the latest additions combine high-resolution, panoramic. The Street View team recently visited Antarctica, Earth's southernmost continent. At 14.0 million km2 (5.4 million sq mi), it is the fifth-largest continent in area. About 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice that averages at least 1.9 kilometres (1.2 mi) in thickness. On average, it is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent. [ source Map of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean produced by the LIMA Project (Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica). It shows the topography of Antarctica (as blue lines), research stations of the United States and the United Kingdom (in red text), ice-free rock areas (in brown), ice shelves (in gray) and names of the major ocean water bodies (in blue uppercase text) LIVE weather of Antarctica. Satellite images, radar, wind map

65-foot humanoid found on Google Earth maps in Antarctica. The world-famous virtual archaeologist Scott Waring discovered an incredibly large silhouette of humanoid in one of the images of Antarctica. It is located next to the entrance to a huge cave, which was captured by a satellite and displayed on the Google Earth map Was a '400-Foot Ice Ship' Discovered in Antarctica on Google Maps? Conspiracy theorists claimed the ice ship seen on Google Maps was linked to Nazis or was being built underground for the. Instagramer ufo_scandinavia has located what they believe to be a massive alien face on the White Continent using google maps. We investigated ourselves, on google maps, and it's indeed there (earth.google.com). Google Antarctic 72°00' 36.00'' S , 168° 34' 40

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Welcome to google satellite maps Antarctic locations list, welcome to the place where google maps sightseeing make sense! With comprehensive gazetteer for countries in Antarctic, maplandia.com enables to explore Antarctic through detailed satellite imagery — fast and easy as never before Yes, some such discovery has been made by Google earth. This is located south of New zealand 160 kilometers off the coast of Antarctica. This appears to have resemblance to the cruise liner having series of windows. However,it cannot be a cruise l.. A HUGE structure has been discovered in Antartica - and it's baffling scientists. Conspiracy theorists insist that the Google Earth image proves the South Pole was once home to an anci Mystery as skeleton of 'bizarre' animal is found on Google Maps in Antarctica after ice melted Harry Pettit , Senior Digital Technology and Science Reporter 17:11, 7 Jan 202 By Peter Rejcek, Antarctic Sun Editor: Antarctica is finally on the map. Google maps, that is. Of course, the southern continent has always been on Google maps and its popular Google Earth.

(OPINION) ETH - Ice that has melted in Antarctica has revealed the skeletal remains of a mysterious creature, sparking claims that the creature found on Google Maps could be a dinosaur frozen in time. According to the report from Express, The mysterious skeleton has been discovered on Google Maps in Antarctica in a video titled: [ Why is the bottom of Antarctica hidden in Google Maps? The bottom is cut off. We have satellite views, so why is this hidden? We should be able to see the other end of the coast. (There is only sea at the top of the map). 0 comments Lat 66°33'10.08S, Lon 99°50'21.95E. The biggest building on Earth. This rectangular structure is about 14 miles long and 8 miles across and appears to be partially buried in the snow and ice. Do the math 14 miles long, 8 miles across makes it 112 Square Miles big. Lat 70°14'17.16S Lon 87°46'42.34E

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Image Credit: UFO Sightings Daily. On Google Earth one can find two large entrances that extend below the Antarctic surface and ice near the coastline. For some observers, they are natural caverns formed over time by the intense Antarctic weather conditions. Not so according to Scott Waring owner of the popular UFO Sightings blog An eagle-eyed Google Earth devotee thinks there's something odd going on in Antarctica. The self-proclaimed Earth watchman claims he spotted an air vent on top of a metallic s

