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Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now Shop Fabric To Unleash Your Creative Side. US Orders Of $35+ From Any Participating Shop Now Ship Free Aida fabric is a popular choice for cross stitch, as it's easy to use and allows for perfectly-spaced, foolproof stitching. DMC Charles Craft Aida is available in a variety of counts including 11, 14, 16, and 18. The smaller the fabric count, the larger the squares: for example, 11-count Aida fabric will have 11 squares per inch Fabric Flair 14ct Specialty Aida. Fiddler's Cloth. Floba. Jobelan-Aida. Linen Aida. Stardust Aida. Stoney Creek 14ct Dyed Aida. 16 Count. 18 Count. 20 Count. 22 Count. 25 Count. 28 Count. 30 Count. 32 Count. 36 Count. 40 Count. Afghans. Congress Cloth. Crossed Wing Collection Hand-Dyed Fabric. Dames of the Needle. Fabric Flair AIDA Fabric 14 ct, 48cm x 48cm (19in x 19in), Fabric to Stitch, Cross Stitch Fabric, AIDA 14 count, AIDA Colors, Small Cut Aida, Aida Cloth. MillionOfStitches. 5 out of 5 stars. (3,908) $7.35

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Aida fabric. Stitchtastic. July 2 at 11:30 AM ·. Our next video explains a bit about Aida fabric - the most commonly used fabric in cross stitch. You can find lots of different sizes and counts of Aida at www.stitchtastic.com . 22. Share 16 Count White Aida Fabric 15x18 from Charles Craft. Charles Craft Gold Standard is woven from 100% cotton yarn, produced especially for Aida. Gold Standard is up to 33% heavier than imported fabric. This means it can be stitched without a hoop. Clear plastic tubes are a convenient square shape for easier display. Plastic tubes keep the fabric free of folds and creases and is great for storing. AIDA Fabric 14 ct, 48cm x 48cm (19in x 19in), Fabric to Stitch, Cross Stitch Fabric, AIDA 14 count, AIDA Colors, Small Cut Aida, Aida Cloth. MillionOfStitches. 5 out of 5 stars. (3,570) $7.60 Aida Cloth - Types, Stitch Counts, and Tips. Aida Cloth is a woven fabric used primarily in counted cross-stitch. The fabric is an even weave, which leaves perfect squares for making cross-stitch x's. Because Aida Cloth is loosely woven, the spaces where the stitches need to be made are readily apparent The term Aida was tossed in the late 19 th century for an even weave cloth that was widely used. It was invented by Zweigart company located in Germany. It was prevalent in Britain, and this fabric was exported on a large scale to other countries because of its distinct material and ease in embroidery.. This fabric and its garments became vastly famous throughout Europe, and elite designers.

Aida cloth is the most common fabric for cross stitch projects so you need to know which count Aida cloth you should use and how many strands of thread. I recently started a new cross stitch project and it got me thinking about counted cross stitch basics again Shop Charles Craft Aida Cloth Bolt 14 Count at JOANN fabric and craft store online to stock up on the best supplies for your project. Explore the site today Stitchers' Paradise Online store - Aida Zweigart Fabric Color Chart - 100% Cotton Aida - with DMC Equivalents and availability in 11-, 14-, 16- and 18-count Aida fabric Zweigart's 16 Count Aida - Over-Dyed Solids Click Here to see our Over-Dyed Collection Zweigart's 18 Count Aida Cloth 100% Cotton 18 x 21 - - - $9.2

Aida Fabrics Browse our extensive range of Aida fabrics, available in a large range of colours and styles View fabrics by coun Aida Fabric. A pure cotton fabric specially designed for cross stitch. Zweigart have just celebrated 100 years manufacturing aida so it is not a modern fabric. Ideal for the novice, for geometric patterns and when speed is essential! 3 items - View all - Page 1 of 1 - Aida Fabric. Unless stated otherwise all Zweigart aida is 100% cotton fabric. We stock a wide variety of Zweigart aida, across the range of counts, colours and finishes. Available as fat quarters, fat halves, half metres, full metres and multiples thereof. Suitable for cross stitch, needlpoint, blackwork and other needlecraft projects