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  1. Covering approximately 98 percent of Antarctica to a latitude of 88 degrees south (there's a slight hole right at the South Pole due to a lack of satellite coverage), the map has a resolution of.
  2. Blackout: try and zoom into Roswell and you will have difficulty on Google Earth (Image: Google Maps). Back then there were many reports that an extraterrestrial spaceship had crashed - and the.
  3. Google Earth has apparently been the tool responsible for the discovery of two secret underground facilities in Antarctica. In the view of many ufologists and researchers, these mysterious entrances could be secret military underground facilities, extraterrestrial bases but even ordinary caves which formed over time due to the harsh.
  4. Explore Antarctica in Google Maps Street View. Earlier today Google released some fantastic new Google Street View imagery of Antarctica. This imagery has also been included in Google's World Wonders Project too. Obviously the imagery it isn't actually street view rather it is ground-level 3D imagery of notable landmarks in Antarctica
  5. Antarctica is a big mainly frozen place, the wind blows a lot, it snows, it thaws too sometimes, water expands when it freezes, ice that is over water can crack making unusual patterns. Google Maps and the like aren't real-time images, but may get updated without notice showing changes that are actually years apart
  6. Antarctica. Show Image. About Earth View. Earth View is a collection of thousands of the most striking landscapes found in Google Earth. Humans have only been able to see the planet from space for the last 50 years. Yet something encoded in us long ago reacts when we see the world at this unprecedented scale

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  1. The strange shape said to have emerged from thawing ice in Antarctica (Image: GOOGLE EARTH/MRMBB333) Read More Related Articles Read More Related Articles. In this first video, playable at the top of this page, a conspiracy theorist claims to have found a flying saucer created by mankind lodged in Antarctic ice.. The footage, uploaded by YouTuber MrMBB333, shows a circular-looking object in.
  2. g that the leaders of the Third Reich might have fled to secret bases in Antarctica after their defeat in World War II. A YouTuber studying various anomalies and conspiracy.
  3. The most shocking details about the map were the continent of Antarctica free of ice. But the Piri-reis map isn't the only one depicting Antarctica without ice; it turns out that a number of other maps also depict Antarctica ice-free before it was even discovered in 'modern times.' Another extremely controversial map is the cartographical.
  4. Google Maps' biggest mysteries from Antarctica 'UFO' to 'ghost' of Paris Catacombs. Google Maps and Google Earth conspiracy theorists claim to have spotted a whole host of mysterious objects throughout 2020 - with the sightings ranging from ghosts to relics from Antarctica. We pay for stories! Send your videos to video@trinitymirror.com

Antarctica Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth, and surrounds the South Pole.Tourist visits are costly, demand physical fitness, can only take place in summer Nov-Feb, and are largely limited to the Peninsula, Islands and Ross Sea Entropy will eventually kill location photos just like Panoramio. 1. level 1. TheKingInTheNorth93. · 1y. Dude look at these cords it's on Antarctica too. 72°00' 36.00'' S , 168° 34' 40.00'' E. 1. level 2 Historic Google Streetview Virtual Tours Images of the Antarctic huts used by polar explorers Sir Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott can be viewed and explored on Google Street View. The prefabricated wooden cabins were erected in 1908 and 1911 respectively and were used as bases for the men's attempts to reach the south pole

New Street View images for Antarctica, Ireland and Brazil. Today Google have added even more countries to their ever-expanding Street View offering, which now takes Pegman onto all seven continents of the world! As it's Google Sightseeing's Fifth Annual Island Week, Google have kindly added a small amount of. Posted by James Turnbull Using Google Earth, conspiracy theorists claim to have spotted the mythical Kraken swimming off the coast of Deception Island near Antarctica. It appears to be 100ft long and part giant squid Here are 12 Google Map secrets, and places that you can explore for yourself. Click the coordinates to view each location, or check out the map below. 1. China 35.414520, 119.499892. Number one of our list might surprise you. It's the entire country of China. Go to any place in China on Google Maps and you'll see that none of the roads line up

A perceptive Google Earth user discovered an abnormally shaped object near the coast of Antarctica, setting off a flood of comments from YouTube users. On August 7, a YouTuber who goes by MrMBB333. Google Maps mystery as '400-foot ice ship' spotted near Antarctica sparks wild conspiracy theories Harry Pettit , Senior Digital Technology and Science Reporter 5:49 ET, Aug 10 202 Antarctica (AQ) Davis Station is a permanent base in Antarctica managed by the Australian Government Antarctic Division (AGAD). It is the busiest Australian scientific research station. Davis Station is located in Princess Elizabeth Land in a remarkable ice free area of Antarctica known as the Vestfold Hills. Google Maps Re: What is going on in Antarctic google Maps? « Reply #5 on: October 23, 2017, 10:53:18 PM » The problem is that Google do most of their photographic work with airplanes - and it's very hard to fly over the Antarctic because of the horrendous weather and the danger should you need to land urgently