16 ct Aida Fabric. from $5.45. Choose size : S L. Choose color : 5200 6750 322. Our pre-cut, 100% cotton, 16 count Aida fabric is specially designed for cross-stitch. This fabric is ideal for any cross stitcher, beginner or expert, as the perfectly square weave of the fabric makes it easy to create neat and regular stitches Created by Zweigart, this Aida cloth is 7 count and made from 60% Viscose, 40% Cotton. Lurex or Pearl-flecked or opalescent. This Zweigart fabric of 88% Cotton, 12% Metallic Polyester is an opalescent fabric. That means that the cotton fabric has a metallic thread woven through it. Available in 14 count and 18 count Aida cloth (sometimes called Java canvas) is an open, even-weave fabric traditionally used for cross-stitch embroidery.This cotton fabric has a natural mesh that facilitates cross-stitching and enough natural stiffness that the crafter does not need to use an embroidery hoo The term Cloth Count defines the size of the weave. The count is the number of weaves, or Stitches per inch of fabric. For example, if you stitched a square that was 14x14 stitches on this Aida it would be 1 inch square on the fabric. If you were to stitch the same pattern on 18 count aida, the finished project will be smaller Zweigart. 14ct. Stern Aida. Zweigart 14 count 100% cotton aida fabric. Available as fat quarters, fat halves, half metres, full metres and multiples thereof. Use two strands of stranded cotton for best coverage. 49 Item (s) Show 60 75 90 150 400 450 500 550 600 per page

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Antique White 14 Count Aida 18 x 27 Cross Stitch Cloth. Fabric Flair. Antique White 14 Count Aida 18 x 27 is similar to DMC 3865. Price: $26.98 Sale: $26.98 each. $26.98 each. Add to Cart. Add. Add to Wish List. Antique White Dyed Effect 14 Count Aida 18 x 27 Cross Stitch Cloth Cross Stitch Calculator. Cross Stitch Calculator. Graphed Size: stitches wide by stitches high. Fabric Count: threads per inch. # of threads each X covers? (Aida is 1, linen is usually 2) Extra fabric on each side for border? inches

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AIDA: Lastminute Reisen, Pauschalreisen, Familienreisen, Singlereisen mit Flug Design Works Aida Cloth is 100% white cotton fabric that's treated, making it somewhat stiff, yet easy to work with. Use this 14-count cross stitch fabric as a base for your next stitching, needlework, or embroidery project. It's perfect for beginner fabric artists Zweigart Aida Cloth, Cross Stitch and Needlework Fabric. A variety of genuine Aida cloth in different size colours and counts by Zweigart . You will find many counts, finishes and colours for cross stitch ( x-stitch ), needlework, needlepoint tapestry, embroidery and needlecraft projects Our Price: $14.99. Zweigart's quality fabrics are the ideal choice for all your needlework needs. 14-ct. aida cloth is 100% cotton. Made in Germany. Approximately 18 x 21 (46 x 53cm). Thank you for showing interest in this item. You will be notified by email as soon as this item is available to purchase

Aida and Aida Weaves (e.g. Tula) are woven so there are blocks in the fabric. With these fabrics you stitch over 1 block. Aida is generally made from cotton and the Aida Weaves from other fibers. The real meaning of evenweave is a fabric where the warp and weft are the same count Aida cloth is the common fabric for cross-stitch embroidery. If you find yourself going through a lot of Aida cloth or working in multiple projects, you will want to purchase Aida cloth by the yard. While craft stores, fabric stores, and on-line retailers sell a wide variety of small pieces of Aida cloth, finding Aida cloth for sale by the yard. Aida Cloth; Aida - 11 Count; Aida - 14 Count; Aida - 16 Count; Aida - 18 Count; Aida - 20 Count; Aida - 6 Count; Aida - 8 Count; Alma - 28 Count; Bandings - Cotton; Congress - 24 Count Cloth; Fabric Blends; Floba (superfine) - 18, 25,32 and 35 Count; Jazlyn - 28 Count; Jobelan Fabric; Jute - 4 and 12 Count; Klostern - 7 Count; Linda - 27 Count. Fabric Flair provides a massive collection of hand dyed cross stitch fabric and linen. We provide high-quality evenweave and plain weave 100% cotton fabrics

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We carry the complete collection of Zweigart's Needlework, Cross Stitch, Home Accessories, and Holiday Decorative products as well as Silkweaver Over-Dyed Fabrics, Presencia Floss, Jar Designs Hand-Dyed Floss, and Glendon Place Designs. You will find aida cloth, afghans, linens, plainweaves, stitchbands, leaflets, needlepoint canvas, patterned fabrics, damasks, patchmates, floss, crochetmates. Aida fabric was designed specifically for cross stitch by Zweigart in 1890. Most people learn to cross stitch on Aida fabric. Aida is generally made from 100% cotton, and It is frequently referred to as The Cross Stitch Fabric. 14 count is the most popular count used with the most color choices, followed by 16, 18, 11 and then 20 count fabric There are many specialty Aida varieties such as Fiddlers Cloth by Charles Craft (oatmeal Aida) and Zweigart's linen Aida; Used 16 count Fiddler's Cloth for the Adorned Life Collection . Evenweave fabric. Usually cotton or cotton blends; Threads are very consistent in diameter and evenly space

59 39 in Aida Cloth Cross Stitch Fabric 14 Count for Embroidery, White. Average Rating: ( 0.0) out of 5 stars. Current Price $14.99. $14.99 List. List Price $20.99 Aida 16 Count - Lavender Mist/Dark Pink. The default cut for this fabric is a Fat Quarter (55cm x 50cm). Available cuts include:Full Me.. A$0.00 Ex Tax: A$0.00. Add to Cart Details: Available in multiple colors. 15 x 18. 14 count. 100% cotton. Loops & Threads a ida cloth is an open-weave, even-weave fabric used for cross-stitch embroidery. This fabric has a natural mesh that facilitates cross-stitching and enough stiffness that the crafter does not need to use an embroidery hoop

The home of leopard print aida! Accept no imitations! All the printed cross stitch aida, linen and evenweave fabrics a modern cross stitcher could ever want, including colour pop, glittery finish and galaxy prints. Shipping daily worldwide from Scotland from one cross stitch nerd (me) to another (you) Aida fabric is one of the most widely used cross stitch fabrics. Made from 100% cotton, Aida is a particularly good choice for beginners because the wide, open weave makes the holes easy to see. Aida was created specifically for cross stitch in the late 1800's or early 1900's by the Zweigart company in Germany This aida fabric is ideal for cross stitches, embroidery, and needle embroidery. Also, the suitable size of the cross stitch fabric is apt for any need. SIZE: Big size white aida cloth 14 counts. MATERIAL: 59× 39 in. fabric perfect for any need and you can also cut it into smaller pieces. PERFECT FOR SEWING: Aida cross stitch fabric is a nice.