Mystery as skeleton of 'bizarre' animal is found on Google Maps in Antarctica after ice melted. A BONKERS conspiracy theorist claims to have found the skeleton of a mysterious creature on Google Earth. In a bizarre video posted this week, YouTuber MrMBB333 said the remains in a remote region of Antarctica may have belonged to a. If you pull up Google Maps and go to the coordinates—54°39'44.62S 36°11'42.47W—you'll see that, without a doubt, something is out there on the ice. This content is imported from YouTube

Of course many of these have been spotted in some of the most remote places on earth, and there have been several supposed crashed spaceships turned up in Antarctica. For instance, there is an odd dent in the snow discovered by Russian UFO-enthusiast Valentin Degterev, which was found at the Google Maps coordinates 80°34'08.4″S 30°05'19. Antarctic Digital Database Map Viewer, not quite so high resolution but more marked features here. Simple free use outline map of Antarctica. Unlabelled free use relief map of Antarctica. Basic labelled free use map of Antarctica. Political Maps of Antarctica. Full size image, 2787 x 3427px here New 360 degree views with panoramic imagery of historic Antarctic locations are part of Google's World Wonders site, where you can find out more about the history of the exploration of South Pole. The Ceremonial South Pole captured on Google Maps.Image credit: Google. Google explained in their blog post how they created the 360 degree images with a lightweight tripod camera

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MapQuest. Type: Town. Description: United States Antarctic research center on the south tip of Ross Island. Category: Antarctic research station. Location: Antarctica. Latitude of center. -77.8483° or 77° 50' 54 south. Longitude of center. 166.6683° or 166° 40' 6 east Monster hunters claim to have found 120m long giant squid-like creature . In short, while exploring the area around Deception Island on Google Earth, some well-known anomaly hunters found a weird thing. Google maps is full of weird things. The planet is full of weird things. Weird things are awesome

Google on Tuesday added historically significant imagery to its map of Antarctica so people anywhere are able to explore this remote destination. Photograph shows inside Ernest Shackleton's. Antarctica Cities Map. At Antarctica Cities Map page, view countries political map of Antarctica, physical maps, satellite images, driving direction, interactive traffic map, Antarctica atlas, road, google street map, terrain, continent population, national geographic, regions and statistics maps. Content Detail Antarctica and surroundings: this map shows Antarctica in the context of its surrounding lands and seas. These maps may be freely used by teachers and students for educational purposes. Download the PDF files below. More maps may be found on the Australian Antarctic Data Centre website. Visit Classroom Antarctica for more educational resources Google Maps mystery as '400-foot ice ship' spotted near Antarctica sparks wild conspiracy theories. NUTTY conspiracy theorists claim they've found a capsized boat on Google Earth roughly 100.

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  1. Bizarre 120m sea 'creature' has been spotted on Google Earth near Antarctica. SHARP-EYED Google Earth users did a double take when they spotted something in the waters off Antarctica
  2. g to have discovered what.
  3. In Antarctica, Google Street View is available on selected locations.. Views of Half Moon Island in the South Shetland Islands, were added September 2010.; Ceremonial South Pole, Shackleton's Hut, Discovery Hut, added July 2012.; Cape Royds, Castle Rock Loop Trail, WISSARD Test Site, Arena Valley, Lake Bonney, McMurdo Station, Taylor Valley, Bull Pass, Wright Valley, added December 2013

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Google maps final corner of the planet as it launches Street View for Antarctica, Brazil and Ireland Gallery: Google Street View around the world Penguins at Half Moon Bay, Antarctica, on Google. Interested in checking out Antarctica?. Just as Google sent a swarm of computers to map the Internet, the company has hired a high-tech army to chart the real world. Satellites snapped a bird's. See the map, stats, and news for areas affected by COVID-19 on Google New An Antarctic pyramid. (sevzirfo/ Google Maps ) The Research of Dr. Charles Hapgood . Two of the 'Antarctica pyramids' can be found 10 miles (16 kms) from the coast. The third pyramid is located near the shoreline. The discovery of these pyramids suggests that Antarctica may have been inhabited by humans sometime in the past 6,000 years. It. A Google Earth image of a remote location in Antarctica has sparked rumors about an alleged UFO landing in the icy continent of the world. The UFO Hunters, as well as the conspiracy theorists, believe that a UFO landed near Antarctica on the South Atlantic Ocean of South Georgia

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Northern Hemisphere. View all of the Antarctic Hemisphere daily maps of total ozone for July 2021. Satellite instruments monitor the ozone layer, and we use their data to create the images that depict the amount of ozone. Click any map image to bring up a new page with a high-resolution map Antarctica. Show Map. About Earth View. Earth View is a collection of thousands of the most striking landscapes found in Google Earth. Humans have only been able to see the planet from space for the last 50 years. Yet something encoded in us long ago reacts when we see the world at this unprecedented scale Explore Antarctica in Google Maps Street View. Earlier today Google released some fantastic new Google Street View imagery of Antarctica. This imagery has also been included in Google's World Wonders Project too. Obviously the imagery it isn't actually street view rather it is ground-level 3D imagery of notable landmarks in Antarctica You can find cool stuff if you search around Antarctica on GE though, I once found some glowing green rocks. 2. level 1. Lord_Augastus. 3 years ago. There are both military and scientific bases from many nations there, also the real antarctica image collage actually has the center, the pole itself largely unexplored

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The mysterious skeleton of a creature has been found on Google Maps in Antarctica in footage which has since gone viral. YouTuber Michael Bradbury, who hosts the conspiracy channel MrMBB333, suggested that the skeleton remains indicated a dinosaur which had been preserved in the Antarctic ice The strangest finds on Google Maps. View gallery. Tyler was at it again last week when he spotted what he thought was a crash-landed spaceship on South Georgia Island, a remote British Overseas territory near Antarctica. Using Google Earth, he pointed out an unknown mass that appeared to have skidded 1,000 metres before grinding to a hal

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Google Maps visits Antarctica's snowy landscape. Complete with 360-degree panoramic views of glaciers, penguins, and exploration outposts, Google's Street View brings the South Pole to armchair. Google Maps satellite cameras managed to capture a gigantic and creepy 'human face' in Antarctica. The fact has terrified thousands in social networks. Thousands were speechless with shocking discovery. Thanks to a recent Facebook post , the incredible discovery was made thanks to the Google Maps satellite cameras , which toured Antarctica and managed to capture a demonic 'human face' Google Maps Anomalies: The Rocky Kraken Of Antarctica. In June of 2016, intrepid Google Maps explorers found what they believed was a sea monster near Antarctica — possibly, they thought, evidence of the legendary Kraken. According to Wikipedia, the bishop of Bergen, Norway, Erik Pontoppidan, once claimed the monstrous many-armed Kraken. A MYSTERIOUS object spotted in Antarctica could be hiding a huge secret - if conspiracy theorists are to be believed. The unusual sighting was made on Google Earth by Graham Maple, who runs the.

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Image via Google Maps Claim Recently discovered satellite photos from Google Earth show that an ancient civilization built pyramids in Antarctica 100 million years ago Why is Google Earth blurring out all of inland Antarctica and especially the South Pole? Because it doesn't exist. Close. 2. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. Why is Google Earth blurring out all of inland Antarctica and especially the South Pole? Because it doesn't exist Both Google Earth and Google Maps show open ocean north of Greenland, even though it's normally pretty icy up there. A commonly cited reason is that the Arctic ice cap is floating on open ocean; there's no land underneath that reaches sea level. Antarctica, on the other hand, does conceal land above sea level 10 Conspiracy Theories About Antarctica Verse. Satellite Images Reveal Remains Of Lost Continents Hidden Under. Antarctic Mysteries 3. Antarctica Mysteries. Something Mive Shows Up On Google Earth Latest Ufo Sightings. Pyrimids Found In Middle Of Antarctica On Google Earth. Antarctica Mysteries A number of governments have set up permanent research stations in Antarctica and these bases are widely distributed. Unlike the drifting ice stations set up in the Arctic, the Research stations of the Antarctic are constructed either on rock or on ice that is (for practical purposes) fixed in place.. Many of the stations are staffed around the year. A total of 42 countries (as of October 2006.