Aida is an open weave fabric designed to be strong and evenly woven, and is one of the most popular cross stitch fabrics on the market. Aida is great for cross stitch, as its design ensures your stitches are not pulled out of position easily and prevents your work from loosening or warping Hand dyed Fabrics. Hand dyed Aida & Evenweave; Hand dyed Linen; Hand dyed Opalescent fabrics; Neutral Colors Collection; Hand dyed threads. Hand dyed Silks; Hand dyed Cottons; Thread Packs; AIDA & EVENWEAVES Quick View. Haystack. Price $13.00. ADD TO CART. AIDA & EVENWEAVES Quick View. Vanilla Cream. Price $13.00. ADD TO CART. AIDA. Shop cross stitch and tapestry materials perfect as a base for your own inspirational designs or for use with a pattern. Shop the range of Aida fabric in various coloured materials and counts, from plastic canvas for simple and quick projects to 18 count Aida fabric for more detailed work. Make something different today

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  1. Aida Cloth is the collection's most textural pattern, featuring unexpected pops of color that bring a sophisticated, yet creative feel to the space. Key features. Available in three ethos® Modular tile sizes. Six contemporary, neutral colorways. Coordinates easily with Suede Tones, Twill, Sheared Herringbone
  2. Zweigart Fat Quarter Aida Cloth 18ct, Ecru. $20.00. Add to My Cart. 22 Item (s) 26 46 74 90. Position Name Price Christmas. If you're a fan of cross stitching, you need to get acquainted with Aida cloth. This even-weave cross stitch fabric is naturally strong, so you don't need to use an embroidery hoop or frame to keep your project level
  3. Aida Cloth is a woven, cotton textile and it is the most widely-used fabric in counted cross-stitch. It is what's called an even weave, or a square-patterned weave that leaves clearly visible stitching holes in your fabric. These holes make it easy for you to guide your needle through the fabric and make precise stitch sizes every time

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Colored aida cloth is popular for unframed projects like pillows or as a background that complements a cross-stitch design. In a pinch, tea dyeing will give white aida cloth a tan tint. All-purpose chemical dye will also work. Dyeing with a fiber-reactive dye, which is made from plant fibers and allows mixing colors, is a better option.. Aida Fabric - 14 count - Iridescent. Available in 6 colours, 14-count DMC Iridescent Aida makes your finished cross stitch project sparkle. All colours are made from 89% cotton + 11% viscose. Colours from Left to Right: White, Powder Pink, Sky Blue, Celery Green, Gold StoreFront / Cross Stitch Fabrics / 16 Count. Sort By: Product Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Most Popular SKU Newest. 16 Count. 16ct Cream Gretchen Cloth - Pillow Cut (2x2) $6.50. SKU: GR16CR. Ship To: (someone else) yourself Get the 14 Count Aida Cloth Cross Stitch Fabric by Loops & Threads™, 15 x 18 at Michaels. This fabric makes a perfect base for all of your cross stitch projects. Aida cloth is an open-weave, even-weave fabric used for cross-stitch embroidery Fabric . Aida Bands ; Tablecloths and Runners ; DMC . Aida Fabric ; Evenweave Fabric ; Linen Fabric ; Impression Fabric ; Marble Aida ; Magic Guide Fabric ; Waste Canvas Fabric ; Iridescent Fabric By the metre ; Off Cuts and Odds Fabrics ; Zweigart . Aida Fabric (Pre Cut Sizes) Evenweave Fabric ; Linen Fabric ; Normandie Fabric ; Fabric by the.

Spread out one of the two clean towels on the counter. Lift the Aida cloth out of the sink. Lay it flat on the towel, and place the other towel on top. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes. If, after 30 minutes, the cloth still isn't dry, hang it over a towel rack to finish drying 11 Count Aida Cloth - 55cm wide from $8.10. Quick Shop. 11 Count Aida Cloth - 55cm wide. $8.10. Colour White. Size 30cm 40cm 50cm 60cm 70cm 80cm 90cm 1metre. White / 30cm White / 40cm White / 50cm White / 60cm White / 70cm White / 80cm White / 90cm White / 1metre. Zweigart's Classic fabric for cross stitch embroideries Royal Blue Edge White Aida Band $ 5.95 - $ 10.95 Fairy Dust Cloud Dark Pink Designer Cotton Evenweave $ 17.90 - $ 70.90 Location: Frankston, VIC 3199 Australi Place your fabric into the dye, and make sure it is fully submerged. You must constantly stir the fabric to avoid any splotches! I like to mix my aida around for 15 - 20 minutes to achieve a full color. You can see in the pictures below how the color progresses. Each picture is a five minute progression

Chalkboard Black Linen Cross Stitch Fabric - 28 count from $7.50. French Country Purple Aida Cross Stitch Fabric from $5.00. Cream and Gold Metallic Aida Cross Stitch Fabric from $6.00. Smokey Pearl Aida Cross Stitch Fabric - 16 count from $6.00. Belfast White Linen Fabric - 32 count from $5.25 Cross Stitch Aida Cloth Linen Mix Lot 14 18 22 Count Specialty Sparkle Lugana. $39.99 + shipping. Seller 99.8% positive. Lot of 4 White 14 Ct Aida Cloth Cotton 12 X 12 3 Aida Supreme 1 Raymar New. $13.00. Free shipping. Seller 100% positive. CHARLES CRAFT Lot of 7 Cross Stitch 14 Count 15x18 Aida Fabric Roll WICHELT Aida Fabric for Cross Stitch 11, 14, 16, 20 count Choose Color, Quantity. $4.99 + $3.09 shipping + $3.09 shipping + $3.09 shipping. Picture Information. Image not available. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. Hover to zoom. X. Have one to sell? Sell now - Have one to.

Aida fabric is one of the most widely used cross stitch fabrics. Made from 100% cotton, Aida is a particularly good choice for beginners because the wide, open weave makes the holes easy to see. Can you cut Aida cloth? Thread count for this cotton evenweave fabric is based on 22 pairs of threads per inch running in both directions loops & threads™ aida cloth cross stitch fabric, 15 x 18, 14 count $4.99 Quickview. Free Store Pickup. charles craft® monaco™ needlework fabric $8.49 Pricing and Availability May Vary In Stores Quickview. Free Store Pickup. loops & threads™ aida cloth cross stitch fabric, 29.5 x 36. Aida Cloth-white; Acrylic Paint (yup, just normal acrylic paint) in the color you wish to make the aida cloth; Tint-able Fabric Medium. I used Martha Steward's Tint-able Fabric Medium, found at Michael's. Wide paint brush; For this project I used a gold acrylic paint to color my aida cloth. I really love how it turned out-it make my.

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The quarter stitch resembles a half stitch, but it is stitched into the center of an Aida fabric square. Quarter stitches are used to create the petite cross stitch. While this may seem like an easy stitch, it is a little difficult to get it spot on. It can be difficult to get it exactly even. Try this stitch a couple of times as practice Silkweaver's hand dyed Aida Fabrics are perfect for giving your project an extra special background.. This FOTM option utilizes both the Expressions and Classics type colors. In this option, you will receive (1) 18″x28″, (2) 18″x28″ cuts, or (1) 26″x36″ cut of fabric Our Price: $6.99. Premium quality aida cloth is woven from 100% Egyptian cotton. White 14-ct. aida. 28 x 17 (74 x 43cm). Thank you for showing interest in this item. You will be notified by email as soon as this item is available to purchase. The item you selected has already been subscribed to notify to this email Aida cloth first appeared around 1890 and was specifically produced for cross stitchers by the manufacturer Zweigart. Evenweave vs non-evenweave. Evenweave is a term often referred to in cross stitching. A fabric that has the same number of threads per inch in both directions (horizontal and vertical - also known as the 'warp' and 'weft.