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Antarctic Peninsula The Antarctic Peninsula is the long mountainous peninsula projecting north from Antarctica.A long way north - its tip is about three times further away from the South Pole than it is from the South American mainland, some 1600 km away Tags: antarctica creepy photo ancient aliens giant alien google maps google map mystery mysterious photo ufo alien life giant alien beings alien wtf aliens face pyramid ancient ufo aliens NEXT VIDEO VR Boxing Game Is A Little Too Real For This Chic The Google Earth Antarctic Expedition Megathread! This thread will get sticky and be a place to submit all the strange features and formations that can be seen in Antarctica on Google Earth. Pyramid: 81°57'41.15W 79°58'38.32S. 14-mile structure: -70.177653, 87.824707. Giant staircase: 68°54'57.42S ,88° 1'49.92E. Saucer shape: 74°38'18. Antarctica is surrounded by conspiracy theories and ice lots of ice.Both are unsurprising considering that the continent is the most remote and the least understood on Earth. It is practically impossible to live there without specialized gear, buildings, and support from humans on a more livable continent The newly discovered Antarctica Pyramid. Google Earth The pyramid-shaped structures are located in the Ellsworth Mountains, which is a range more than 400 km long, so it's no surprise there.

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Antarctica Map South Pole. At Antarctica Map South Pole page, view countries political map of Antarctica, physical maps, satellite images, driving direction, interactive traffic map, Antarctica atlas, road, google street map, terrain, continent population, national geographic, regions and statistics maps. Content Detail Google Sightseeing takes you on a tour of the world as seen from satellite or street views using Google Maps. Our team of authors present weird and wonderful sights as suggested by readers. Our team of authors present weird and wonderful sights as suggested by readers

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Unexplained cave in Antarctica. Till this date, scientists have no clue what happened to the mysterious cave which seemed to appear out of the blue on a remote island in Antarctica. Online users. (Image credit: DigitalGlobe/Google) The truth is out there and the truth is that a UFO did not crash into South Georgia Island, Antarctica. In March,a conspiracy-peddling YouTube channel. A Google Earth user has spotted a huge mysterious disc-shaped object sticking out from the ice in Antarctica.. The bizarre grey structure is the latest strange finding in Antarctica. YouTube user Sandra Elena Andrade shared the video with the caption: Mysterious images captured by Google Earth, arouse a deep interest and surprise in both the scientific and ufological environment A giant red X found on Google Maps scans of Antarctica is a marker for a UFO crash landing. Historical revisionists claim that Nazi scientists set up a mysterious research station in Antarctica's New Swabia region starting in 1938. There is absolutely no evidence of this claim See the latest Antarctica RealVue™ weather satellite map, showing a realistic view of Antarctica from space, as taken from weather satellites. The interactive map makes it easy to navigate.

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Examining Google Earth images from the coordinates provided by WowForReal (63° 2'56.73″S 60°57'32.38″W) yielded similar results to those shown in the above-displayed video, but the. [Cross-posted from the Official Google Blog] Update 12:01PM: To clarify, the Street View imagery for Antarctica includes panoramas of an area called Half Moon Island - such as this view of penguins and this one of the landscape.The blue dots you see throughout the continent when dragging the pegman are user-contributed photos. We introduced Street View back in May 2007, enabling people to. Google persuaded researchers on Antarctica to hike around the continent (uh, sign me up) wearing the Trekker, a 42-lb. pack outfitted with batteries and a 15-lens, geodesic camera poking out of the top like a mushroom. Google has previously used the Trekker to capture 360-degree views in the Grand Canyon and other wild places Google Maps satellite cameras have returned thousands of social network users absorbed, as it was revealed that such sophisticated teams made an incredible discovery in a remote area of Antarctica. In this unexplored place there would have been a huge 'cave' whose origin has left thousands of users in suspense A Google Earth image of Antarctica has sparked claims of evidence there was once a civilisation living in the frozen continent. The picture shows an oval-shaped structure that conspiracy theorists. Geography - map skills. An entirely volcanic island in the Ross Sea off the coast of Antarctica in McMurdo Sound at 77°30'S 168°00'E, Ross Island is made up of four volcanoes including Mount Erebus, the worlds most southerly active volcano 3,794m (12,448ft) high and one of a very few worldwide with a permanent lava lake in the crater. Ross.