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  1. Aida Fabrics 14ct webmasterSIA 2018-01-11T23:50:14+00:00 Aida Fabrics Browse our extensive range of Aida fabrics, available in a large range of colours and style
  2. DoveStitch provides solid-color as well as patterned cross stitch fabric. Explore our unique selections of Aida, Evenweave, Lugana, Linen, Cashel & Belfast
  3. As inventor of the world-famous AIDA textile, we cooperate with many leading designers and are a leading provider of progressive fabric finishes. QUALITY We use nothing but the best raw materials in our full-fledged production facility and thus set international standards in quality and selection. 100 % made in Germany is our guiding principle
  4. ABC Stitch Therapy Suite 950, 14405 Walters Road Houston TX 77014, USA PHONE (281) 205-7507: 10% OFF MOST COUNTED CROSS STITCH CHARTS AND KIT

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  1. Fabric Flair 18 count Cafe au Lait (marked) aida 45x50cm. £5.25. Add to Basket. Wishlist. Quickview
  2. Wichelt Imports Fabrics. French Lace Linen 28 Ct from Wicehlt Imports, one quarter yard cuts only. Cafe Mocha Linen 32 Ct, one quarter yard cut, pre-packaged. Wichelt Imports Milk Chocolate 14 Ct Aida, one quarter yard, pre-packaged. Wichelt Imports China Pearl Linen 28 Ct, sold in one quarter cuts
  3. Aida & Aida Weave Fabrics. 10 count Tula. 14 count Aida. 16 count Aida. 18 count Aida. 20 count Aida. 6 count Aida to 11 count Aida
  4. Aida Cross Stitch Fabric is manufactured by Per
  5. Shop 14 Count 12x18 Aida Cloth Ivory at JOANN fabric and craft store online to stock up on the best supplies for your project. Explore the site today
  6. Aida Fabric - 16 Count. 1 item(s) found. Page: [1] We stock a great range of fabrics in a number of styles and colours, and available in any size you need. All fabrics shown are normally available from stock

A kit is a pack that contains all the material you need to make the illustrated design. It usually contains Aida fabric, stranded cotton thread in all the required colours, a needle and a cross stitch chart with instructions on how to complete the design 1. Stranded Cotto Make A Splash: Fish Inn Double Border -- Michael Miller Fabrics dc9366-turq-d. $11.75 Per Yard. Add to Cart. Add to Design Wall. Dinosaur Friends: Dinosaur Border -- In The Beginning Fabrics 2din1 -- 18 remaining for $5.88. $5.88 Each. Add to Cart. Add to Design Wall. At The Lake: Border Stripe -- Riley Blake Designs c10555 blue

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Click below to view other fabric color charts. Zweigart Aida. Wichelt Aida. Zweigart Linen. Wichelt Linen. Lugana (Zweigart) To order a particular count/color please select them in the previous Needlework Fabrics page. The note disc-qnty avail indicates that the fabric has been discontinued by the manufacturer but we have some remaining stock Aida (Italian: ) is an opera in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi to an Italian libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni.Set in the Old Kingdom of Egypt, it was commissioned by Cairo's Khedivial Opera House and had its première there on 24 December 1871, in a performance conducted by Giovanni Bottesini.Today the work holds a central place in the operatic canon, receiving performances every year around the. 11 Count Aida Cloth - 55cm wide from $8.10. Quick Shop. 11 Count Aida Cloth - 55cm wide. $8.10. Colour White. Size 30cm 40cm 50cm 60cm 70cm 80cm 90cm 1metre. White / 30cm White / 40cm White / 50cm White / 60cm White / 70cm White / 80cm White / 90cm White / 1metre. Zweigart's Classic fabric for cross stitch embroideries Fabric for counted embroidery is bought by its thread count, which tells us its fineness. So, 14-count fabric has 14 blocks or threads to each 2.5cm (1in). The more threads or blocks to 2.5cm (1in), the finer the fabric. Aida. This excellent cotton fabric is woven in blocks, giving obvious holes for the needle to enter, so it is ideal for the.

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Aida Cloth Cross Stitch Cloth 6Pcs White Natural Linen Needlework Fabric Cross Stitch Cloth 20 Inch Embroidery Linen Fabric for Making Garment Craft Needle Embroidery Decoration and Tablecloth (6B) 4.4 out of 5 stars 290 Product Dimension: 8.19 X 7 X .64. Product Information. Product Has No Fraying. Pre-Stretched Canvas. Create A One Of A Kind Gift. Fabric Type: 100% Aida. Ready To Stitch White Blank. Start With A Blank Canvas, End With A Masterpiece. 'S Ready To Stitch Blanks Are Perfect For Unleashing Your Imagination Fabrics - Linens - Aida - What's New? Acufactum. Wiesenköniginnen - 50x145cm. American cotton creative sewing and quilting fabric € 12.45. MP Studia. Designer Canvas Aida 18ct. 40x30cm. SKD-170 Printed embroidery fabrics € 9.94. MP Studia. Designer Canvas Aida 14ct. 21x30cm. SKD14-16

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DMC Easy Count Magic Guide Aida & Evenweave DMC Magic Aida is an innovative fabric that takes the guesswork out of stitching. Magic aida has a red grid with perfectly parallel lines, each grid square counts out 10 points. The red grid will wash easily away when you are done with your embroidery. Magic Aida is perfect for beginners to use a guide, or for an expert wanting to save time Aida Fabrics. Aida Fabric is a high-quality, stiff material used for cross stitch and hand-embroidery. The open weave allows you to clearly count your stitches and create beautiful, hand crafted pieces. Hand-embroidery can be used as stand alone artworks or inserted into cards, papercrafts, bags and even clothing projects Stitch incredible, customized designs into this perfect needlework base! Silver 14-Count Aida Cross Stitch Fabric is an even weave cotton piece with a large size which can be cut for a variety of projects. Pick your favorite cross stitch pattern or freehand a design that showcases your personality! Details: Length: 18. Width: 14 3/4 Charles Craft Classic Reserve 14-count Aida Cloth 30 in. x 10 yd. White (10 yards) Rating System. $132.40. Quick View

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Product Name: Zweigart Aida - 14 Count - Per Metre. Brand Name: Zweigart. Brand: Zweigart. Fabric Type: Aida. Fabric Width: 110. Application: Needlecraft Fabrics. 11 count aida or Perle aida has visibly clear holes which makes it easy to count. Ideal for beginners, children and those with eyesight trouble. Sort by. Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new. Filters. 11 Count Aida Fabric. Regular price. £6.95 Online Fabrics: High quality aida fabric material for sale online (buy online or visit our two floor showroom in Coventry). Next day delivery - FREE samples available Description. This 60 wide 14-count Aida cloth is perfect for needle craft such as cross stitch. Its precise square-pattern weave makes it easy to guide the needle in and out of the fabric and to obtain even stitches. It has enough natural stiffness that you don't even need to use an embroidery hoop

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aida and evenweave cross stitch fabric and tapestry canvas at great prices. Showing all 14 results. ivory 14 aida £ 5.95 - £ 17.95 Select options; 14 aida parchment £ 5.95 - £ 12.95 Select options; 14 aida blue-grey £ 4.95 - £ 13.95. Zweigart 11 count aida cross stitch fabric shade - WHITE various sizes. £2.40 to £6.50. Free postage. 1 watching. Cross Stitch Aida Cloth Cuts. 14, 16, 18 Count. 12 Pieces. New Prepare the fabric. Be sure to wash and iron your cross stitch or embroidery before mounting it on the sticky board to remove any dirt or oil. Roughly center your design on the sticky board - it doesn't have to be perfect at this point. Fold the edges of the fabric around the board. Gently press to make light creases in the fabric

Zweigart Aida Cloth, Evenweave Fabric and Canvas for Cross Stitch and Needlework. It can be brought in fat quarters or by the meter. 1000s of genuine Aida cloth, cotton and linen evenweave fabrics plus canvas by Zweigart . You will find many counts, finishes and colours for cross stitch ( x-stitch ), needlework, needlepoint tapestry, embroidery.

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